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Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter Download [Latest]

Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter is one of the best ever remake game of Pokemon Fire Red Version by the Author Aethestode. Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter game download have the best storyline which inspires every gamer to play the game till the end. The Full and Final version is only available in the English language which skip over the other languages versions. The main story of the game is truely a remake of Pokemon Adventure Manga, which have the similar storyline of a main character who is wishing to become the best trainer in the World. Let’s move ahead and see what’s special in this version.

Technical Info About Game:

  • Author: Aethestode
  • Inspire Story from: Pokemon Adventure Manga
  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter Version
  • Language: English

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter:

The Author Aethestode and his team has made a great contribution to the Pokemon Community for making such a fantastic game. The storyline of the game is so interesting that even you play the game on the 20th time you will love to complete all the levels and missions. The Color schemes for different scenes are just awesome combination and which makes this game a super hit in the market today.

Talking about the storyline of the game which is similar to the Pokemon Adventure Manga. The whole story is based on the adventure of Kanto region. Remember that Kanto is the region this time which you have to explore in the game. There are several other regions and storylines which are not explained or hard coded. They are called as Bonus events and regions. In these bonus regions you will see the Jhoto, Sinnoh and Hoenn region.

The main character is Red, who have to explore the region for many adventures. Like Exploring and finding different new types of Pokemon character in the game. Training them, as you playing a role of Starter Pokemon Trainer and you main job is to train different characters in the game. Several events are present in the game which makes the game more complex and more enjoyable to play it. The language which is used in this game is Purely English, So Sorry for the French Speaking Lovers, you will have to wait for a French version to come.  

Forests in the game:

While playing the Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter game you will come to know that there are several forests in the game to discover. Some of them are mighty ones which need to be explored while travelling from one region to another. Some of them are small in size, which can be covered in matters of minutes as well. But the main thing to do in the forests are the events and tasks that you have given in the start. The events that are occurring in the forest area will have different arrangements plans.

Similarly, several kind of tasks such as Finding different Fairy type or Wild type of Pokemon in the Forest is the core task to do in this area. Simply just find some of the wild pokemon characters in the area and assign them to the Pokedex. After that you have to train the Wild Pokemon Character as you are training to become the best trainer in the world.

Becoming the Best Trainer:

One of the main task of the Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter game which is also mentioned in the storyline of the game. You have to be the best trainer in the world which is the main and most important task of the game. For this you have to do several kind of tasks and missions. Some of them will be easily in difficulty wise and some of them are quite hard to complete.

For Becoming the best trainer in the World you will also come to know that the Rival team members also want to be the best Pokemon Trainer. For this you have to fight and compete with them for several kind of tasks. The Rival team members are expert in fights and you have to train yourself for becoming able to fight with them. Some rival teams are also ready for adventure purposes as well.

Encounter in the Forest:

The mew character who is the main charcetr in the game will soon be encountered in the Pallet Forest. Also, the Pallet Forest is one of the largest forest in the Kanto region. You will have a good experience while travelling from this area. Some of the hidden Pokemon characters are also present in this region.basic gameplay scene adventure red chapter

Most Voted Pokemon Game:

We also came to know that it is one of the best game which was voted as the best and most adventurous game played so far. The Playtime of the game is extended to the next level while increasing the number of Levels and missions.  

Kanto Region Journey:

You will found yourself on the Career jouney of becoming the Best Pokemon Trainer. This is your wish to be the best Pokemon Trainer in the world. The same dreams are from the Rival team members as well. The Blue and Green members are also in a wish of becoming the best Pokemon Trainer to train different kind of Pokemon Chacraters.  

Team Rocket Experiments:

As soon as the Team Rocket come to know that you and several other Rival members are wishing to be the Best Trainer. Now the Team Rocket announces to take some crucial type of experiments to test and judge skills. These experiments may also contains assigning different types of missions in order to test your way of completing these missions. Some other kind of events are also apart of these experiments which are also known as Bonus events and missions.

Main Character and Game Mode Systems:

You will be surprised to know that the Boy character is only playable. As the game starts it will prompt and ask from you to play the game as Boy or Girl? But the main thing and concept to note that only Boy can be chosen between these two options. The game may be played in different kind of modes. The game modes contains day and night system. You can enjoy the game to play in Day mode as well in the night mode. The graphics effects are made just awesome for both of these modes.basic screen 2

Many Places have to be visited in the day as well in night system. The Night life of the game have a certain effects, several graphics effects in the game has been included which advances the game. The Game difficulty level has been increased from nill to some extent. Now you will chase some difficulty level in the game while playing the game’s missions. All of the missions have a certain type of gameplay effect.

About New Textures:

There are different kind of new tiles available in the game. These can be found in the store of Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter game gba. Some new Sprites make the game more interesting to play and add some value to the graphics of overall game. Check out Top 5 WORST Starter Pokemon

The maps in the game are really awesome and advance class. The location names are updated to the new names and places. You can access the maps from the Pokedex of Pokemon Adventure Red game chapter download. The new texture elements are just awesome addition in the graphics.main players playing the adventure red

About the Battle System:

The Battle System in the game is just awesome with the addition of several 3D and 2D graphics effects. The Physics for playing the game are updated which enhances the gameplay experience. Several new missions in the battle system are present which increases the complexity of the game.

All of your enemies and rival teams can be found in the game which are clear in the map. Also, you will find all the hidden areas in the game that have some new characters. Doing various kind of adventures in the game is the core part of game. You will find the fact that all of your enemies are ready for a good fight with  you because all of them are ready for all your resources. Also check out Top 10 Most Overrated Pokemon

There are many gyms in the Orange Island which you will soon find them all. You will soon discover the gym leaders are interested in challenging you for several kind of leagues. All the gym leaders will challenge you for many leagues. The Team Rocket is present in the main area, while the Cissy and Danny are managing the team rocket. There are several other teams in the game which will have certain challenges, you will have to handle them all.

About the Pokedex of Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter:

The Pokedex of the adventure red chapter pokemon game is updated by the addition of different pokemon characters. Some of the characters are included for the first type while others are reused as the old characters. New fairy type of Pokemon characters are also available in the pokedex of the game.

Now you will explore and find some new characters in the pokedex. These are from different Generations like you will find some from Gen 7 as well. Some of the slots are left empty because you have to do some adventures in the game and find some new pokemons. These Pokemons can be found in the earlier versions as well because the creator have included from the older version. He was Inspired from the older version pokemons, So you will have a chance to discover and play the game with these new characters.

Events in the Game:

All the events from Pokemon Adventure Manga has been added which again makes the game more complex to play. Now the gameplay have a different type of storyline which is brutal and voilent. This game is different from the normal pokemon games like Pokemon Brown Version. All the events from the older version are also part of the game, these events are more than enough to cover overall gameplay.

The Events of the Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter download gba game are so much advance and have different pokemon leagues as well. The Leagues are different in the sizes, different kind of new charatcers are presnet in the league. These characters are also from Gen 1 to 5, all of them you can enjoy while playing the league. The Pokeballs can be used for many purposes in the game while you can also order online for new Pokeballs.

Features of Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter Game GBA:

  • Amazing Quality Graphics and UI.
  • The complexity of the game is increased.
  • Main Character is Red.
  • Become Best Trainer In the World.
  • Blue and Green Rival
  • Team Rocket to conduct several experiments.
  • TM are re-useable.
  • Amazing tiles and texture.
  • New Sprites and maps.
  • The Pokedex is new one.
  • Different regions and events are present.
  • Bonus Events are also available.
  • Day and Night System.

Download Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter Now:

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