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Pokemon Fire Red ROM Download

Pokemon Fire Red Version GBA Game is the most played and downloaded pokemon game we have ever seen. Bunch of new characters and Pokemons in the pokedex will inspires you to complete all the missions and tasks in the game. Pokemon Fire Red Download Game have its own unique storyline which is completely based on the adventure in various regions available in the game. The Pallet Town is ready to explore and find some new pokemons to complete the pokedex. If you want to download the full completed version by Nintendo, then please make sure that you have clicked the download link given at the end.

Technical Info About Pokemon Fire Red Version GBA ROM:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Fire Red Version
  • Developed by Nintendo
  • Platform: GBA
  • Game Size: Above 10 MB

Pokemon Fire Red GBA Download Gameplay Screenshots:

Some of the gameplay screenshots and snapshots are given below, please make sure that you check the screenshots before downloading the game.

catch moltres in fire red

legendaries in the fire red rom

pokemon fire red gameplay

Let’s Discuss Pokemon Fire Red Game Walkthrough and Gameplay:

While moving towards the complete walkthrough of the game that we are going to discuss with you, first clear your concept about this game is that it is purely a research-based adventure game. Where you have to complete a specific Pokedex while exploring the area where the main character is living. Finding different pokemons and exploring their properties and types, then using them in right situations.

You the main character which Red (Protagonist) now living in the Pallet town which is the main region of Fire Red Version. While living in this region you have to perform all the tasks and missions that the Professor Oak is going to give you. The main character is responsible for the training of different pokemon charcters and also for the decision of where to use that specific pokemons. The main character have the capabilities to train different types of characters available in the game. Also check out Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter Version

While you are discovering the area (Pallet Town), you will come across some different types of pokemon species and characters that are currently inhabitants of the area. Some of them are Fire Type, Water type, Bug Type and many more types of Species available. You are unknown from them that where they are living currently in the region. You can discover them from the regions that you are exploring. Like you will discover some grass types of Pokemons in the Jungle and attack type of pokemons on Ground as well in the Jungles.


Professor Oak:

One of the main leading character of the game, without him the game is incomplete. Because he is going to give you all the instructions that you are going to perform. For the first time, when you visit his place, means the lab, he is going to ask your Name from you. He also greet you in his room and you shrink in size to the mini size as well.

As soon after visiting the Professor’s Lab, you are going to leave the house. Professor is unhappy that you are living the house without telling and alerting him. Your Rival which name is Gary (Blue) is already in the lab. Professor Oak will stop you from going out of his lab, actually he wants to bring you back to the lab.

While visiting the Professor lab, he will suggest you to select a specific pokemon from the available starter Pokemons. Luckily, you have all the three choices of Starter Pokemons available in the game. Charmander, Squirtle and Bullbasaur are the Starter Pokemons that are given to you as a choice. You have to select one of them and move forward in the game.  Further below we are going to discuss all the three starter Pokemons available in the game, so that you have a clear idea of what will happen after slecting a specific pokemon.



While competing the gym leaders you need Starter Pokemon who can compete with the Gym Leaders. Charmander is a Fire Type Pokemon who are available for you as Starter Pokemon. This will be the best choice if you are going to compete with the first Gym Leader. For the Fourth Gym leader Charmander is not the best choice for you to make. Also, check Pokemon Brown Download GBC ROM


Another Starter Pokemon, among the three ones is the Squirtle Pokemon Character. Squirtle is a Water Type pokemon who is available for you to be choosed. Now its upto you that you select the Squirtle Pokemon as the Starter one. It is best for the beginning of the game as well best for the first Gym Leader. For Competing with the First Gym leader this will be the best choice for you to make.  But unfortunately it is weak for the third and fourth Gym leader.


It is the best Grass Type Pokemon available for you to choose. This is the best choice for you to compete with the first two Gym leaders as well there are some special properties which are quite awesome. One thing to notice is that it is resistant to the third and fourth Gym leaders as well.

Every Pokemon have their own properties of attacking and competing with the other players. Some special properties which are available in every type of pokemon are the HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defence and Speed. Let’s Discuss these below.


This is the only feature which can describes you that how much damage a Pokemon can take before it is destroyed fully.


This feature in any Pokemon can describe the damage that a specific pokemon deals for physical attacks. You can judge each pokemon with their own Attack features.


This feature can determine the resistance that it can provide to the attacks happening on the Pokemon from other Rivals members.

Special Attack:

From Special Attack you can judge the amount of damage that a specific pokemon can deals for the special attacks.


