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Pokemon Blue is the most downloaded and updated pokemon game which is developed by the Game Freak and Published by Nintendo and The Pokemon Company. Changes are present in the storyline as well in the area of Pokemon Blue Version Download for Game Boy. Discover the amazing landscapes in the game which will inspire you to play the complete game. The Gameplay is made long while including various kind of new missions and tasks. Also, some new places and regions are also part of the game which makes the gameplay more lengthy. The Pallet Town and some other routes are the major parts of the game. Before heading towards the amazing features and updates in the blue version download, let’s have a look at the basic info.

Basic File Info about the Game:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Blue Version
  • Platform: Game Boy
  • Game Size: Above 10 MB
  • Mode: Single Player as well as Multiplayer.

Snapshots of the Gameplay:

wild pidgey in blue rom the beginning scene in pokemon blue version gameplay scene gameplay scene 2

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Blue GB Version Download:

The game will starts while first displaying the basic welcome message and after that, you have to enter any game mode type. The game mode type may be of Male or Female. It depends on you, but you have to enter your name as well rival names before heading towards the Professor Lab. Make sure that you have entered the correct name sequence in the Personal as well in the Rival Names. Because without these you will not be able to visit the Professor’s Lab.

While you are in Pallet Town, you will have to find your rival teams and have to customize their names as well. If you are in search for the Professor, you will soon come to know that the Professor is no more there and you have to wait for him or simply move towards the north. As all of us knows that the Pallet town is our personal town and you have to choose your starter pokemon from here also. Note that your rivals will always choose the Starter Pokemon opposite off you. Like if you choose Pickachu then they will choose Charmander, if you choose the Charmander they will choose Bulbasaur and son on.

Basically, there are three main starter pokemon in the area, you will soon come to know that they have chosen the best starter pokemon for themselves. First, you have to examine the PC, which is located at the left of your Disk. One thing to note about this that you have to choose the right commands for the PC, so that you have a better result from them. There you have to withdraw a potion which is again one of the necessary things to collect.

Oak’s Errand:

One of the main and important step and task that comes in the game is the visit of Professor Oak office. So for finding and visiting it, simply head north from Pallet Town onto Route 1. There you will find some different kind of places and regions. All of them can be discoverable while using the maps. Talking about the maps, you will soon realize that these maps are so much advance with many features and updates included in it.

While you are on the way to Professor’s Lab you have to talk to some of the people there. Thet will certainly give you a Potion if you are in need of a potion. All you have to do is to keep calm and talk with them gently and honestly. One main fact about the way is that you have to avoid the grass. Because it can cause you several kind of dangers and damages. On the way you will soon find some different kind of Wild Pokemons. If you are worried about the Wild Pokemon, simply avoid from them. If you don’t want to face wild Pokemon use some different kind of tricks.

After several challenges completion, you will eventually reach to the Viridian City. Now you have to search for a potion which is in the area where you are currently present. You can get a Potion from the weird looking tree near the north of the town. You can also heal all of your pokemon in the area while visiting the pokemon center. If you need to, and go into the Mart which is nearly situated.

What Salesperson will Give you?

While you moving into the city, you will soon meet the salesperson who is a weird type of character. He will give you something. Now you will be wondering that what he will give you? So the answer is simple and clear. the salesperson will give you a parcel to give to Oak. Now its your tasks or you may consider it the first duty that you have to bring the parcel to the Professor Lab. Also, you have to return to Pallet Town the same way you came.

Another big update in the game is that while returning from the city to the pallet town on a specific task, you can also come via jumping over the ledges. Now it all depends upon you that how you come to the pallet town but you will have to return and hand the parcel to Oak. He’ll give you and your rival Pokedex in return which is again one of the precious gifts. Before returning to Viridian City, check out are your rival’s house which is located at the corner.  Also, his sister will give you a town map (it’s really a world map).

Pewter City:

One of the main city which need to be visited after the first interval of the game. One fact to note about the Pewter City is that there is nothing special to do and perform tasks in the City. However, there are many places which are completely new and to be visited in near future. Like Different kind of Gyms and Museum are present in the city which you have to visit.

You can visit the museum for Y50 which is another special edition and fact of the game. These types of events have no weight at all but for the sake of completion, you can visit the museum. In this you will notice different kind of attractions present in the city. But the main attraction here is the Pokemon Gym, where you can earn a badge. These badges can be used for many tasks and missions to make them complete. The success rate can be increased in the game while collecting these type of badges in the gyms.

