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Top 5 Hopes For Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

A new Pokemon Title has finally been announced and I have to say I am super pumped for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon! And with the release of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon being slated for November 17 we all have high hopes for this game. And while pokemon sun and moon were great games I still thought that there were some things that needed to be improved upon. Also, check out New Features in Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu! and Eevee!

And hopefully Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon will improve on the mistakes made by its previous game. So today I am going to be giving you guys my Top 5 hopes for pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Let’s get started!

Number #5 Battle Royal:

A new feature that was added to Pokemon Sun and Moon that I thought had great potential was the battle royal. Now I am not saying that the battle royal mode is bad there is just 1 mechanic that I thought was really stupid to add. And that’s the fact that the battle ends if 1 person’s team is taken out. That is a really dumb rule to have that unnecessarily shortens the match to maybe only a minute if you get the right pokemon. Check Top 5 Pokemon Everybody Hates

Just take that 1 rule out of the game and battle royal would be a lot more fun to play. You can even keep the points system too I think it adds a bit more strategy than just being the last man standing. Let’s face it we all just wanted this to be free for alls and because of that rule it was taken away from us. Let’s hope Ultra Sun and Moon Fixes it.

Number #4 Main Character Explore more in the Ultra WarmHole:

I really hope that Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon have a better post game than sun and moon. Not saying that it was bad or anything but I was really hoping they would use the post game to explore into the story. The Looker stuff was a nice little touch but besides that we got the battle tree and more champion battles and compared to Oras’s Delta episode sun and moon’s post game was pretty forgettable. 

I would love for pokemon ultra sun and moon to have the main character explore more in the ultra wormhole and find out more about ultra beasts. I think that would be really cool

Number #3 For Nintendo Switch:

Now I’m one of those fans that is still holding out hope that Pokemon Ultra Sun and ultra moon or maybe even a third game (Pokemon Eclipse) will also be coming to the nintendo switch. Now I know they have already announced pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon for the 3ds but my friend collector andrew was able to convince me that there is still a chance that we could get a Pokemon game on the switch.

Now I am not gonna go into all of what he said because it would take forever to explain but if you want to know the full extent of what he said click the i card link to go check out his article But if you want the cliff notes here it is. Tom Phillips of eurogamer the leaker of the codenamed pokemon stars who has been very credible in the past as he also leaked exactly what the nintendo switch was as it was still codenamed the nx is still sticking by the rumor that pokemon stars will be coming to the switch eventually.

Now I know nintendo has denied that Pokemon ultra Sun and ultra moon will be on the switch but it’s good to note that companies lie all the time about things that actually exist. For example the nintendo dsi’s existence was denied by nintendo and then 6 months later they announced it. Another point was bethesda denying skyrim being on the switch even though it was in the switch trailer.

And if you want to get into semantics technically gamefreak wouldn’t be lying about ultra sun and moon not being on switch if their were a third version coming too. Now this last bit of evidence comes from 4chan and as with all leaks that come from there take it with a grain of salt but the contents of this rumor after the direct appeared to give it some credibility. This 4chan leak which was posted around a month before the pokemon direct backs up tom’s claim.

But the main point of interest of this post is the potential names of the games. His source gave him tags to put together which were pokemon sun moon eclipse and ultra. And some of the names the leaker had were Pokemon Ultra Sun, Ultra Moon and eclipse. So could we see a potential pokemon eclipse coming to the switch along with ultra sun and moon the 3ds? I dont know man e3 is right around the corner you never know.

Number #2 Festival Plaza:

The worst feature that was added to pokemon sun and moon has to be that goddamn festival plaza. Whether it was online functionality being downgraded, being forced to wait significantly longer to set up a trade and battle, or even grinding for FC which is the most tedious and annoying thing in the world festival plaza just sucks and I hate it.

Please just bring back PSS it was a lot simpler and quicker to access and I didn’t have to go through all this dumb stuff get a battle in.

Number #1 Gyms to come Back to the Series:

And finally the number 1 hope I have for pokemon ultra Sun and Ultra Moon is for gyms to come back to the series. Honestly I loved the fact that gamefreak wanted to try something new with pokemon and I welcome the idea of change, but gym battles are something synonymous with the pokemon franchise.

When I was taking on trials and totem pokemon I couldn’t help but realize how much I missed gym battles. There something about beating a person’s team that feels more rewarding than beating a totem pokemon. Now im not saying the trials were bad or anything its just that I loved the gym battle system more than the trials.

And with the idea of ultra sun and moon being alternate games to regular sun and moon I hope that we can see gyms appear in this game.

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