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Pokemon Super Mega Emerald GBA Download

Pokemon Super Mega Emerald is a remake of Pokemon Emerald ROM. One of best gba game I have played so far. Having a nice new area to explore and bunch of new pokemon to catch and train. Playing as the lead role in the game, sprites and scripts has been added which makes the game more perfect to play. It is remake by Macky Rivera who is a talented pokemon roms remaker. The Storyline is same as Original Emerald but there are changes which makes the game exciting to play.

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Super Mega Emerald:

The game starts with the player as a Pokemon trainer, who has to explore the region. Most of the leaders for gyms are changed and also have different roles in the game. Pokemon League is a bit different than Pokemon Emerald. The game has some new Pokemon and moves, Pokemon locations are changed also. Pokemon Super Mega Emerald does not require you to complete the original Pokemon Emerald storyline before beginning this one like in Pokemon Super Heart Red GBA.

The game offers a revamped moveset that includes new moves and abilities. One such move allows the player to control another character in battle for strategic purposes. There are no gym leaders and only four members of the Elite Four- which is interesting considering there would be all eight from previous versions.

One of the main reason for playing it is the streamlined story mode where it takes only about 30 minutes to complete and has a new region called “Area in Green” which is a tropical paradise with many Pokemon habitats and environments such as mountains, caves, oceans, forests and more. Some people might ask why they should play it when there are already so many hacks of Pokemon Emerald that have been released across the internet? The answer is that this game has some unique features which makes it even better than Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen.

Session 1: New Bark Town

Now New Bark town has been replaced with Littleroot Town which gives nostalgic feeling while exploring it. Professor Birch gives you Pokemon Treecko at the start of the game as in Pokemon Ruby / Sapphire / Fire Red / Leaf Green games he give you Torchic, but Treecko performs better in battles so I prefer it over torchic . I would recommend choosing Mudkip instead of Treecko if you don’t like fire-type types.

A great thing about this Rom Hack is that you can use Pokemon in the Pokemon Emerald and Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, Firered and Leafgreen games.

A New Pokemon Called “Frogadier” After beating Norman the Gym Leader of Petalburg City, you have to explore the region which consists of many cities which provides Pokemon Trainers to fight with. I would advise you not to search for Pokemon while exploring because there are chances that they already scared off by your presence. It is better to save game often so if player lost battle he/she can restore it back easily without losing any progress. There are some restrictions on Pokemon’s level, When trainer walk into certain areas the pokemon will be automatically switched out or sent back to a PC box of Pokemon Center where its levels.

New Pokemon Sprites and Animations:

Talking about the Sprites Pokemon Super Mega Emerald Pokemon Change some of the sprites and Pokemon models but overall sprites are now much more realistic than Pokemon Ruby / Sapphire Sprites. Some Pokemon Sprites looks a bit distorted which is annoying. Pokemon Animations are amazing and Pokemon moves too. Pokemon’s level for some Pokemon is changed “No Pokemon below Level 10” which will disappoint the trainer who wants to collect all Pokemon.

One of the great thing about this Rom Hack is its ability to change game graphics, so in New Bark Town you can see a huge mountain with lush green forest on top of it. The Effects like rain has been added which makes it more realistic and pleasing while playing the game.

The best of all is that this game has a story mode which makes players interested in playing the game again and again instead of getting bored within few minutes. In this you can explore many cities with different environment, towns and environments. Also, try Pokemon Fire Red Omega Download (Updated)

Pokemon Super Mega Emerald Game has new overworld animations for Pokemon, When you run into certain wild pokemon or trainer then your Pokemon will be automatically switched out due to low levels or If you have caught all the 8 gym badges in the region then National Dex will be unlocked, which allows you to catch any Pokemon having National Dex no matter what level it is. So It’s best if You Have at least 2-3 different kind of Pokemon. It also has Pokemon from Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and Pokemon Firered. It would be best to use Pokemon that knows at least one Ground-type move because there are many Pokemon in the game that is weaker than others.

Now what about Gyms?

There are 4 gym leaders in this game and each Gym Leader’s name is different except Steven who functions as a pokemon league champion with all 8 badges. Each gym leader uses a new team of strong Pokemon so it becomes little more challenging for player to defeat them. After defeating gym Leaders Player will get their respective badge which allows him/her to participate Pokemon League which consists of 8 competitors (Not including Elite Four Members) instead of 16 like versions.