Collecting Badges:

In the Pewter City there are different and many numbers of gyms, which have some kind of badges. All you have to do is to collect a different kind of badges in these gyms. Because all the gym leaders are present here for challenging you to win the badge. You have to collect all the eight badges in the game as soon as possible. Whenever you have earned eight badges, you’re ready to take on the final bosses, the Elite Four. These are the type of events which are present in the city for you.

These events can be in many shapes, some of them will be good for your gameplay experience. While some of them will be just for points purposes. Note that you can increase the EXP points in the game while winning a different kind of events and battles in the game. You’ll want to train your Pokemon up to about lv10 at least before you take on Brock. Training Pokemon is one of the core task in the game. Do you have tried Pokemon Ash Gray Download ROM

Picking the starter pokemon is one of the crucial part of the game. For Example, If you picked Bulbasaur or Squirtle as your starter, this should be a breeze also.  Many challenges are ahead for you, even you can Simply use Vine Whip or Bubble, and the battle should be over quite quickly. Note that whenever you you win, you’ll receive the Boulder Badge, and TM34 – Bide. You’ll now be able to use HM05 – Flash outside of battle which is the coolest thing about the game. The guy blocking the east exit is now gone, and you’re free to continue on to Mt Moon.

Mt. Moon:

For visiting the moon and reaching there you will have to take route 3. As there will be a different kind of challenges and tasks ahead in this area. Note that there is various kind of Wild Pokemon in the area. While you have to heal any pokemon you can always return back to the Pewter City for making your Pokemon to heal. There are certain types of fights ahead in this area, which needs some sort of experience. Route 3 has a certain kind of gyms and also have a PokeCenter. Where you can do whatever you want to do with your Pokemon.

After walking about for some while, you will soon enter a room where you will find some really amazing things. Simply head to the north and pick up the TM12 and Water Gun. Various Rival teams are also present on the way, you will soon come to know that this region is more adventurous than the previous one. In this region, you have to pick up several kinds of things, which are needed for your gameplay.

Cerulean City:

This is the only city in the whole game where you will find many shops and businesses. Many new kinds of business and shops are present which sells different kind of stuff. To the left of the Pokemon Center, a man will trade a Jynx for your Poliwhirl which is again one of the coolest things. You will be wondered to know that there is a bike shop in this area, and you can also visit their shop. You can also catch an Oddish/Bellsprout to make the gym battle much easier. Also, try Pokemon Black Download ROM NDS

One of the coolest facts of this area is that the houses of people guarded by a police officer. You will have to make a tour in these areas while making some new adventures in the area. Note that this area has some places which are hidden and is forbidden. You cannot simply visit and find them at all. You can make use of maps which is being updated in this version.

Catch a different kind of pokemon in the area, however, it will be your core task as well. Catching the pokemon will ultimately increase the experience of playing the game. The EXP Points will be increases as soon as you move forward in the game and find a different kind of characters in the area.  If you’re lacking in the experience department, continue on with the walkthrough because in this you will learn how to play the game till the end and complete each and evey mission. Do not go straight ahead and challenge Misty which is a famous character in the city and also he is the Cerulean Gym Leader.

Vermilion City:

After the cerulean city you will have to make some adventures in Vermilion City as well. But before moving ahead from the Cerulean City, you have to keep in mind that the police officer is not present at the front of the house like in Pokemon Black 2 ROM Download Free. He now stands aside of the house and now you can visit and meet the owner of this house. Some really amazing adventures are waiting for you in the game, which will ultimately increase you will-power.

For moving to the Vermilion City, you have to take to the south of this area. Soon there will be some enemies teams and rival teams. You will have to compete with them while moving forward in the game. Several new missions and tasks are present in the new city and also you have to pick up many new things.

List of Some Amazing Features and UpdaAmazing Script to read on.

  • Professor Oak is present in the Pallet town.
  • Many new places present in the map.
  • The Pokedex is updated.
  • Having nice collection of graphics.
  • The Sound Effects are awesome.
  • Underground Paths.
  • Pokemon From Different Generations,
  • New TMs and HMs.
  • The Pokeballs has been increased.
  • Nice Stoyline and Gameplay.

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