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Pokemon Eclipse Version is one of the most popular rom hack of Fire Red Game. A GBA Based game for all the GBA pokemon game lovers which is created by Christos and the main language of the game is English. Various kinds of new features like collecting all the four badges can be obtained as soon as possible in the game. Pokemon Eclipse can be Downloaded from our website name as PokemonHost.

The main character is living as boy/girl with his/her with the parents. Lapis village is the main starting area where you can find various new kind of pokemon and some fakemon as well. Note that the storyline of the game is completely different from all the other hacks of Fire Red and the story game progress goes upto Wisteria town. These are some of the quick tips and overview of the game, let’s dive into the detail section of this game to find what are some special features available in it. Also try Pokemon Uranium Version Latest for free

Full Game Info:

Game Full Name: Pokemon Eclipse Version
Creator: Christos
Language: English
Hack of: Fire Red
Size of the Game: Above 5MB

Screenshots of the Gameplay:

player movements

sylph meadows in eclipse version

in conversation with other players

Complete Walkthrough and Overview of Pokemon Eclipse Download ROM:

Playing the game as boy/girl character, as you have to choose the character from the starting menu. As the game starts you will be asked that whichever character mode you want to try in. Many new features are waiting for you to be explored. Some special kind of TMs and HMs makes the gameplay scenes more different from all the Fire Red ROM Hacks. The main character is living with his/her parents in the village of Lapis. Remember that Lapis is one of the amazing areas in the Pokemon ROM Hacks games we have ever seen so far. Special kind of new pokemon makes the pokedex of the game more awesome and explorable as well. As we know that your parents owns a mareep farm in the area of Lapis. So you have to keep a look on this farm as well and have to protect it from any kind of damage in the area.

Professor Oak is one of the most important and more popular character in the area. He has visited this area where you are living with your parents and has given some pokemon to many people as well. Your childhood friend name as Anya has also received a pokemon from Professor and she will be one of your rival as well. One of the most awaiting dream of yours is to become a pokemon trainer in the area as well. You have to prove yourself to your parents to be able to become a master pokemon trainer. After becoming pokemon trainer you will soon came to know that you have to train different kind of pokemon. Training is one of the crucial part of the game which needs to be perfect as much as you can. There are different people in the area which provides the services of training different kind of Pokemon and you are one of them.

Rumors are always there that there are some wild pokemon who are behaving strangely. They are trying to destroy the peace and prosperity in the area where you have lived. Your father was also in the team of Ace Trainers, now you have to keep in mind that all those kind of bridges you have to pass that can restrict you from moving forward in the area and complete all the dreams. First you have to control all those evil forces and wild pokemon in the area as soon as possible like in Pokemon Cloud White 2nd Version. As most People are claiming they have been seeing mirages in the area as well. Now they are being trapped in different places and you have to set them free from all kinds of traps and illusions as well. Heads upto you, move forward in the area where you can find some wild pokemon which makes the game more complex for you.

Become Pokemon Trainer and Win Battles:

Becoming battles is one the most important part of the game which makes the game more perfect. Also, you have to try always to become an expert trainer in the are as well, as there are more trainers in the area now. Wining battles is one of the most important part of the game and have to try to defeat all of your rival and enemies teams in the village area as well in the main areas as well. Get Pokemon Chaos Black Version for free Download

List of Amazing kinds of Features in Pokemon Eclipse ROM:

  • Having a new storyline.
  • The Complete Pokedex is here now.
  • New type of HMs and TMs
  • Traverse the Soala region
  • Dream world is present.
  • New Battle System is present.
  • New Pokemon and Fakemons, almost 721 new pokemon are available.
  • Having Post-game side stories and side quests.

Download Pokemon Eclipse Version for Free Now: