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Pokemon Diamond Game download is one of the best and most played RPG Based monster battling game which have a lot’s of new features. The Pokemon Diamond Download NDS version is specially designed for NDS Devices, as there are new features which will resonate with the latest NDS Devices. Explore the whole area, as there are new places and regions in the game which need to be explored soon. The main character is playing a lead role who is a trainer in the area as well. New Berries and items make the gameplay different from the others. Let’s Explore some amazing facts about the game.

Basic File info:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Diamond Version NDS
  • Platform: NDS
  • Publishers: Nintendo and The Pokemon Company
  • Game Size: Above 10 MB

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Diamond Download Version NDS:

As the game starts you will have to enter you name and gender as well and move forward in the game. The game have several new graphics and elements which again makes the ganeplay expereicne more awesome. The new background effects and animations makes the game look more different from the other pokemon games. In this version you can make use of touch screen of NDS Device which is the most amazing feature of the game. The new touch screen effect makes it more easier for the game to interact with.

what will emperor do in diamond rom

The new Wifi connections feature of NDS device is the most enhanced feature of the game which again makes it more advance pokemon game than others. Basically you can make use of these Wifi feature for trading of different items. You can also make use of this wifi connection for battling of different characters in the area. The trading of pokemon in the game is made more awesome and easier than the previous versions.

You can also play the game In multiplaya er environment and play via internet with the friends and colleagues. The new underground play of the game is the best ever feature which provide you an environment for playing the game in multiplayer r environment. Capture the Flag is one of the secret mission which you to complete in the start of the game. There are various small type of missions which you have to complete before moving from one area to another one. There are various challenges ahead for you from the rival teams and your enemy as well.

Twinleaf Town:

One of the first area which you to complete in the game, you have to explore for different things in the game. As you reach the town the first task is to watch the TV program which named as ““Search for the Red Gyarados”. After the program is finished you have to complete all of your pending missions and explore the area for more new pokemons. Note that your rival teams are present in the area who are constantly looking at your actions and noticing your from the start of the game. They have already some teams who are ready for exploring purpose as well the battle system.

After the program is finished on the TV you have to walk one step or tile ahead to meet your friend. He is also the man who becomes your rival in the game as you progress the game. In the meeting you have to watch the PC and make sure that you watch the PC with great intentions. You have to run off as soon as you watch the PC. Many new features has been part of the game. Now the real twist in the storyline will soon appears which have several consequences.

main gameplay scene

As we knows that the main character is there for the main meeting. After the meeting is ended you have to go downstairs in the home. You will meet your mom who will be speaking to you and tell you what Barry wanted.  Note that there will be some important points which you don’t know in the game. Many secrets will soon be revealed as soon as you go to his house to see him. Now you will be wondering that where Is the house? So It’s the house in the northwest of the town.


There are some new and interesting items in the game which need to be explored and used. One of them is Odd Keystone  which is one of the strange item found in only this game. Now you will be wondering that where to find these types of items? So first you have to note that this is found in a clump of trees at the bottom of the patch of water, which can be found in some specific places. For this Surf is required to reach it. You can use Surf outside battle after the 5th Badge is obtained which is again one of the interesting feature of the game.

Many new items are present in the game which makes the game more interesting than any other game. Several kind of 3D Elements which gives a great look and shine in the area makes the gameplay more awesome. Note that there are some items in the game which can be acessed in the game once you have obtained several kind of achievements in the game. Amazingly, you to choose these items during the battling with the other team members. You rival teams have several new items and they have been given some special accesses as well.

Route 201:

This is one of the first palce where you to catch different kind of pokemons in the game. Note that the catching of pokemon is exactly similar to the other games. Many new styles of catching different pokemon has been part of the game. In this route you can also explore some different kind of environment which provides the best opportuinty for the players to fight with your enemies teams. The main task is of catching different pokemons for completing the pokedex as well.

