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Pokemon Cloud White Download [Latest Version]

Pokemon Cloud White is one of the interesting game which has a nice storyline resembles the Pokemon Fire Red. Pokemon Cloud White Download Version is actually a continuation of Fire Red Version in which all the main and important pokemons are present in the pokedex. The region is composed of several new places which need to be explored soon. The certain type of Evolutions is present in the game which again makes the game more perfect to play. The main gameplay is based on Sevii Island and after that, a new story will begin for your Hero.

Basic File Info of Pokemon Cloud White Version

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Cloud White Version.
  • A remake of Pokemon Fire Red
  • Game Size: Above 10MB
  • Platform: GBA

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Cloud White Version:

The game starts with a basic screenplay displaying you all the basic instructions in the gameplay. Many new types of pokemon are available in the pokedex of the game, which makes the game more complex for you. The main character in the game is playing the role of a hero and he will be making some more adventures in the game. Certain types of challenges are waiting for you in the game which needs to be fulfilled while you are playing the game.

rain continues to fall in the game

You will soon come to know that the Evil teams are quite new and all the members in the teams are also new. These evil teams and legendary pokemon will make the gameplay more complex and also the storyline. There is some numerous kind of twist in the storylines of the game. Together all the evil and rival teams make a perfect gameplay world a nice and explorable place to visit. Also, keep a look at the awesome graphics effects of the game which makes the beauty of the game more perfect.

Certain types of pokemon are present in the game, now you will see all the fire type and water types of pokemons are present in the gameplay. The main role character has to play and discover all the hidden areas in the game like in Pokemon Black 2 ROM.

New moves and abilities:

  • The move “Cloud Cover” allows a Pokemon to create a protective shield of clouds around itself, reducing damage from physical attacks.
  • The ability “Thundercloud” causes a Pokemon to release a burst of electricity when hit by an attack, dealing damage back to the attacker.
  • The move “Rain Dance” summons a heavy rainstorm, increasing the power of Water-type moves and restoring the health of Water-type Pokemon.
  • The ability “Cloud Nine” allows a Pokemon to ignore the effects of weather conditions, such as hail or sandstorm.
  • The move “Thunderstorm” summons a powerful storm that deals damage to all non-Electric-type Pokemon on the field.
  • The ability “Cloudy Day” reduces the accuracy of all moves used by the opponent, making it more difficult for them to hit the Pokemon with the ability.

Mega Evolutions:

In the pokemon cloud white gba version, you will soon come to know that there are about 32 Mega Evolutions. The main characters and pokemon are now being evolved and you will experience a different kind of shapes and color schemes. Note that you can also evolve any kind of pokemon, but for that, you have to use a special thing. The special thing name is “Mega Gem”, which can be used for the evolution of any kind of pokemon. All of them are present in the Sevii Island as well as in the new region.

kairyu tower in pokemon cloud white rom gba

First you have to discover and capture a different kind of pokemon in the area which is the main task in the game. After that, you can apply the evolution method on any sort of pokemon that you have recently captured. These orders may also come from the professor, who is the main leading role in the game. He is the only man in the area who will be directing you for any kind of task in the area. Also, check out Pokemon Black ROM 

Being a Protagonist:

Being a protagonist in a story means being the main character or hero who drives the plot and faces challenges on their journey. As the protagonist, you are the focus of the story and the audience’s attention is on you and your actions. You may have to make difficult decisions and face obstacles, but ultimately you are the one who will overcome them and achieve your goals. Being a protagonist can be a rewarding experience as you get to shape the story and be the hero of your own adventure.

New Items:

There are certain new items which are present in the game, some of these can be used for the purpose of completing different missions and tasks. Many new types of pokemons need special items in the area which can be applied to it. Note that you can also evolve a different kind of items in the gameplay. Like different kind of fossils can be used in the gameplay. You can use Jaw Fossils and Armor Fossils for the purpose of various wars and special movements. Also, note that for many movements of different kind of pokemons in the area you will need to look for special items in the game.

The Mega Gems also comes under the category of items and you can use this item in certain places for making any pokemon to evolve. There are a different kind of Bus Cards present in the game which makes it easy for you to hire and travel through bus. These Bus Cards may of different types and shapes which are quite necessary for you to come across. Many new Ferry Cards can be used during the gameplay for making use of different ferry systems.

Transport System:

You will soon note that the new transport systems are available at different regions of the game. There are about 5 regions in the game which makes the game more complex and amazing to play. You will be surprised by exploring the new transport system which are present across all the three regions. We will have a look at these region below:

pokemon cloud white gameplay scene

Johto Region:

The main place and region in the game, which makes the game more perfect to complete all the missions in the area. You will soon discover many kinds of new places and items availble in the region. The leaf character is available in the region which is quite stronger character in the game. The main challenge in the game is to defeat the Leaf in the region. You will soon discover the iron city if you have defeated the Leaf Character.

mirokarosu castle in the gameplay

The Subway system has been replaced, which is quite awesome in the game. You will soon came to know that the subway system has been replaced by the train system. The Train system will have many feature and you can travel to different places in the game. This system will be available as soon as you discover the Johto region. Many new graphics has been part of the game which makes the background of the game more perfect for you to play.

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The Elite Four:

In Pokemon Cloud White, the Elite Four are a group of powerful trainers who have mastered their chosen type of Pokemon. They are the final challenge for trainers who have defeated the eight Gym Leaders and are looking to become the champion of the region. The Elite Four consist of:

  • Lorelei, the Ice-type master, who uses powerful Ice-type Pokemon to freeze her opponents in their tracks.
  • Bruno, the Fighting-type master, who relies on his brute strength and physical prowess to overpower his opponents.
  • Agatha, the Ghost-type master, who uses her spooky Pokemon to terrify and confuse her opponents.
  • Lance, the Dragon-type master, who commands a team of powerful and majestic Dragon-type Pokemon.

Defeating the Elite Four is a difficult task, as each member is a skilled trainer with a strong team of Pokemon. Trainers must strategize and use a well-rounded team to overcome the Elite Four and earn the title of champion.

Some Amazing Feature in Pokemon Cloud White GBA:

  • There are some new Pokemons.
  • New Pokedex.
  • The Entire storyline is interesting.
  • Sevii Island is the main region.
  • Buyable Houses.
  • Some new Legendary Pokemons.
  • Discover and play the Pokemon World Tournament.
  • The Kolloseum.
  • Achieve the Title of Samurai.
  • Many new trainers are present in the area.
  • The Difficulty level of the game is high.
  • Gyms and leaders.
  • Emerald Road to Bauxitown.
  • Silver Town to the steel city.
  • Kobalt City.
  • Many new levels have been added.

Download Pokemon Cloud White GBA For Free:

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