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Pokemon Y ROM Download (Latest Version)

Pokemon Y ROM is a wonderful pokemon game with a bunch of new pokemon and graphics changes. It is created by GamesFreak and The Pokemon Company. The games take place in the Kalos region of the Pokémon universe. Unlike previous generations, these two games are primarily focused on story, rather than collecting all 151 species of Pokémon (151 including Mega Evolution). The ROM enables you to change the properties of your Pokemon at will, and even add moves from other games! Download the ROM for yourself and try it out.

For years, Pokémon has been a standard feature in the console gaming community. Its popularity was so high that Nintendo made an official trading card game based on it. In order to keep its players engaged and captivated, Nintendo took a different approach with the newer games of the series. Pokémon X and Y were released for the 3DS instead of the previous generation consoles. This meant new features, new mechanics, and old favorites from previous games returning with a twist. The ROM allows you to play the game on your 3DS system without an internet connection. If you do not have access to Wi-Fi or a mobile data plan, this option might be useful to you……

Pokémon Y is one of the new generation games of the franchise that aims to give players a lot of exciting activities when adventuring the world or entertaining with friends. New Pokémon is the motivation for players, and they will have many new interactions with the environment or creatures for more fun. On top of that, world activities like fighting, capturing, and more are funny and rich in potential to give everyone the best gameplay experience.

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Y ROM 3DS:

The game starts with players watching the opening of a Pokemon movie that’s supposed to take place in Kanto. You are then given the chance to name your protagonist. As soon as you are done, you’re taken into the world of Pokemon where you can choose one out of Bulbasaur , Charmander, Squirtle, or Pikachu. You then venture from the beginning of an urban metropolis into a forest with trees that are different in appearance from all others you have come across before. This is because each successive area represents a new season and time of day within Kalos. As soon as you enter a forest, the theme song of Johto’s Route 4 is played. If players have a Nintendo 3DS system with two sets of shoulder buttons, Yandel can be used to get from platform to platform in dungeons and caverns. Also, try the amazing Pokemon Volt White

These functions are only available if three versions after Johto, each game coming in one of the above listed six original Pokemon. You then fly to Route 1 and battle your rival, Korrina. After you win these two battles, it’s time for something new – visiting Unova! Once there is done with this area of the map, you are greeted by a Hoenn reminiscence. If you have done the Pokémon World Tournament with your regional gym badges, it is possible to travel here during this time of day instead for many different cities in Kalos depending on which badge was obtained most recently. This is because after each placement of a gym, the region’s weather changes and new Pokemon species appear. Once you get past the seas of Johto, another Trainer is waiting for you in front of Unova’s Terminal Tower: this time it is Enta and he has some news about Mega Evolutions!.

It features over-world map in-game map, Battle Tower, Battle Frontier, Battle Pyramid, Battle Dome and Battle Factory (Catchable Pokemon & Egg). It also has the ability to create custom battles with pokemon you catch in the wild or use pokemon from your storage. For many of us, the initial Pokemon games were a rite of passage. You didn’t complete that first gym until you had caught your first Pokémon. And you weren’t satisfied until you had grown from a level 5 Pidgey to a level 100 Dragonite. The games taught us how to play, and they taught us about catching ‘em all! If you’re looking for a little nostalgia with your new-found 3DS.

Being a Trainer:

As a Trainer, you are responsible for the well-being and health of your Pokémon. One of the most important parts of being a Trainer is to take care of your Pokémon’s diet. This can be as simple as giving them food that they enjoy or as complicated as maintaining an elaborate system with multiple bowls, containers, and food types. There is always more than one way to feed your Pokémon; it just depends on what their needs are. Also, check out the amazing Pokemon Psychic Adventures Game.

Being a trainer is not an easy job. One has to be at the right place at the right time with the knowledge of how to train in a different field. One has to have patience and have faith that he/she will do what needs to be done in order for it to succeed.

The Pokemon Company’s goal is to have as many trainers as possible playing their games, which means they want to find ways to bring trainers from around the world together. In order to do this, they created an online system where players can challenge each other to battles. This system is called the Global Trading System. Emulator is one of the emulator programs. when we install android emulator in our computer and use it for playing games which has been installed properly in your phone, smartphone or tablet then this program works like a magic to increase the performance of these devices that are used through emulators.

The GTS is a service that allows players to randomly find other players nearby who are willing to trade with them. With this, each player has an opportunity for trading these cute Pokémon they have caught throughout their journey without having to waste time finding someone one close by. This allows players to trade with local, as well as those from other parts of the world making it more likely for others to also give up their Pokémon and companionship they can train or battle with at best. In the most recent iteration of the GTS, players with trading “hits” have a higher chance to receive more valuable Pokémon from other trainers. In addition, there is now a ranking system so that weaker players with less “hits”, can still find someone who will trade them. Also, check the best Pokemon Unbound (Latest Version)

Lumiose City:

Lumiose City, the city of light. The vibrant, colorful metropolis is home to many different species of Pokémon. A new hotel has opened in Lumiose City, but the city’s residents are not afraid of it. They say that all this colour is adding more to their lives and they are quite pleased with its presence. The Hotel Richissime, previously owned and managed by a famous hotel chain based in Paris, France called Le Plazza. At the end of each day staff members from this Hotel were treated to Lumiose City’s finest entertainment; The Tea Set where they would take their leisurely time by

Lumiose City is a city in central Kalos and the capital of Kalos.