The gyms are spread across the region of Pokemon super mega Emerald for example Fortree City Gym is located at Shaded Forest and their types are Flying Type Pokemon. Pokemon who has Flying type Pokemon can use it to reach required HM Cut in order to enter that city. Also, check out Pokemon Giratina Strikes Back Download

Trainers Though there are many trainers in it, most of them have Pokemon that are not as strong as your pokemon which is a thing that makes it more interesting because other hacks just make all trainers so challenging . But still there are some trainers like those which you find on Victory road or Elite Four Members with an high level team. It’s best to save the game before facing anyone trainer or gym leader. Even after beating Elite 4 Member Steven.

Contains all 386 Pokemon sprites from Gens 1-4:

All pokemon from Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and Pokemon FireRed is in this rom. Pokemon having new Mega Evolution has a little 3D animation when it comes out of Pokeball or when you view Pokemon’s information from PC Boxes. But for that Pokemon to have these animations you must give that Pokemon its respective Mega Stone beforehand.

Along with this players can now travel to Kanto region which was once were restricted by player (Not anymore) Kanto region consists 4 different cities with each gym leader and same as previous they have their own unique team pokemon. Each city has also many trainers some are easy while most of them the strongest one trainer knows hidden power which causes trouble for any trainer even those who has caught all 8 badges because it deals double damage. It have Pokemon events which causes Pokemon to appear in certain areas of region. It also contains many new moves including some that only few Pokemon learns and other Pokemon who know them don’t.

Legendaries Even Legendaries are now added into this rom all the 8 legendary pokemon from Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and Pokemon FireRed is available. Some require you to have a certain badge while others remain wild . A thing to note here is that after completing game defeating Pokemon League Members or capturing all 386 Pokemon some legendaries may become weaker over time like other Pokemon but still they are powerful so it’s best not to fight them at early stage if you want to challenge them later on then go ahead . But there is always something adventurous about facing Pokemon that are so powerful which is why it’s always fun to battle them. Also, check out Pokemon Radical Red GBA Download

Use Mega Stone:

Mega Stones are items which Pokemon Mega evolves into Pokemon with higher stats but in it they don’t become weak when Pokemon mega evolves and remains strong. On the other hand Mega Pokemon gains an ability like Pokemon who has a set gender can now change its Gender at will after using Mega Stone on it.

Moreover, there are new mega evolutions to Pokemon such as Dragonite gets its mega evolution called “Dragonorita” (Dragon + Ortisei) this mega Pokemon becomes stronger by learning new moves along with ones already learned. This time you can see all 8 gym leaders having their respective evolved team pokemon and rest of 16 Elite Four Members also have theirs along with Steven who uses 8 badges pokemon against you instead of 4 like previous versions .

Mega Evolution Of Pokemon Pokemon mega evolves by using Mega Stones on Pokemon. Pokemon with more speed and special defense gain endurance in battle which result in party Pokemon to stay longer compared to Pokemon who lacks these stats.

Pokemon battles:

New version have 2 types of battles which are 1 Vs 1 and the other one is Pokemon 4 Vs 4 . First thing first in Pokemon super mega emerald you can now play up to four Pokemon at once in a battle or not less than that nay win against opponent if you don’t knock out all his Pokemon and keep two alive but this requires immense strategy.

Because your enemy can do the same along with being able to switch between Pokemon instantly without going back to Pokemons menu as long as both parties have at least one Pokemon alive. Its battle system is quite similar to Pokemon X and Y except that Pokemon are chosen by trainer unlike Pokemon X link battles where player have to choose Pokemon with maximum amount of hearts.

Screenshots of the Gameplay:

What will Blaziken M do Pokemon Info Lucario m Pokemon Info

Fighting against Gym Leader or Elite Four Members:

Gym leaders in this game still have their own teams which are more powerful than before because all Pokemon have 100 base stat besides that some Pokemon may also know hidden power causing trouble for any trainer even those who had 8 badges. Some trainers train under gym leader like Blue in previous games but now they become at par with them as they both use same team made up from Pokemon which means there would be no easy win no matter how well you trained your Pokemon it just won’t happen here.

Some Amazing Features of Pokemon Super Mega Emerald:

  • Cities, towns and routes have also had a complete makeover.
  • Now more realistic than ever before.
  • All Gym Leaders except Fortree Gym Leader
  • Includes Pokemon from Gen 2 onwards to Gen 4 while the “Classic” version only.
  • Includes Pokemon from Gens 1-3 (386 Pokemon Only).
  • Use a Mega Stone twice in a Pokemon that has a 2 Mega Form.
  • Missing Pokemon such as Mewtwo, Mew, Celebi and others will not be included.
  • Fans of Ruby Sapphire and Emerald should certainly check out this project.

Download Pokemon Super Mega Emerald For Free:

Download Here

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