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Pokemon Clover ROM Download [v1.3 Latest]

Pokemon clover is one the best GBA Pokemon ROM Hack of Pokemon Fire Red Version having lots of new features and updates. The Latest and patched version of Pokemon Clover Download is now available on our website and you can check the download link at any time you want. Certain types of new features like new maps, grounds, and Fakemons are part of the game which makes the game more attractive for every gamer to play and complete all the missions. Let’s have a look at the storyline and new features of gameplay which makes the game so popular in the industry.

Basic File Info:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Clover Version
  • Platform: GBA
  • Remake of Fire Red
  • Creators: 4chan

Snapshots of the gameplay:

main screenplay mode in clover version pokemon clover gameplay scene what will ejacasm do in pokemon clover version

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Clover GBA Version Download:

You may have played several remakes and hacks of pokemon fire red version but in this one, you will soon discover the two new regions. These regions are big in sizes and alot of things to discover and find in the hidden area. The main character is playing the role of a trainer and you will be training different kind of characters present in the main area. Also, capturing of pokemon is one of the core tasks of the game. Simply discover and find new places and you will see that the EXP Points are increasing day by day.

The Pokedex is updated with the addition of some new and powerful pokemons. You will also soon came to know that there are about 386 new Fakemons in the area which is quite awesome and makes the pokedex more stable than any other fire red hack. The game consists of a brand new region which is named as Fochun. The region consist of several kinds of inhabitants which makes the living of every kind of charcaters. The main task for you is to capture different kind of pokemons in the area and make your pokedex complete as soon as possible.

Note that this game is the ongoing project of the developers and you will soon recieve the complete version of the game. So far now we have shared the latest version which contains all those missions and tasks which were added by the original developers. Also, the developers of this game forces us not to share the partch version, so if you need one, you have to patch it yourself. A comeplete new brand storyline has been introduced in teh game which again makes the game more attractive for anybody to play and complete all the missions.

New Fakemons and Fairy Type:

One of the main feature and update in the game is that it composed of all those fakemons which were not available in the previous versions. It means that you will find them unique and they have their own characteristics which makes them more unique than any previous kind of fakemons. These fakemons are type of Pokemons which are created by the fans and they have openly shared them in the community for usage. They have their own features and capabilities. You will soon come to know that every fakemons have its own capabilities and features. Also, note that they can be included in the pokedex of the game. The developers have made the pokedex incomplete so that you can discover many new pokemons in the area.

You will be wondered to know that there are many kind of new fairy types of pokemons available in the region. They have their own abilities which are not present in any other type of pokemon. Like if you compare the fairy type pokemon with the water or fire type they will have their own unique features. Simple is that you cannot even say that the fire type pokemons are better or good than the fairy type. There are certain features which the fairy types of pokemon consists and they are not availble in any other type.

Music and Audio System:

In previous hacks you might have noticed the music system was not that much awesome. Now the deveopers of this game have cleared the issue and have corrected the music system. You will now experience some nice kind of music which makes you facinate about playing the game till the end. These musics were not available in any of the fire red hack. They have been updated with the addition of some real time audio and music effects. You will be wondered to know that there are some sort of filters has been used in the background algorithms.

The overall audio system has been enhacned by the addition of some new sound and audio filters. Now you will exepriecnce some good audio in the gameplay. Actually audio is one of the most crucial part of any game which makes the game hit in the games market. The developers have introduced the enhanced audio system for the game which will make the gamer’s experiecnce more awesome and stable. You will soon came to know that there are some brand new cutom made music files added in the game. These custome made music have made the gamer’s so much facinated about the game.

Graphics and Battle System:

The graphics of overall gameplay scene has been re-introduced in the game. You will soon explore some nice collection of graphics in the routes as well in the main cities. Even the towns consists of new graphics which again give a look of a fresh environment. The Overall environment of the game has been made so much interesting that any sort of gamer will love to play the game to the end. The tiles and sprites of the game are really attractive to watch and play the game. Tiles of the game are totally different from the previous versions which were not that much appreciated. Shadow effects of each and every character makes the game more perfect to play to the end and follow any special character.