The city contains many tall skyscrapers, famous landmarks including Lumiose University and the Prism Tower which is next to it. It also has a large amusement park called Pal Park, which features roller coasters and other rides. However, this city’s biggest attractions are its many shopping centers such as Amie Square and Laverre City. These centers have hundreds of shops that sell anything from clothes to electronics. Just outside Lumiose City lies Route 7 where there is a large forest, which is also near the route. Players will be able to play as either of these two siblings, with their own unique abilities and attributes along with a campaign story plot that builds upon what happened in the original Pokémon X & Y games. Also, check out Pokemon Super Mega Emerald GBA

Fairy-Type Pokemon:

Fairy type is one of the twenty-two types. It is known for its ability to control various aspects of nature, such as plants and flowers. It is often considered to be the weakest of all types. Fairy-type moves are generally status inducing, but some may increase the user’s special attack by 50% while others do damage whether or not they strike their opponent.Overall there are more Pokémon that benefit from this type than any other type in the game, and it is also more common than any other type. It has a variety of support moves that boost the Pokemon’s main attack while reducing opponent defenses.

Generally, Fairy-type Pokémon only get Physical attacks such as Megahorn (Mega Evolution), Sacred Sword (Deals damage. This power makes them both respected and feared by humans. Fairy-type Pokemon are usually weak against Dark or Dragon-types, but they have strong advantages over Fighting-type Pokemon due to their ability to heal themselves with healing moves like Aromatherapy.

Fairy-type Pokemon tend to have a sweet and kind personality, and often protect other people. They are all female, and many of them can change their gender to match their audience. All Fairy-Types have the ability to use fairy magic to help humans. They have even been known to teach humans things they, themselves would not know. Since they are so kind and good looking, they tend to attract many partners.

explore the amazing new region explore the region Opposing Xerneas Pokemon battle scene

New Mega Evolutions:

Mega Evolutions are the new super evolutions introduced in Pokemon Sun and Moon. These evolutions have a wider range of stats than regular evolutions, making them more powerful than their predecessors. They attack more quickly, can change their stats, and are resistant to different types of damage. This is an official map for the game. This map has been made by the makers of though some edits have been made to make it more ‘Pokemon’ related for easier navigation. It shows a button on all parts of a state allowing him to visit a random place in their vicinity.

Here’s our list of mega evolutions to help you choose which one is right for you! Mega Evolutions are crucial for any Pokémon Trainer. If you haven’t caught them all, it’s time to catch up. We’re here to help with our list of new Mega Evolutions that will make you more powerful than ever! Each mega attack is more powerful than the last and will help you battle that top tier trainer who beat your partners. They can be evolved to this new stage by pulling off a great performance at one of the designated Mega Evolution Gatherings found in it.

All previous special types ( Ground, Fire, Flying, Grass/Poison/Ground-type hybrids) are now extinct. Rock-, Steel-, and Water-types are back! Many species have undergone evolutions to reach the pinnacle of Mega Evolution Pokémon. They fall into these three new categories: Normal Type(Fighting), Dragonk night(Steel), and Fairyking.(Water). Users have the option of selecting what kind of Mega Evolution their Pokémon will undergo after they are given an item called a pokéball. This new way also allows you to maintain two distinct movesets for each type, though some users find it less.

Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Y Citra(cia) Download:

  • Pokemon Bank, the online storage feature that made all progress possible in Pokémon Y and X.
  • You can store any type of pokémon you catch with the game to be used again in future games, but not previously caught pokémon.
  • These beings are called legendary Pokémon and is only available when you unlock every badge.
  • Mega Charizard X.
  • Normal Type(Fighting) and Dragonk night(Steel)
  • Fairyking.(Water) and Rock-, Steel-,Water-types are back!
  • Users have the option of selecting what kind of Mega Evolution their Pokémon will undergo after they are given an item called a pokéball.
  • New Mega Evolutions: Chesnaught, Greninja, Blastoise.
  • It has the same design as Mega Charizard Y but with a completely different color scheme.
  • Its brand new design is more of a traditional Fire/Dragon color scheme.
  • Lugia, Mewtwo X, Deoxys are the only known Mega Evolutions in this “new” generation.
  • Charizard Y also had two releases with its own formes before getting his fire.

Download Pokemon Y ROM NDS For Free:

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