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Pokemon Inclement Emerald Download

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Inclement Emerald GBA Rom

  • Creator: Buffel Saft
  • Version: v1.13
  • Hack of: Emerald
  • Updated: November 28, 2021

Buffel Saft’s Pokemon Emerald Rom Hack is titled Pokémon Inclement Emerald. It is accessible for download right now. On August 22, 2021, it was last updated.


We said Pokemon Inclement Emerald hack follows the story of Emerald, that’s all you need to know. An interesting point is that some areas like the Battle Frontier are not accessible yet, but the game will receive some updates in the future.


Pokemon Inclement Emerald story may be the same, but the features are what make this game stand out. You can choose between three levels of difficulty. In normal mode, the trainer’s Pokemon have no EVs. Hard mode has EVs and is slightly more difficult than the normal game. The third level of difficulty is Challenge mode, which is the same as Hard difficulty, but this time you cannot use items in battle. Speaking of items, this is another feature where the number of items can go up to 999. The Pokemon list also goes up to Gen 7 with a collection of all Pokemon.


Looking for a more involved and challenging experience in the Hoenn region? Look no further than brandname’s Hoenn Region Hack! This hack offers a more modern take on the Hoenn region, with quality-of-life improvements, new systems that streamline Pokémon training, and extra events that should freshen things up a little. If you’re up for the challenge, then be sure to check it out today! Also,try Pokemon Spectrum Download (v1.4.3 Latest)

Are you looking for a more challenging Hoenn region? Look no further than brandname’s hack. Filled with quality-of-life improvements, new systems that streamline Pokémon training, and extra events that should freshen things up a little, this hack is sure to keep you entertained for months on end. So what are you waiting for? Download and start playing today!  This game was created by YouTube user Koolboyman, who is well known for his various hacks of the Pokémon games. In this game, you can choose between playing as a boy or girl, and your goal is to catch all of the Pokémon in the game.

Pokémon Emerald, much like its predecessors Ruby and Sapphire, is a game based in the Hoenn region. However, while Ruby and Sapphire are nearly identical, Emerald has several major changes that set it apart from its predecessors. Perhaps the most significant of these changes is the addition of new weather conditions that can affect battles, as well as a new area called the Battle Frontier. The game is an enhanced remake of Pokémon Emerald, featuring updated graphics and gameplay. The game has been announced for release in North America, Europe, and Australia in 2017.


  • Pokemon that normally evolve by trading have alternate evolution methods
  • New moves, abilities, items and mechanics from gen 4-7
  • Cut trees, sand mounds, and berry trees are used to find most non-legendary Pokemon from gen 1-7.
  • New moves, abilities, items, and mechanics are featured in most non-legendary Pokemon from Gen 1 to 7.
  • Mega Evolution
  • In-game Pokedex shows base stats, learnsets, egg moves and more
  • Most non-legendary Pokemon from gen 1-7 have new moves, abilities, items, and mechanics. The grassland is kept from becoming packed by the majority.
  • Custom Exp Share system
  • 100 TMs, 8 HMS, and 143 tutor moves
  • Reusable TMs
  • Improved AI
  • Trainers and wild Pokemon scale based on your party’s levels
  • Non-legendary Pokemon from Generation 1 through 7.
  • Normal, Hard and Challenge modes
  • Most non-legendary Pokemon from gen 1-7 have new evolutions methods that keep the grassland from becoming packed.
  • Alternative HM system
  • Improved Berry system
  • Certain fan favourites like Milotic and Flygon can finally mega evolve
  • Postgame rematches



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Buffel Saft

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