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Pokemon Ash Gray ROM Download [v4.5.3 Latest]

Pokemon Ash Gray Version Download GBA from, having all the amazing and mind-blowing features. The Storyline of the Pokemon Ash Gray GBA Version Download Rom is quite amazing which is about a little boy who is in the house since last night. He is watching all the Pokemon Battles of the past during his stay in the house. Many things to be discussed in the storyline as well in the Gameplay of Ash Gray Pokemon Game. As this is one of the most played Pokemon Fire Red version remake game which is actually created by the metapod23.

Technical Info:

    • Game Full Name:  Pokemon Ash Gray Version 
    • Creator/Author: metapod23
    • Remake of Fire Red Version
    • For Platform: GBA

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Ash Gray Version 4.5.3:

The main character is in the house and watching the past Pokemon Battles which happened many years ago. This is a lazy type of character who is constantly busy in watching movies etc. In near future, you are near to embark your Pokemon Adventure soon for the first time. But you are late because all of your Rivals have taken all the Starter Pokemon Available.

The Rival team members have taken all the Starter Pokemon available in the game. As you were busy in watching the battles in the Pallet town the whole night and they have collected the Pokemons from you. Now it’s your turn to take Pikachu instead because you have no option available right now. This all happened because of your late wake-up and laziness.discussion in ash gray

In the Pallet town you have to visit soon and all of your rival teams are present in the town as well. The most annoying character name as Gary is also available to be experienced as well. It has also taken the starter pokemon from you. Now the conditions are pretty serious and bad luck for you. It looks like you have just to go home and nothing else.

Play as Ash Ketchum:

In Pokemon Ash Gray, players have the opportunity to play as the iconic protagonist, Ash Ketchum. As Ash, players will embark on a journey through the Kanto region, catching and training Pokemon, battling against other trainers, and ultimately striving to become a Pokemon Master. Along the way, players will encounter familiar characters from the anime and manga series, such as Misty, Brock, and Team Rocket, and will have the chance to participate in iconic moments from the original story. As Ash, players will have access to his signature Pokemon, Pikachu, and will be able to catch and train additional Pokemon to form a powerful team.

Taking the Starter Pokemon:

That’s not the end of this game if all of your rivals have taken the starter Pokemons from you. You have still the option to choose the Pikachu as the starter pokemon. Select it as starter pokemon and move ahead with your plans and missions. Did you know Top 10 Most Overrated Pokemon!

While choosing the starter Pokemon you have two options whether you decline the selecting option or you select the Pikachu as starter Pokemon. Whenever you select a Starter Pokemon suddenly a message appears by welcoming you in the game. It is one of your best companion and trains it well on time as well.

Embark on Adventures:

This is the only game in which the main character will embark on several adventures of events. There is numerous kind of events present in the region which is ready to be an adventure. Some of the events are new and some of them are old which are reflected in other previous versions. 

As this is the Remake of Pokemon Fire Red Version so there are numerous events and missions which is quite similar to the FireRed version. There are about 118 events in total. Two of the events are movie events which will put you in the ash Shoes. One of the amazing and quite amazing features of the game to explore and experience.basic game scene in pokemon ash gray download gba

Catching Pokemons:

You can still catch different kind of Pokemons available in the Pokemon AshGray version game. There are some events which were available in the Pokemon Anime Series, and have some new pokemon characters like in Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter. These Pokemon characters are catchable also. You are not allowed to catch any or all of the Pokemons. Some of them are abandoned on you for catching it.

As you are affiliated with the Ash Shoes and what ash does is reflecting with you. So you will be awarded as Ash Team because you are doing all the tasks as the Ash character is performing. Catching the wild and fairy type of Pokemons are allowed and some of the tasks will contain their catching as well.

New Tiles, Sprites and Maps:

In the Ash Gray Version you will discover that there are some new tiles and Sprites being added in the game. The design of these Tiles and Sprites are completely changed from any previous game’s tiles and sprites.These tiles will have the impact of being new one in the game. Having new Sprites increases the interest of the player to play the game to the end. There are some new maps being added in the game as well. These maps can be accessed from the Pokdex and map devices as well. Really amazing designs of maps will inspire you to play the game to the end.