You will soon came to know that there are various enemies and rival teams on the way of your adventures. They are ready for your challenges to be completed by you. Instead they will give you certain types of challneges in the game which you have to complete it. The Repel system is one of the best system of the game, even you will compare it with any other hack of Fire Red Verison. They have nice collection of battle effects which make it for you more facinatinig to play all the missions. As for as Repel system is concerned, you will soon came to know that the game composed of Black and White 2 Repel System. All the features of black and white 2 repel system are presnet in this one.

Wonder Trading:

Trading is one of the core part of any pokemon game, you have played ever so far. Because in trading you have to sell and buy different types of Pokemon Items in the game. Even you can buy different kind of pokemons as well in the game which again makes the game more awesome. Wonder trading is one of the best feature of the game which was not presnt in any other previous hack of fire red version. Many new items are presnet in the market which can be purchased or sold. You can download Pokemon Cloud White Version and discover the new lands and maps

The Pokemon market is also known as Poke Mart, which have different items for buying and selling. Items many contains the pokeballs, mirrors or any sort of vehicles or bullets. You can also buy different kind of items for battles. As your enemies teams have different kind of weapons and they have certain powers to overcome. These powers can be faced with the help of advance class weapons only. The basic currency can be used for purchasing or selling any kind of stuff in the market.

Capturing Pokemons:

As the main lead role is set out for jouney in the area and you have to explore some new palces. These places may contains many new types of pokemons which may be different in types. The Professor will sometimes direct you to capture different kind of pokemons in the area. Now What you have to do for capturing these pokemon? The Answer is somple, use the basic tricks and techniques for capturing all the pokemon excepys some which you have used in the previous hacks of fire red and you will capture many pokemons. These may be of different numbers, which can be included in the pokedex as well.

The main leading role of the player is also off trainer. Note that there are various trainers available in the game but you have to learn some special skills for become the legend trainer. Because you have to train different kind of wild pokemons in the area which is the core task of the game. If you have not gained these skills, you will soon came to know that you will be unable to train these wild types of pokemons. The game have Generation 6 type of new pokemon capturing system.

The wild types of pokemons are different in natures as well. These natures would off different types and shpes. Wild pokemon are many in numbers and this is one of your main challenge to find out the wild pokemons in the area and train them. Some of these are even not given in the pokedex of Pokemon Clover Download GBA Version. All of these have their own physical and special split. They have different kinds of physical properties which makes every pokemon different from the other one. Many new pokemons will soon be included in the pokedex of the game.


Starter Pokemon, TMs and HMs:

As the game starts you will soon be asked that in which gameplay mode you want to proceed you game. If you have selected the Male or Female mode, you will be then asked to enter you name. Simply move forward fast and you will have to fix a meeting with the Professor in his office. The Lab is present in the center of the area. After the visit of his lab, he will assign you a starter pokemon and an empty pokedex as well. Soon you will have to use the Starter Pokemon in the game and move forward in the game as well. 

If you have chosen a certain type of starter pokemon, you will notice that you rival team have selected any other powerful starter pokemon. So the selection of Starter pokemon is one of the crucial part of the game. This selection will make your gameplay more awesome if you have selected these pokemon with some sense power. Almost all of them have different unique properties which are not availabe in any other starter pokemon.

Now comes to the HMs and TMs sections, you will soon came to know that the HMs are completlely forgattable. This means that you can now forget the HMs in the game, as soon as you move forward you will discover this feature awesome and attractive. Also, you will came to know that the TMs in the games are less in numbers and they are totally reusable. Now this may be completely a shock news for you but the truth is that these are less in numbers.

List of Some Amazing Features and Updates in the Pokemon Clover Download GBA Version:

  • Having nice collection of graphics and background effects.
  • The Battle Effects are just awesome.
  • TMs are reusbale and HMs can be forgotten.
  • Capture different kind of pokemon.
  • New types of Pokemons and about 386 new Fakemons.
  • The Pokedex of the game is updated.
  • Custome items makes the selection more awesome.
  • Explore the Gen 6 Pokemon and capturing system.
  • New Pokeballs and custome as well.
  • Special and Physical Split.
  • New Rival and Enemy teams.
  • Nice collection of custom music and audio sampling system.
  • Repel system of Black and White ROMs.
  • Many new Fairy types.
  • Certain new Challenges and leagues are present.
  • Pokemon Leagues and Tournments are present.
  • Many new graphics for the old characters.
  • Certain new movesets.
  • Tiles and Sprites are present.

Download Pokemon Clover GBA Version For Free:

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