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Pokemon Black 2 is adventure based game which is released in 2012, developed by Game Freak and Published by Nintendo and The Pokemon Company. The gameplay of Pokemon Black 2 Download GBA is based in a different region and various kind of new places are pending to be visited. There are different routes in which you will have to explore different regions and pokemon. Capturing a different kind of pokemons in the area is one of the core tasks. Professor Juniper is waiting for your arrival in the region and she will be directing you to some adventures. You Mom will soon receive a call about your Pokedex. Many more features to be discovered in below section of this article. Let’s head towards the core features and updates of this game.

Basic File Info:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Black 2 Version
  • Platform: Nintendo DS
  • Game Size: Above 10 MB
  • Developers: Game Freak
  • Publishers: Nintendo and The Pokemon Company.

Snapshots of the Gameplay:

screensplays of black 2 version pokemon black 2 gameplay scene 2 main screenplay of the game gameplay scene

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Black 2nd Version:

Black 2 is the most updated and 2nd Version of Pokemon Black Version, both of them are Generation V Pokemon Games. Both of them have some special things and features to entertain their audience and gamers. As the game starts you will soon receive a good message and will be granted. After that you will enter the gameplay mode in terms of gender, whether you are playing the game as Male or Female. Professor Juniper will continue to do her tasks from you. As she knows that what role you are playing either male or female.

The game has several changes happened in the Unova Region as some new places have been added. These new places are added in the southwest and northwest of the region, which is now accessible in the game. That’s the coolest features We have so far explored in the game. Also, you will see some big changes and addition in the pokedex of the game. Many new pokemon from different generations has been added which again makes the game more perfect and advance to play.

You can customize your names as well as your rival names in the game. By default, your name as Boy is Nate and Girl is Rosa. The Default name for your rivals is Hugh, after fixing the name issues in the game you will soon visit the Aspertia City. You will be traveling with your colleagues and pokemon as well. Professor will guide you all the way from her lab. Note that you can visit Professor Lab at any instant of time.

Aspertia City:

This is one of the first city that you have to make a visit for. Make sure that you have set the names for yourself and your rivals. First of all you have to call to the Professor, who will be giving you the Pokedex and after that, she will direct you to the lady who will be helping you throughout the city. She is wearing a Big Green Hat and will be guiding you soon in the city. You can download Pokemon Ash Gray ROM

You Mom will be visiting the house but you have to keep in mind that after she goes to the house and call to you, you can control the game afterwards. Also, for playing with the menu you can press X to open the menu. In menu, you can do many tasks and from menu you can save the game or start a new game. One of the coolest thing is that you can change your options to others. Also, search and look at your player card in the game, where you can find each and everything about him/her. You can flip over the card by pressing left or right on the control pad which is again an interesting feature.

You can write in the white space at the bottom of the card which you have selected in the menu. Note that this card belongs to the player that you are currently playing the game with. Also, you can even make an animation which is again another cool feature of the game. Make some nice animations by putting the first image in the left half and the second image in the right half.

Receive your Starter Pokémon and Pokédex:

After visiting the place of Bianca, you can recieve the starter pokemon to start all of your missions. Now you have to talk to her and she says that she’s Bianca, and she is the assistant to Professor Juniper. You will be requesting her for the starter pokemon and she will say yes when she mentions your name in the gameplay. Note that this is a little bit changed way of demanding the starter pokemon from these type of characters. As we have seen in the past version of pokemon games the Professor himself/herself would give the starter pokemon. Here the case is completely different, you will demand from the assistant of the professor. 

After sometimes she will be going to agree to help  and complete the pokédex for you. You have to keep a nice and humble relation with her, because she is giving you the complete pokedex. Now talk to her a second time and she will ask you to choose a pokémon! As we know that she has three pokémon in total and they are Snivy, which is a grass type. Another one is Tepig, which is a fire type and the last one is a water type pokemon name as Oshawott.

Now it all depends you that whichever pokemon you are going to choose. Again one thing to notice about these starter pokemon is that you will be going all the way long with these starter pokemon like in Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter Version. After you choose your pokémon, Bianca will ask if you want to give your pokémon a nickname, so do that if you want. So you have to start all of your missions and tasks from there and complete the pokedex with the help of Biancca.

