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Pokemon Omega Ruby Download

Pokemon Omega Ruby Version is developed by GameFreak for all the Nintendo and GBA Lovers. With the addition of some new features and storyline, changes make the game special. Download Pokemon Omega Ruby ROM for free from Pokemon Host, the download link to the file is given at the end of this article and working 100% fine. Choose the Starters available in the game which are 3 in the count and they all belong to the Pokemon Ruby Version. As you might know that Pokemon Omega Ruby APK ROM is a remake of Pokemon Ruby version so all the updates and features of Ruby version is part of this game as well. Let’s dive deep into the article for exploring the amazing facts and features of this game.

Complete File Info:

Game Name: Pokemon Omega Ruby Rom
Platform: GBA and NDS
Developers: Game Freak
Game Size: Above 5 MB

Snapshots of the Gameplay:

player riding on the bike

displaying the data

main scene in the game

player out of the lab

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Omega Ruby ROM Download:

The game starts with the little bit introduction of the main character in the game, who plays an important role to complete all the pending missions in this area. Some of the elements which were not present in the Ruby Version are now part of the game. You may be amazed to hear and see that the features of Ruby Version also emerge in this version. As the game starts you have to choose a starter from the available starters pokemon of ruby version. They are Treeko, Mudkip, Torchic, you have to choose only one and the rest will be chosen by your rival team members. The rival members are always present near you and they are more productive than you in terms of training a different kind of pokemon and using them for battle and other co-curriculum activities.

While talking about the storyline which is similar to the ruby version but some points of the story are modified to bring new feelings and complexity in the game. Now you will face the difficulty level of the game a little bit more complex, as completing the missions will be more difficult for you to complete. You should wait for the release date to know that. Be ready to be surprised by the developers of this game because there are a lot of new mini-missions that make you feel interesting and novelty. Stay tuned for the upcoming updates because this game is recently released in 2014 and still there are more updates to come and excite you more about the gameplay. The screenshots of the gameplay above will make you aware a little bit about the game type and the whole purpose of this is to make you more excited.

Moving forward in the area may be quite challenging for you because you are gonna face some of the rival as well. These rivals are available at different places and they are teasing you for your deeds. Become a stronger and more clever pokemon trainer in this area in order to train a different kind of pokemon. Some Special features of movesets are available in the game which enhances the moves of the players as well. Also, try to download Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team ROM

Mega Evolutions:

Talking about the mega changes in the game it will be unfair if we don’t talk about the Mega Evolutions of the game. One of the important points is the brand new Mega Evolutions. You will be surprised to know that the mega-evolutions were never in any Pokemon Games before even in Pokemon X & Y. Like we have never seen the mega evolutions in Pokemon Rusty Game which is one of the big hit game. Luckily you have the opportunity to make sure and test all the mega evolutions in the gameplay. Now the legendary Pokémon Groudon & Kyogre called as Primal Reversion.

As we have discussed the mega evolutions, now they are available for testing. Make sure that the stronger you have so that you can test the mega-evolutions on it. So that it may have a nice evolution on it. Little type of evolutions will not make you happier than ever. They may have some different kind of animations as well. Your experience may off different kind this time as you might have played it before in pokemon light platinum version.

Battle System:

The moves and battles are improved a lot by the addition of some new graphics and animations as well. This makes the game more special to test and play in the demo mode as well as in the real mode. Now face a little bit harsh behaviors of your rivals and enemies teams in the city as well as in the urban areas to have different feelings. The battle animations make the game so much interesting that you will love to have some battle challenges in the game. The gym leaders are also ready for having some challenges and quizzes for you. Note that they have a team of pokemon which are quite stronger than yours ones. They are always ready for having a good battle.

All of your enemies teams are present in the main area of this city. You may need some stronger pokemon from a different generation to catch and train them on time. Some of the most important pokemon from different generation are available in the game. These enemies teams are available for different kind of challenges. As we have mentioned earlier that the game composed of some mini-games as well. These mini-games may compose of some battles with your rivals as well as enemies teams. Also, try to download Pokemon Zeta Omicron New Release

List of Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Omega Ruby ROM Download:

  • A new a different kind of Storyline.
  • Mega Evolutions.
  • Mini Missions are available.
  • Some legendaries Groudon & Kyogre.
  • Mega Diancie are Rock/Fairy Pokemon.
  • Mega Sceptile are Grass/Dragon Pokemon.
  • Mega Swampert are Water/Ground Pokemon.
  • Starters like Treeko, Mudkip, Torchic from Pokemon Ruby Version.
  • Moves and movesets.
  • Quality graphics.
  • Pokemon from Gen IV.
  • Now walk in between the buildings.
  • Communicate with different members.

Download Pokemon Omega Ruby Version for Free:

3DS Emulator Download

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