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Pokemon Heart Gold Download ROM

Pokemon Heart Gold ROM is one of the amazing NDS ROM hack we have ever seen so far with the addition of some new features and items in the latest version. Download Pokemon Heart Gold Game Zip for free from Pokemon Host which is given by below because it has received so much appreciation in the early days of its release. The main game was released for Japan and US Separately as they have different language sets.

All the NDS Pokemon game lovers will enjoy one of the best handheld game of pokemon ever. This game is developed by Game Freak with the addition of some new pokemon in the pokedex as well. The main character has to play the trainer role in the Johto region, also the Kanto region is included in the area which can be visited in the middle of the storyline. Let’s move forward while discovering what are some special features present which may be interesting for you and all the pokemon game lovers.

Full Game Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Heart Gold Zip
  • Platform: NDS
  • Developers: Game Freak

Snapshots of the Gameplay:

pokemon gym in the game

first ever footage

gameplay scene 1 of heart gold edition

get HM to fly

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon HeartGold ROM Download:

The main game series was released in the mid 2010 which was really appreciated in the industry. The main player has to follow the instructions of the Professor because he is gonna be the person who is responsible for your deeds. Team making is one the skill which is in you and you have to make sure that you make some good teams. Teams can be made only if you have a good skill of capturing different kind of pokemon. Now it may be challenging for you to capture different kind of pokemon at one place. Simply you have to travel from one place to another place and make sure that you can catch each and every type of  pokemon as well. Wild Pokemon can cause problem for you and you have to train them on time, neither that you may delay.

Certain types of new pokemon has been added in the game which increases your as well your rival team members for playing the game. The interest can be increased once you have all those skills and make sure that you are a good trainer in the area too. Also, there are alot of new trainers present in the area of Johto as well.Kanto region have different kind of sprites available for you and your enemies teams as well. These sprites are designed in a different way which may resembels to the Gold and Silver games. The Silver Pokemon rom hack have some interesting game features which were hit at that time. Now if you play this game you will soon realize that all those features and updates are available in this game too. So make sure check that out.

A new Mini game name as PokeAthon may be interesting taste for you, because it can create so much fun and drama for you and your rival members. The movesets of the main character as well all those little pokemon has been updated with the addition of some new physics features and facts. Make sure that your main character can walk and jump over the roofs and can be capable of moving forward in the area. The game utilizes the Nintendo DS touchscreen and allows Pokémon to compete in events such as hurdling which is one of the interesting fact about the game.



You will be surprised to see such an awesome peripheral called the Pokéwalker, which is present in this version of Pokemon HeartGold Version Download. Actualy the PokeWalker is a pedometer that resembles a Poké Ball, may be you have seen it before, which can connect to the Nintendo DS game card via infrared signals (in a fashion similar to another Nintendo DS game Personal Trainer: Walking) and can “hold” a Pokémon. This pokewalker can be used for several purposes and all of your team members and rivals are constantly using it for the purpose of moving forward and having testing of different movesets.


You may be surprised to know that the Pokemon HeartGold NDS ROM and SoulSilver take place in the Johto region. In the middle of storyline the game is placed in the Kanto region as well. We have seen the Johto region in different games as well like in the Light Platinum and Gaia etc. In the second half of the main storyline, players can also go to the Kanto region. This plot of the game is entirely different and pleasant than any other pokemon rom hack we have ever seen so far. Covering green grass everywhere and have pokemon characters everywhere to catch and train them.

The Tree Blocking The Path:

After defeating the Whitney, there are plenty of things to do, keep in mind that all of these tasks are really important and you cannot missed them out at any cost. One of the most important thing is that you can block out the tree path on Route 36. Now if you have not taken the Squirt Bottle, Go get the squirt bottle from the Goldenrod flower shop. This bottle is a must have thing on this route, if you are making the game complete on time. You can also get it from the east side like National Park,  which is one of the interesting place in the whole map. If you are wondering that for what purpose this bottle can be used? So the answer is simple, you have to use the bottle on the tree on route 36. You can also try out Pokemon Gaia ROM Latest V3.2

Interestingly, it will wake up itself as Pokemon, this will be a magical event which can be really different and unique for everyone out there in this region. After moving forward, the sudowoodo will come in front of you. Now this Sudowoodo is the only one in the game, so be sure to catch it rather than losing it. Catching it will make your HP Points increase more faster than anything else in the game.  If you are wondering that what will happen if you catch it. So amazingly the path to Ecruteak City is opened for you to move forward and explore the area with more interest and research based.

Changes in the Design of Male/Female Characters:

Once you choose the male character you will notice that the male player character receives a redesign and is now called Ethan. I don’t know what the female character calls, may be femal version of Ethan huh!  The Kris is replaced by a new female player character called Lyra. So now you know what the female character calls in the Pokemon HeartGold Version Download, ITS LYRA!! Amazingly The Pokégear has been redesigned with some new skins and colors as well. You will be surprised to know that there are a range of skins that can be used and changed at the player’s will and skins. Also, choose the best suited color with your character, which will make your game a customized type.

While exploring the game you will came to know that the Team Rocket grunts also has been redesigned with some new colors and skins. Also, the Rocket Executives are also redesigned from Generation II, or may be from Generation III as well. After choosing the male or female character you can also explore that how many badges you have available in the list. Now this is one of the amazing fact about this game that in this version you can see how many kanto badges you have in the list. Note that in the original games like Fire Red and Emerald Versions you can only see that how many Johto Badges you have in the bucket list.

About the Music and Sound System of the HeartGold Free Version:

Overall rating of the music system available is awesome, as it have music from various generations while making the game more advance than any other pokemon rom hacks. Kanto music is also changed alot as you may know that Mt. Moon and Seafoam Island have changed their music and sound system. Now walking on the Route 2 will make you feel better because the music used on Route 2 is just awesome and changed alot. However, this music system is different from any previous generation like in previous game of Pokemon Ethereal Gates; the Generation II theme, a remix of the Viridian Forest theme  is available which makes the game different.

During the battle and challenging time you will hear a different kind of tones and background music which makes the game more attractive for all the pokemon game lovers. All teams have their own collections of musics and yours one is also the special one, which will make you motivate alot during the battle and challenges time. The enemies teams are ready for all kind of challenges that you want to give and meet different kind of tasks.

List of Amazing kind of features in Pokemon HeartGold ROM:

  • PokeWalker is awesome tool.
  • Mini games are present, one of them is PokeAthon
  • Different kind of new movesets
  • Graphics are updated
  • Drama and Fun.
  • New Characters and their moves.
  • Having an entirely different plot.
  • The Area is vast.
  • Johto and Kanto region.
  • New Sprites and Tiles.
  • The Magnet Train’s tracks can be seen overground in locations such as Route 32.
  • For greater frequency the Ambient sound effects are available.
  • All former Berry trees have become Apricorn trees.
  • Different kind of sprites for battles and gym leaders.
  • See how many badges available in Kanto region.
  • The key item is now RageCandyBar.
  • Move in between buildings and on walls.
  • Pokégear  is new and redesigned.
  • Different graphics and animation effects for battles.

Download Pokemon Heart Gold Edition for Free:

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