Computer Teleport System:

The Computer Teleport System is a feature in the Pokemon Ash Gray game that allows players to quickly and easily travel between different locations. This system is accessed through the computer in the player’s house, and allows them to choose from a list of available locations to instantly teleport to. This feature is particularly useful for players who want to quickly access certain areas of the game, such as specific towns or cities, without having to spend time traveling on foot or by bike. Additionally, the Computer Teleport System can be used to access hidden locations that would otherwise be difficult to reach, providing players with additional challenges and opportunities to explore the game world.

Bike and Berry System:

Getting on the bike feature is available in some previous version but in this version, you can not get on the Bike. Because this is fault and bug which cannot be used. Also, the Pallet town berry system is broken and don’t work fine. It will be better if you don’t use this kind of features which are broken.  One of the best feature that I have ever discovered in this version. Many updates are present in the Bike Travel system and soon you will discover the hidden and most awesome features in it. Also, try Pokemon Mega Delta Download (Updated)

One Thing to note about it is the latest bike revolution system, as it was not present in the previous games and hacks of the pokemon games. Many Movesets are present which enhances the gameplay a lot while using the basic movement system. Check out the most updated and advance class vehicle system which clarifies all the misconception about the vehicle system.

New Tools to replace HMs:

The Pokémon games have never used HMs (Hidden Machines) in the Ash Gray version. In the main series of Pokémon games, HMs are special moves that are used outside of battle to interact with the environment, such as Cut for cutting down small trees or Surf for surfing across bodies of water. In recent games, HMs have been replaced with a new type of move called Field Moves, which serve the same purpose but can be forgotten and replaced with other moves at will. This allows players to use their Pokémon’s moveslots more efficiently and avoid being forced to use moves they don’t want to. Also, try Pokemon Liquid Crystal (Updated)

Gym Leaders:

In Pokemon Ash Gray, players will encounter various Gym Leaders throughout the Kanto region. These Gym Leaders are powerful trainers who specialize in specific types of Pokemon, and players must defeat them in battles in order to earn Gym Badges and progress in their journey. Some of the Gym Leaders that players may encounter include:

  • Brock: The first Gym Leader players will encounter, Brock specializes in Rock-type Pokemon and can be found in Pewter City.
  • Misty: The second Gym Leader, Misty specializes in Water-type Pokemon and can be found in Cerulean City.
  • Lt. Surge: The third Gym Leader, Lt. Surge specializes in Electric-type Pokemon and can be found in Vermilion City.
  • Erika: The fourth Gym Leader, Erika specializes in Grass-type Pokemon and can be found in Celadon City.
  • Sabrina: The fifth Gym Leader, Sabrina specializes in Psychic-type Pokemon and can be found in Saffron City.
  • Koga: The sixth Gym Leader, Koga specializes in Poison-type Pokemon and can be found in Fuchsia City.
  • Blaine: The seventh Gym Leader, Blaine specializes in Fire-type Pokemon and can be found in Cinnabar Island.
  • Giovanni: The eighth and final Gym Leader, Giovanni specializes in Ground-type Pokemon and can be found in Viridian City.

About the Battle System:

The battle system of the game is enhanced with the addition of some new Sprites and physics being introduced in the game. Some of the enemies are present in the Pallet town while some of them are in near by areas. Having new 3D Effects will inspires you during the battle.  Also the storyline contains some new fights that will be occurring during the gameplay.ash movement in ash gray version gba

You have to train your team as well by making them ready for big fights coming on the way. Some of the enemies are strong enough that you cannot compete with them easily by the simple tool and weapons you have in the storage boxes.

Some Best Feature in Pokemon Ash Gray ROM V4:

  • Having new Tiles and Sprites.
  • Amazing Quality graphics.
  • Some new tools to replace HMs.
  • Now you can replace the Hatchet with the Cut.
  • You can catch the Pokemons.
  • Now Catch all the Pokemon Ash does.
  • Having the feature of Fly which replaces the old Computer Teleport System.
  • Also, Raft Replaces the Surf.
  • Having a unique storyline.
  • Some new Pokemons and characters are present in the Pokedex.
  • Slight Hitch in the Windmill.
  • Teachy TV.
  • Graphics and UI is enhanced.
  • Gameplay hours are extended.

Download Pokemon Ash Gray Version GBA Now:

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