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Top 5 WORST Starter Pokemon

With the amount of articles that I have done about starter pokemon I think we all know by now how important they are to the Pokemon Franchise. They really are the foundation and the first building block of your team. And as you guys know where there is good has to have bad and starter pokemon are no different.

Top 5 Worst Starter Pokemon

I’m here to bring you guys the Top 5 Worst Starter Pokemon. And to clear things up I do not entirely mean Worst starter pokemon from a competitive standpoint this article is mainly going to about starter pokemon I generally don’t like. Now whether that may be because they suck competitively or they design sucks well I guess you’ll find out right?

And to cover my own behind from receiving any criticism because – my opinion isn’t open to criticism of course – I preface this article by saying its just my opinion. But on the real though guys if you do disagree with my opinion feel free to let me know in the comment section below let’s embrace debate.

Number #5 Mega Fire Pig Pokemon (Emboar):

If you’re a big fan of the Gen 5 starters let me apologize to you in advance here because you’re probably not gonna like these first two entries. But to start off this list we have the mega fire pig pokemon, wow what a species name by the way, Emboar. It has such a punchable face doesn’t it? But honestly besides the fact that I think Emboar and Pignite’s designs are more Horrifying than the idea of the US not making the world cup…

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Yeah- I don’t really have much else to say about Emboar. In fact I actually think tepig is really adorable. But hey as the famous saying goes I needed one more pokemon to make it a Top 5. I guess all I can say is that tepig had such potential to be a great starter pokemon design wise but emboar and pignite really fell flat on that. And think about it, we could have finally had a quadrupedal final stage fire starter gamefreak, you gotta think about the actual important things guys come on. Plus a little bit more on defense would have been nice too.

Number #4 Samurott:

Now my opinion on this next pokemon is surprisingly an unpopular one. But seriously I was really surprised how much you guys actually like Samurott. And im not joking like when I put it on my top 5 most disappointing pokemon list, I got threats. And with that general public opinion in mind I know you guys are gonna hate me for this, but I still really don’t like samurott.

Again I have no quarrels with oshawott or dewott in fact I often use them during my gen 5 runs I just put an everstone on dewott. I just feel that samurott’s design strays way too far away from its pre-evolutions. I mean seriously it’s not even an otter anymore. And even if somehow samurott was not part of the oshawott line I still wouldn’t like it’s design. Also Check out STRONGEST Starter Pokemon Of All Time

I dont like helmet horn thing, or its beard and mustache, and I know people like the fact that swords come out of its arms or whatever but I think that’s just dumb. And honestly I don’t want to regurgitate the same points I made in the Top 5 most disappointing pokemon article so if you really want to know in detail why I dislike samurott go ahead and check out that article link to that will be on the top right of your screen. Listen I know all you samurott fans are gonna hate me for this but its ok man we can all love charizard together.

Number #3 Decidueye:

Oohh man if I haven’t angered everybody in the community yet this next pokemon is bound to trigger that last bit of people I haven’t. I’m really scared to say this but I don’t like decidueye. Alright alright hear me out hear me out. First off let me preface my next comments by saying I like decidueye design wise in fact I like the entire decidueye line wise.

It’s bit of a love hate relationship with me and decidueye. Unlike the last 2 pokemon all three pokemon have great designs, decidueye’s z move is really cool, and it’s shiny is probably my favorite out of all three of the alolan starters. My problems with decidueye lie in it’s stats, mainly its speed. And I don’t want to be that guy that says oh he’s based on an archer, sh shouldn’t he be fast.

But come on man how is he only 10 stat points faster than primarina and incineroar, like at least set his speed to 90. I know this may seem like a very minor complaint but I came into pokemon sun and moon expecting decidueye to be a beast in competitive battle and I will admit it does have its uses, but I was expecting a lot more. Now I know that this may seem like unfair assessment and you know what it might be, but I can’t help but think about how much that left a sour taste in my mouth. I guess you can say I’m a bit disappointed.

Number #2 Meganium:

Oh Meganium why did you have to ruin gen 2 for me. Now that may be a bit of an overreaction but honestly who here can outright say that they love meganium? I can understand how people can not have a strong opinion about him because he’s It’s such a boring pokemon. Plus don’t you think tropius does a much better job with the long neck dinosaur thing?

Cause I certainly do.

Oh and let’s not forget how poor this pokemon is in battle. Not that typhlosion or feraligator are any better but at least they look cool. And not only does the entire evolutionary line suck in battle but they also suck balls in game too. it’s the total package. And I sometimes still have the flashbacks about the first time I played pokemon gold and silver so many whiteouts. And it’s all because I was stupid enough to pick chikorita at the start of the game screw you meganium and screw you falkner and that damn mud-slap.

Number #1 Delphox:

What can I say you knew this was coming. Delphox is by far the worst starter pokemon of all time there’s no debating it. Let’s start with it’s design. If can’t make the final stage pokemon look better than its pre evolutions then in my eyes that pokemon has failed. And I dont know about you guys but I think Delphox looks a million times worse than braixen.

Wax those ears man come on. And you would hope that with delphox design being. It could at least be somewhat decent competitively. Well guess what it’s just as garbage competitively as it’s design! Yay! It’s started of hovering around the RU tier and once sun and moon came out, dropped to NU, which I don’t know if you know this stands for never used! And for all you vgc fans out there do you ever see delphox at any tournaments? Probably not because it sucks but.

Even the developers themselves know that they messed up with this pokemon man. I mean how else can you explain why they added braixen to pokken tournament instead of delphox. You can maybe make a case that it’s because serena uses a braixen but why hasn’t it evolved yet?

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