One of the main feature in any Pokemon, from which you can determine the fastness of any Pokemon that can goes first in battle with any other members.

Special Defense:

From Special Defense you can judge that how much a Pokemon can resist to the Special Attacks happening on them.

Pallet Town:

This is one of the most important place in the entire game and have a different kind of structure. The player house is to the West in the town, while the rivals are at the east. You will have to interact with your rival team members for more missions and updates. If you are wondering that where is the Professor Oak place. You will Certainly find the Professor’s Lab at the south in the town.

The main gameplay starts from the player’s house and you have to visit some different palces in the town as well as you have to visit and make some new adventures in the other towns. There are some new gyms in the town center as well and each gym have its gym leader. You can find the Professor near his laboratory and he will give you some instructions.

For Finding and let the professor appears, you will head to the north in the tall grass in the town end. Many places you can find where you have to meet with Professor. One thing to know about him that he is constantly busy and finding the wild pokemon. After that he fights with the wild pokemon, he yells on you to let you fight with him.

Adventures in the game:

While moving in different areas, you can explore different type of creatures and characters available in the area. There are some places where you can find most of the pokemons which are unable to find in the pokedex. As you travel to the forest area, you can also discover different grass type Pokemons available in the area of Trees and jungles.

As soon as you get the starter Pokemons you will be given some missions and tasks to cover in the Pallet Town. For several missions and discovery of Pokemons you will travel to the other areas in the town. As you travel some grassy areas, you will find some Wild Pokemons which will be living here. You can catch  all the wild type of Pokemons available in the area.

Pokemon Center:

The amazing place of pokemon center is located at the southernmost part of the town. Where you will find the hospital and many more things. One of the interesting thing about this place that the main hospital is loacted over here and you can heal almost any pokemon trainer. As in the gameplay you will have many pokemon trainers who are ready for training different kind of people and pokemon. They can also do their own treatment in the hospital. Many more features are included in the hospitals which glorifies the game upto some extent.

In addition to the Hopital and pokemon center you can also access to the storage system. There will be some special kind of access given and granted to you while accessing the  storage system. The PCs in this place can also have an access to the systems. One of the amazing fact about this area that the pokemon trainer can travel with almost six different types and kind of pokemons.


The PokeMart is one of the special place to buy and sell some kind of stuff in the game. You can exhange different kind of materials in this place. As you will have access to some different kind of places and things in the area. Many More features are included in the poke mart which makes it more advance than ever.

The Poke Balls are also available in this palce, and you can also buy and sell different kind of pokeballs in the market. Many Vendors will be doing some different kind of dealings with you and you have to tackle all of them. We are inspired from the main charatcer who is controlling the whole gameplay and its characters as well at the same time. You will notice the online shopping and exchanging abilities in the market as well. Like you can exchange different kind of stuff with your friends and colleagues as if you are interested in the exchanging.

Pokemon Academy:

One of the most amazing places to visit and see what’s going on in the academy. As you will came to know that in the pokemon academy many young pokemon trainers gets the initial trainings. You will also get the training about the basics of battle and what to do in the battle whenver an enemy attack over you. Many more features are coming in the latest version which again makes the game more interesting and complex to play. There is also a blackboard on which you will learn the basic of almost everything. Each and every pokemon trainer gets all the basics trainings in this area.

Completing the Pokedex:

As soon as you met with Professor Oak, you will be given the starter Pokemons and will be ordered to complete the Pokedex. For Completing the Pokedex, you have to catch different kinds of Pokemons available in different areas. Like in grassy areas, you can find some wild type of Pokemons as well Grass Type pokemon.

Similarly for completing the Pokdex, sometimes you have to catch Firetype as well as Bug type of Pokemons. On Route 1, you can find Rattata pokemon, which is a Normal Type of Pokemon. Rattata can easily be evolved into the Ratticate at level 20 which is one of the amazing feature of Rattata Pokemon. Similarly, you can find dozens of Pokemons on the journey which have their own features and properties.

Best Features of Pokemon Fire Red Download Free Version GBA:

  • Having Nice Graphics.
  • New Tiles and Sprites.
  • Three Starter Pokemons.
  • Pokemon have 4 Stats.
  • Grass Type Pokemons.
  • Chamander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur are available as Starter Pokemons.
  • Having an amazing Storyline.
  • New Main Menu and UI.
  • Pallet Town.
  • New Pokemons and Fakemons.
  • Have some new areas and regions.

Download Pokemon Fire Red GBA Version For Free Now:

Download Here

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