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Pokemon Zeta Omicron ROM Download

Pokemon Zeta and Omicron Versions are the most amazing kind of pokemon rom hacks which are created by Zeta/ Omicron with the addition of some new features and updates in the storyline. The young boy/girl role is yours now, play and complete the game missions. Download Pokemon Zeta ROM for free from pokemonhost which is one of the reputed websites for downloading any kind of rom hack.

The player has to save the world from the terrorist organization who is working for destroying the world where you are currently living. The main region name Nayasa Town where different kind of pokemon species are living and you have to play the role of the main lead role. Let’s move towards the details section of this article for exploring some of the most astonishing facts and features of the game.

Complete Game Info:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Zeta Version.
  • Created: Zeta/Omicron Team.
  • Platform: RPGXP
  • Size: Above 150 MB

Snapshots of the Gameplay:

welcome to the hall of fame

challenge run

collecting the berries

meeting someone you know

players in this area

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Zeta Omicron ROM download:

The main player has to play the main lead role of saving the Nayasa Town people and pokemon. Catching Pokemon is one of the core task of the game and you have to do it must. Fight against the Terrorist Organization who are playing against you and they are willing to destroy you. You will be surprised to know that the game takes place in the Vesryn region, one of the most amazing pokemon rom hacks place where different kind of species are living. This area is made primarily of three landmasses: name as the mainland, the Chrome Circle as well as the Vesryn Spear. These landmasses are different as area wise and you have to keep in mind that there are various kind of adventures pending for you in the mainland. Several kind of puzzels and gifts are waiting for your arrival.

If you want to enter these landmasses one by one you have to take some special steps and should complete the pending missions as well. For Example, if you want to enter the Vesryn region, you cannot enter easily because the Vesryn Spear is only accessible after beating the Elite 4. Keep in mind that the Elite 4 is the organization which is composed of several kind of new and old pokemon from different generations as well. For Example the Pokemon from one of the latest Generation VI is also available in the Elite 4. Also, it contains the second section of the plot, and then the second region is accessible afterwards. There is a wide variety of locations such as underwater cities, cities in the clouds and even in space.

About Team Asgard and Olympus:

After Team Asgard / Team Olympus finally strikes, there may be a different kind of changes happens in the area. Now this team is responsible for many deeds and it comes down to you to save the world like in Pokemon Mega Power . These are some of the awesome steps that this team decides to take and in order to make sure that they save the world completely. In this team meeting characters from older games along the way and avenging what is dearest to you in a story filled with twists. So we can say Good luck to you for all of your game progress as there is various kind of missions are pending for you to complete. Many new sprites and scripts make the game look more different.

About the Gameplay time and Regions:

You will be surprised to know that the gameplay time has been extended a lot. Now there will be 70 hours playing this game which can be more enjoyable for you to play this game. A big content collection will satisfy many Special Pokemon fans because there are a different kind of gameplay modes and animations. Because of these effects and modes, you will face some difficulty level increased a lot from the normal kind of pokemon game.

Talking about the regions in this game which has been extended too and there are some new regions included in it. About Two regions and 12 gyms are available. Get excited! Because there are about 4 sigil halls. Besides, there is the Battle Frontier where all players can show how strong they are. This kind of battle Frontier features makes the gameplay more interesting to play and enjoy. Some special kind of moves are also part of the game which makes the player moves a lot better than the usual.

Level Limit:

Now the level limit was increased to 120 which is one of the most awaited features in the pokemon zeta version Omicron edition. This is also the first Pokemon fan-made game which allows the players to train their Pokemon longer like in Pokemon Heart Gold Download ROM ZIP. Now you can enjoy the game with more levels and more missions which can test your pokemon game playing ability. Every character has a different kind of strength capability which makes them different from each other. Choose the best starter pokemon from the list of Starter pokemon available for you.

Note that the rival team members are present at different places and they have also the ability to cross all the level limits. Some cool kind of effects is included in different levels which makes feels to you that you are working in a different level. These are the features which make you feel special about this game. Now in the Normal mode, players can choose challenge modes for playing and entertaining. Also, there is a different kind of modes available in the game which makes the pokemon omicron rom game more different and unusual than any other game.

This game is similar to Pokemon GaiaV3.2

List of Some Amazing kind of Features in Pokemon Zeta Version Download:

  • Nice Storyline and Amazing Graphics.
  • The Level limit is increased to 120.
  • About 12 Gyms and Two main regions.
  • Gameplay hours has been increased to 70 Hours.
  • Trading of Pokemon.
  • Nice new moves and movesets.
  • Battle Frontier for testing the players strength.
  • Pokemon from different Generation.
  • Pokemon of Generation 1 to Generation 4 can be capturable.
  • Diffirent gameplay modes.
  • New areas and complexity in the game.
  • Mini missions.
  • Walk in between the buildings.

Download Pokemon Omicron Zeta Version for Free:

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