First Pokémon Battle:

As we know that you have recieved you pokedex from Biancca and she is giving you the starters. Professor Juniper will guide you all the way to the south. You will have to go to the south again for having some adventures and battles in the ground. Note that these battles have different graphics effects and having a different fluency of game.

As you already knows that your rivals name is Hugh by default. Althogh you can change it in future as well and in the start of the game. Bianca is the leading role in the game and she will be giving you the pokedex for making it complete in the town. Now one main thing to notice is that she wants to go around Unova and look for something very important like new pokemons and items. Bianca just happens to have an extra, so she gives it to Hugh which is again another twist in the storyline. Also, she mentions that Pokémon distribution has changed a lot over the past two years and you have to change the gameplay yourself.

Your rivals are constantly waiiting for you and now Hugh will challenge you to a pokémon battle in the area. You have to keep in mind that His pokémon has a type advantage over yours and have more powers than yours. If you chose Snivy, he has Tepig means opposite to yours one. If you chose Tepig, he has Oshawott. And if you have Oshawott, he will have Snivy as starters. Now you have to  nothing to worry about right now, though, because his pokémon’s only attack move right now is Tackle. More than others you will soon see different kind of battles in the areas as well.

There are some different kind of tactics that you can use In the battle. Make sure that you use Tackle on every turn until you win. Because that is really important for you to move forward in the game.

After this, Hugh will depart to go train his pokémon some more. Now you have to move forward in the game and explore some new places in the game.

Floccesy Town:

The next place to visit in the game is Floccesy Town, which again one of the most amazing place to make a visit. Now you have to do some different kind of tasks in this area. Note that after Bianca teaches you how to catch pokémon in Route 19 which is again one of the coolest route. You can can then catch different kind of new and old poekmon in the town. Note that you will have to catch some pokemon for yourself in order to move forward in the game. There are some different usages for the pokemons that you have caught in the game. Make sure that you have caught some wild pokemons of your own.

After that you have to fix meeting with the guy name as Alder. He will guide you in the way and find something interesting in his guidance. Later you met Alder, who wants to help you train your pokémon. Training the pokemon is one of the most important task for you to complete. You go east to follow him into Floccesy Town and explore some different kind of stuff in the town.  

If you are searching for the Alder you have to go to the east. Because the gameplot suggests that he is living to the east of the town. Note that the town have certain places which are un-accessibble in the game. So you cannot search for alder in those places. After you find Alder, who will say that you should heal up your pokémon in the Pokémon Center. Also, note that the Pokemon Center is located in the east of the town and you will soon have to visit different centers in the game. Then he will go to his house to Heal up your pokémon. You can explore the town if you want. An old man in the house east of the Pokémon center who will give you a potion.

Virbank City:

After the Route 20, you have to head towards the Vibank city which is located to the east of the map. Also, you can find several places which were not accessible in the previous game and now they are accessible in this game. After you go east through Route 20 which is to the east of the map. However you can take help from the map as well. The map have several new kind of features which will help you to find all those places which have a different sort of name. While moving forward on the Route 20 to the east you will end up in Virbank City, where the next gym badge awaits.

There are some nice kind of gyms in the city and you have to visit different gyms. The Gym leaders are also present in the game which makes the game more complex for you. Note that they will be challenging you in the game and will make the game harder for you. Also, they have their own starter pokemons which may be stronger than your pokemons.

One thing to notice in the game while entering to the city is that you have to remind your Mom. She will be waiting for your call and she wants to given you something really important. Your Mom will give you a call as soon as you enter Virbank City which have some secrets. She mentions that there is some kind of complex in the Virbank City. Many more palces to visit in the game and you will find them as soon as possible.

List of Some Amazing Feature and Updates in Pokemon Black 2 Version NDS Download:

  • Having a different Storyline.
  • Nice Collection of graphics in background as well in the battles.
  • New Pokemon From Gen 1 to 6.
  • Virbank City.
  • New Routes.
  • No HMs and some TMs.
  • More Pokeballs for you.
  • See Roxie and her Dad
  • Have a differnet kind of advance gameplay.
  • There are several new updates in the maps.
  • Explore the hidden places in the map.

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