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Pokemon Sage ROM Download [Latest Version]

Pokemon Sage Download ROM is one of the most played and downloaded RPG Maker XP Game of Pokemon Series.  Pokemon Sage Game Download Free is available now with a working downloading link given at the end of this article.

The developers of the game is 4Chan who have developed this fangame so amazing that lots of people are still playing the game with immense joy. One of the market role-playing video game of pokemon series which have a completely different storyline. It is a Single player game which is runnable and installable on Microsoft Windows.

Technical Info About Pokemon Sage ROM Game:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Sage Version
  • Developers: 4Chan
  • Platform: MS Windows, RPG Maker
  • Game Size: Above 10 MB

Pokemon Sage Version ROM Complete Walkthrough:

One of the first release for the MS Windows users who can play the Pokemon Games on their PC without any GBA Emulator. This is really big and amazing news for Windows Users. Sage ROM version have a completely different storyline which inspires every gamer to play the game and enjoy the new Pokedex. Talking about the reslease of the full version, so that news are soon to come in the market.

Let’s have a talk on the Pokedex of Pokemon Sage Game Download, which is consist of almost Ten new Pokemons which is quite a great step to advance the pokedex. After the game starts you will have the main menu appears which will ask you the basic character to start with. Selecting the main leading charctaers as a Boy will continue the Boy leading role. Similarly for Girl character there will be a different role as well.

punk where are u going

About the Region:

The region name is Urobos, which have some different species of Pokemons. Also as the Central Part of South America, it is covered with lots of Snow in the whole region. As the Region is in the mountains area and in the mountain area there are lots of Snow being happening. That’s why the weather is so cold and you have to complete the missions on time as well like in Pokemon Fire Red GBA Version you may have seen.

There are lush green jungles present in the area which covers most of the area. These Jungles are present and covered the South-West of the whole mountains. The Snow on the mountains are present on the North-West of the region.


Missions and Tasks Ahead:

As the town’s most leading character, you have to start the missions and your journey from your own town. As your town is present on the Snowy mountains. You will have several missions and tasks on the mountains as well because there are several problems exists in the area. Some Pokemons will be really helpful which can create a positive impact in your daily life.

After Starting the game, you have to choose one of the Starter Pokemon from all of the Starter Pokemons available in the game by default. Your Rivals have taken all the starter pokemons available in the game. You have only a few starter pokemons available in the game.

New Sprites and Tiles:

In addition to introducing a new region with exciting characters, stories, and locations to explore, Pokemon Sage also includes updated sprites and tilesets. These improved visuals are sure to bring the world of Pokemon to life like never before. Players will be able to enjoy stunning environments, immersive battles, and detailed character models as they traverse through the mysterious realm of Sage. With vibrant colors and enhanced audio effects, this next installment is certain to offer an unforgettable experience for fans both old and new alike!

Featuring all-new sprites, tiles, and maps, this game offers an experience unlike any before it. For the first time ever, trainers can explore a 3D world with vibrant colours and stunning graphics. Players get to choose from over 100 different characters each with unique abilities, movesets, typing combinations and more. The tileset has also been revamped featuring a variety of biomes including forests, deserts, oceans and snowy tundras for players to explore. Additionally, battles take place on dynamic battlefields making every encounter unique in its own way.

gameplay scene

About the Battle System:

While Travelling to different areas you will face some different type of enemies and rival teams available in the game. There are several kinds of battles which will be happening soon in the region. Some of the enemies are quite stronger than other enemies and you as well.

You are playing the main leading role as the main trainer in the region and your responsibility is to train different pokemons available. You can also catch different kind of Wild Pokemons which are quite weird in character. You have to train them for being a good companion and play the missions with you.

About the Starter Pokemon:

There are different starter pokemons available in the Pokemon Sage game which are really amazing gameplay experience. You have option to choose from one of the starter pokemon available in the pokedex of the game. Some of the Starter Pokemon like Grass Type Foliat and Goat like Fairy Type Kidling which are really amazing character to explore.

The Reptilian Water Type Pokemon name as Aguade Pokemon is also available in the Starter Pokemons list. Please make sure that you have selected the right Starter Pokemon from all of these available. Because these type of Pokemons will have certain impact on your gameplay experience and will make your game more successful.

About the Graphics of Sage Pokemon Game:

The Overall game’s graphics are really amazing to experience. There are various kind of elements present in the game which are quite awesomely designed. The 3D Elements and new Sprites in the game will really inspires you to play the game. There are various kind of 2D and 3D Elements present in the game which can be used during the battle or Pokemon Show as well.   Also, check out Pokemon Ash Gray Latest Version 2018

Graphics in the Events are really amazing, you will see some big changes in the graphics of various elements of events. New Type of Pokemon Events are present which inspires you to play the game. The main Event of Pokemon World Championship is really awesome one to explore and experience. More events will be available soon as this is the beta version. Soon when the game is completed, there will be enough Pokemon Events to experience in the game.

conversations among players

Being a Pokemon Trainer:

Being a Pokemon Trainer in the world of Pokemon Sage is an experience unlike any other. In this fan-made installment of the beloved series, you get to explore the world as never before with its unique storyline and captivating mechanics. The game features two separate regions – Urobos and Tandor – each with their own set of Pokemon that can be encountered, collected, and trained.

You will take on the role of a young aspiring Pokemon Trainer who has dreams of becoming one of the greatest trainers in all of Urobos or Tandor. As you traverse through each region, you will face off against several powerful Gym Leaders in order to earn badges to prove your strength and prowess as a trainer. You will also come across wild Pokemon which you can capture using Poke Balls in order to add them to your team for battles against other trainers or Gym Leaders.

Pokemon Champion League:

The Pokemon Champion League in Pokemon Sage is the ultimate test for both experienced and novice players. It is a tournament that requires competitors to battle seven other trainers who are each champions of their respective Gym. Trainers must battle each champion consecutively over several days, with the final challenge being a showdown against the Elite Four. This tournament will feature some of the most powerful pokemon in all of Pokemon Sage, as well as providing an opportunity for trainers to compete against some of the best trainers from all around the world.

The competition has various challenges and rewards, including earning cash prizes and exclusive items that can only be obtained by competing in this tournament. The journey leading up to this prestigious championship will also provide opportunities to obtain rare items such as Mega Stones and Z-Crystals. As an added bonus, all participants have an equal chance at winning a trip to PokeLand!

In the main Pokemon games, the Pokemon Champion League is the final challenge for trainers, where they must defeat the strongest trainers in the region to become the Pokemon Champion. Also, try Pokemon Black ROM NDS [Latest 2022]

Gym Leaders:

The game consists of many gyms which have at least gym leader in it. You face some challenges from these gym leaders and have a great conversation with them. Many of them will be challenging you for a fight or any serious type of task. Now again the gym leaders are being voted by people to different categories and types like Dark, Water, Steel and bug etc. Every gym leader will have certain properties and type like the above types and kinds.

In Quaver Gym the leaders is of the type Ice; who is a jolly man who is currently running a gym consists of children. What the Jolly Man teaches them? Any Special Training? All these questions are in your heart and you have to find all these answers by yourself by visiting this gym center. Note that it is a Type of Ice Gym leaders and have their specific properties. He is a helpful man and saves the people lives on mountain roads which are full of snow.

Some Best Features of Pokemon Sage Download Game ROM:

  • Having Extra Quality Graphics.
  • New Sprites and Tiles.
  • Have some new Enemies in the game.
  • Region is quite new and large one.
  • Snowy mountains on the north-west side of region.
  • Aztec Empire and Spanish Conquistadors to inspire.
  • Player name is Simon or Sofia.
  • Single player, RPG Maker for Windows Platform.
  • Foliat, Kidling and Aguade Pokemons are available as Starter Pokemons.

Download Pokemon Sage RMXP Version For Free Now:

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