Route 201 is also the route which connects Twinleaf town with the Sandgem Town which again one of the amazing region. Also note that this is the only place where all the trainers will be tested that how much talented they are. One thing special you have to think is about that you can challenge different types of characters in the games. You will soon become a high class trainer who will be expert in training almost any type of pokemons in the game.

gameplay scene of pokemon diamond rom download

You have to visit this route on different stamp of time. On your second visit to this route, you have to do several tasks in the game. Like you to go back towards Twinleaf, and Rowan and his assistant will be in your way. They will be helping you all the way long to the Snagdem region. Note that they will apparently very annoyed and being so aggressive. The assistant says to come see them for various mission and tasks pending in the game. You have to visit at their laboratory in Sandgem Town and will have to Talk to your mom to obtain the Running Shoes. These shoes are some of the amazing shoes which makes the game more complex and awesome for you Your rival’s mother will come and ask you to deliver a parcel to your rival who is already in Sandgem town..

New Pokemons:

There are some new pokemon has been added and now part of the game. These pokemons are now officially part of the pokedex. They have their own differnet types of nature, some of them are water type while others are fire and Flying type of pokemons. Below are some of the pokemons which we have explained.


One of the interesting and unique type of Flying as well as Normal Type of pokemon. Starly Character is the basic Normal/Flying Pokémon in this game which have several new unique features.  You will wondering that which pokemon in the past games we have seen like this one. This one is Like Pidgey from earlier games and you will soon came to know that this pokemon evolves soon.

Interestengly this will evolves twice in the game and also it depends that which type of pokemon you want from it. Once it evovles you will came to know that it is actually making a good Pokémon to pick up. Every pokemon can learn some special skills but you have to make sure that it have the basic types as well. The Flying attacks it learns will be helpful throughout the game, and we also need a Fly and Defog slave for this game.


Bidoof is one of the interesting little Pokémon which have serveral amazing features to discover. This pokemon have several new features which can be really different from any other pokemon in the game. Also it has been included in the pokedex of the game. It can also learn some specail skills which are limited to their type as well. Many new skills can be learned from the trainers which are their own responsibility. You can also try Pokemon Clover Download Full and  Free

Now you will be wondering that Is there any similar pokemon to this one. Amazingly it is similar to Rattata in the sense that they are annoying and actually evolve into something useful. Wow! It makes the game more amazing by the addtion of such a nice character in the gameplay. You will be Picking one of these guys up also wouldn’t hurt, especially as a HM slave which is its own ability in the game as well. Many other hidden features are also avaialble but that can be discovered only once you have played the game.

Verity Lakefront:

This is one of the strangest place ever in the game which have no special background effects and other features as well in the game. Soon you will have to viist this place once you are out from the Route 201, which was one of the main route in the game. Many new rival teams can be found here and some new items too, These items can be obtained and also can be stored in the game storage system. Several new graphics elements has been part of the game which makes this place a little bit different from other regions in the diamond pokemon game.

You will soon came to know that Verity Lakefront is an uneventful place throughout the game which have no such events at all. This place have no grass to walk in to find Pokémon which is one ot the core mission of the game. As we know that grass is very necessary for finding any pokemon character in the game. The only use is to serve as a small path to Lake Verity to get there. You have to just follow the path to a small opening and a sign that says Lake Verity Ahead.

Lake Varity:

This lake present in the area next to the route 201 latest region. You will have to visit this place for finding a girl. Once you reach this place you will see that the old man is standing in the shore and talking to her. Many new items has been part of the game which makes the game more interesting to play and explore.

They will be asking you to move aside as their meeting will end and they too will move from this palce. One thing you will notice that they have been attacked by the Starly which is the new unique type of pokemon in the region as well as in the pokedex.

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List of Some Amazing and Unique Features in Pokemon Diamond ROM Download:

  • Have a unique storyline and area.
  • A Vast area to cover it.
  • Explore and catch a different kind of pokemons.
  • Many new graphics and items in the game.
  • Most amazing battles in the game.
  • Rival Teams.
  • Tiles and Sprites.
  • Having new powers and attacks.
  • Some new moves and movesets.
  • Having new pokemon choices.
  • Some Amazing new pokemons in the pokedex.
  • Gain some Exp Points.
  • Nice Weather system.

Download Pokemon Diamond NDS ROM For Free: