Pokemon Light Platinum Download

Pokemon Light Platinum ROM is one of the most demanding Pokemon ROM hack of Pokemon Ruby Version which has been downloaded million times for playing over GBA Devices. Pokemon Light Platinum Download GBA Rom is specially designed and created for the GBA Device. You can also play the game via your PC, if you have GBA Emulator installed in your PC. One of the best Storyline for the gameplay of Light Platinum ROM download encourage the gamers to play the game and enjoy the limited characters game. Also, you will see there are some big changes in the Pokedex of Pokemon Light Platinum GBA Download ROM.

Technical Info About Pokemon Light Platinum Version Download ROM:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Light Platinum Version
  • Creator: WesleyFG
  • A remake of Pokemon Ruby Version.
  • Game Size: Above 10 MB

Screenshots of the Gameplay of Pokemon Light Platinum GBA Download Version:

gameplay scene 2 main gameplay scene in light platinum

Thorough Review on Pokemon Light Platinum Walkthrough and Gameplay:

Perhaps you may have played many pokemon rom hacks games, every of them have a unique or sometimes similar storyline which reflect in the gameplay of the game. This time we have come up with a new Storyline which contain bunch of new role characters to play the game.  Many Many thanks to the creator name as WesleyFG who have created such a fantastic game which have all the pokemons from different regions.

The Poekmons which are prenset in the game belongs to several Regions which includes Johto, Kanto, Sinnoh and Hoenn region. All of them are the most advance class area where different Pokemon species lives.  The region assigned in this game is quite amazing and vast to discover and explore. Name of the region which is assigned in this game is ZHERY which is a new region.

The region contains several Gyms and League Locations which are pending to be explored. You will face some serious missions in the game in these location. Still there are some area which needs proper research and discovery because those areas have bunch of new and old wild type Pokemon characters as well.

New Region of the Game:

ZHERY is the new region in which most of the Pokemon Light Platinum Plot is fixed because of several reason. Earlier in the Online Pokemon Forums there were big discussions and talks about the region assigned in this game. You have to perform several discoveries and research in the area. Some real discoveries are pending ahead to be completed on time.

As the professor is the main and leading charcter in the area. He is responsible for assigning different tasks and missions to you. Also, please clarify the concept that the Pokemon from all the regions are present in this area which is also quite a unique feature of the game.

Trips and Discoveries in the Region:

One of the amazing and most unique thing in the Light Platinum Pokemon game is that you will have some trips in the various near by areas. Some of the areas are well populated with the People and rival teams. As the Rival teams have different missions and tasks. Some of the Rival teams will be against you and your concept as well.

While traveling from one place to another place, you can still use the Pokeballs and Pokedex as well. Please make sure the usage on the right place in order to find different kind of Pokemon Characters in the area. Some of the areas are far from your place as well. So, make yourself be ready for the great adventure ahead in the life as you are one of the most advance Pokemon Adventurer.

About the Rival and Enemies:

While travelling to different areas in the game, you will be amazed to see such a big amount of groups that are always against your intentions. As you will have some starter Pokemon characters and you can use them for the big fights coming along the way. Also, make yourself ready for the fights which will be from the enemies side and you have to defend your teams as well.

As a main trainer you have to train all of your team members for any kind of issue happening during the stay or travelling. There are some new rivals coming in the game as the game creator have included some new Rivals in the Pokedex of the game. These rivals are sometimes against you and your intentions as well.

Catching Pokemons:

Catching Pokemons is one of the main feature and fun part of the game. You can also catch all the Legendary Pokemons characters in the game for various purposes. These Legendary Pokemons then can be used for the advice and planning puposes. As they are legends by birth and you can take advantage from their wisdom.

You can also catch the Wild type of Pokemons as well. As Wild type of Pokemons are also present in various areas of the region assigned to you. These wild type Pokemon charcaeters can cause you some problem as well. So be careful after catching them and keeping them with yourself. Some of the Wild Type Pokemon should be trained as well for making them Normal Charcters. Now it is your responsibility to make them act like Normal Pokemon Chartcers in the game.

New Leaders and Elite Four:

There are some new Leaders included in the game which is quite awesome feature of the game. As we know that in previous Pokemon games we came across to know that there are few leaders and almost no leaders included in the games. Now this time these leaders can lead many teams and leagues as well. You can still manage and control them from the pokedex of the Pokemon Light Platinum APK ROM GBA Download.

The Elite Four is one of the amazing additions to the game. However, you can still access to the different leagues and tournaments in the game as well. Some of the Leagues are tough to compete, for that you have to train your team for the competition. There are several champion leagues which is now part of the game.

Events and Sprites:

One of the amazing addition to the Pokemon Light Platinum Game Download ROM is the events. There are several events and championships that are now part of the game. You can access and play the leagues once you have a good team. You will have to train your team for winning various championships and leagues.

The Final and most amazing Event of the game which name is Pokemon World Championship is now part of the game. In previous games this feature and championship league was not available to play and access. Now you can play the Pokemon World Championship alongwith other teams taking part in it. All the teams which are taking part in the Pokemon World Championship are somehow the best teams of the  game. Your team will have several members that are weak and you have to train them. 

There are new Sprites and graphics included in the game which makes it more interesting and amazing to play. Several graphics of events and items are quite amazing that you will feel special to play this game.

Central City:

One of the most renowned city and having lot’s of new missions and tasks in pending state. The city consists of a new Pokemon Trainer and a new contest Hall as well. The Pokemon trainer will give training to the locals here and have the full certifications. One thing you will find new that the Safari Zone is also available in this region and have most of the new features. Radio Station is also located here and have a full building situated in the center of this city. The Radio Station’s building have some limitation as the second floor is currently closed now and having no connection at all.

While visiting the Safari Zone, you can visit almost 4 areas in the region. All of these areas are full of adventures and new characters. Many new pokemon are also presnet and have a new plot too. You may have probably two attendant at time and you can connect with any of them at any interval of time. The left attendant will take you to a different place In the Safari Zone, like to Field Zone or Marsh Zone. Both of them are amazing areas of Safari Land and have many new things to discover in it.

Inhore City:

You will have to visit the Inhore City which is situated at a little distance from you. Once you arrives into the Inhore City you will meet with the a lady name as Jessica. She will guide you for the upcoming challenges and tasks ahead in the game. Also, she will inform you about the Combee which is a certain type of charcater in the game. The Combee have invaded the whole city and doing all the actions that comes under the authority of Combee. Even they are blocking the Pokemon Center and everything else.

You will have to solve the problem of Combee in the region for Jessica. For this she wants to open the gym center and deliver its own services. Until all the problems are solved you will have to wait for it. She will heads towards the woods where the combees are also coming.

One thing to note about this problem is that you cannot do anything in the entire city as well. You will have to wait for it until and unless the problem of combee Is solved. It would be better for you to take a rest in the hotel and come back to see if the problem is solved or not. Crucial moments for you, because you have to take each and every step with great wisdom.

Emerald City:

Heading towards the main city where you have to take some crucial steps and find something really interesting. You have to do something for the Team Steam, as they are waiting for your response. Doing Adventures in the city makes the game easy for you and you will get almost every thing that you are searching for. You have to put out the fire for getting the Steam Uniform for moving forward in the game. Also Check out Pokemon Cloud White Download

If you are wondering that which buildings you can visit while you are inside in the City? So, the answer is simple, you can access almost 3 buildings in the entire city. You have access to the PokeMart, PokeCenter and Botanical Building. Note that the PokeMart is the marketplace for selling and buying some pokemon realted stuff. Also, for getting inside to the building you will have to wear the uniform. As for the Botanical Buildings these are the rules that you cannot visit it until you have wore the specifc uniform.

Botanical Building:

For Getting into the botanical buildings you will have to wear a specific uniform which is already with you if you are following the exact and correct route. After defeating the main character Sheila, you will have to meet with the Professor Rowan and Esmerelda. They will be providing you all the necessary instructions for moving forward in the game.

As we know that the Esmerelda have a gym and she will talk with you for a little interval of time and will be back to her Gym. One thing to note about the successful finish of the mission is that you have to talk with the guy who is sitting on the bench while on your way to the gym.

How to Install and Play the Game:

Below is the download link of GBA File for the Light platinum version which can easily be downloaded from our website. After downloading you will have to install the GBA Emulator. If you have GBA Emulator Already installed in, then its great and no need to install. There is no need of any VBA or something else.

Some Best and Amazing Features list of Pokemon Light Platinum Game Version:

  • Having a top class storyline.
  • Amazing Graphics and music system will inspire you to play it.
  • Having new Sprites and Events.
  • The Final Event of Pokemon World Championship is present.
  • New Tile are also present.
  • You can catch Pokemons of Legendary type.
  • Access and trips to new areas.
  • The Region is ZHERY which awesome one.
  • Including new Rivals and Leaders.
  • Having Elite Four and new Leagues.
  • Also, have all type of Pokemons from other regions.

Download Pokemon Light Platinum GBA Version For Free:

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