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Pokemon Radical Red GBA Download

Pokemon Radical Red is a remake of Pokemon FireRed by Yuuiii. It’s a GBA ROM hack in the English Language. This hack is an incredibly difficult one, but it also has some additional features like access to nearly all Pokemon. Several new Pokemon are part of the game and there are few new characters as well….

What is Radical Red?

Pokemon Radical Red is a difficulty hack of Pokemon Firered. The creator, Soupercell, wanted to make a version of the Kanto remake that would give players the ultimate challenge. Players can find all Pokemon from gens 1-8 in the Kanto region, Gym Leaders and other trainers are a lot harder, with Clair taking the place of Giovanni as the 8th gym leader, and more mythical and legendary Pokemon can be found.

It is the most ideal Kanto experience made by a fan for fans. However, it is important to note that it is still in BETA. If there are bugs or parts of the game not added that are in Firered, Players will have to wait for Soupercell to add them. Before installing, players make sure they had VBA on their PCs or Open Emu on their Macs.

Pokemon Radical Red is a ROM hack of the game Pokemon FireRed. FireRed has been changed in several ways, including Pokemon stats, gameplay mechanics, and more. It’s designed to be a true challenge; most players could beat a mainline Pokemon game without thinking too much about their stats or perfecting which Pokemon are in their party.

Console  Nintendo Game Boy Advance
Developer Yuuiii
Genre Role-Playing
Region World
Downloads 2,492

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Radical Red GBA:

Animated Title Screen And Intro (As well as the overworld, but currently only the intro is animated) All of the graphics are changed to look better. There are many edited sprites in this game to give it a better style. Also, try Pokemon Kanlara Ultimate Download (Updated)

Maps have been modified for different weather effects such as rain or snow. Many areas are completely new, like Cherrygrove City has been enlarged or relocated Pokemon now appear in their Sinnoh forms instead of originals. Some maps have had more than one type added onto them to make them feel bigger.

Pewter City

The color palette used in Pokemon Radical Red is a bit brighter Pokemon sprites are changed to Pokemon Platinum. A lot of Pokemon designs have been edited Rival Pokemon team has also been edited. Gym Leaders and Elite Four do not use Pokemon from the newest generation, they are instead using Pokemon from past generations.

Mt Moon through Ecruteak:

Mt Moon through Ecruteak are all on one route now, with the addition of another route between Ecruteak City and Lavender Town. Instead of having 4 different Pokemon Centers around Kanto, there is only one that you travel to after getting your starter Pokemon in Pallet Town. Also, try Pokemon Legends Red GBA

The caves near Mt Moon lead directly into other routes like Rock Tunnel does in regular Pokemon games. So it feels more natural Route 8 now has Pokemon in it. Pokemon Tower is now a Pokemon Lab, with Raggedy Anne who will give you the ability to catch Pokemon which are fainted Pokemon can be obtained in Pokemon Tower.

Well the honor is mine

The Safari Zone:

The Safari Zone has 8 new areas and all of them have Pokemon in them Badges have been moved around. They’re also not just given to you when you defeat a gym leader. Instead they’re located throughout the region until you reach Viridian City Gym.

The PokeMart’s goods are different. In Pokemon Radical Red, the things available for purchase include Battle Items for TMs almost every Pokemon needs HMs such as Surf or Strength items such as X Attack or Lucky Egg. Teleporters Teleport locations are changed now. So that multiple routes connect together like Routes 5 and 6 from Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal.

Distortion World:

Distortion World (Later in the game) Pokemon can now be caught everywhere Pokemon can be found at level 100 instead of just being encountered. Pokemon are a higher leveled than they were Pokemon require fewer Rare Candies to level up. There are no egg moves Pokemon have better natures or IVs Pokemon have better EVs.

the opposing electivire

There is an item called the Battle Test Machine which allows you to use any move on any Pokemon. It also has a Move Re-learner. There is more trainer customisation You can choose your appearance by choosing whether or not you want glasses and what color you want them to be. You can choose the color of your skin, eyes and hair now. Also, try Pokemon Giratina Strikes Back Download

There is female character option The two main Pokemon companies have merged into Pokemon Global. Pokemon League is now Pokemon World Pokemon Gyms and the Elite Four are not at Indigo Plateau but in different locations instead.

Catch some new Pokemon:

There are a few Pokemon you can catch from previous generations such as Eevee, Dunsparce, Porygon, Pineco, Natu and Marill. You can also catch wild Pokemon which use moves they cannot normally learn like Thunder Wave or Blizzard. These Pokemon were probably created by the developers.

The Pokemon that could only be obtained by trading with other players in Pokemon Fire RED (Eggs) can now be found in-game. There is a downloadable emulator included with Pokemon Radical Red called “Pokemon Virtual Boy”. There is no longer a 100 trainer limit when fighting trainers.

Scyther and Lycanroc

There is a Pokemon named Maviv. It is Pokemon #152 in Pokemon Radical Red, which was the Pokemon found at the end of Pokemon Fire RED’s postgame. The Pokemon Mew can be caught now. There is a Pokemon called Racturn that has been edited to appear more like a rotund human than a cartoonish seal.

New Routes and New Pokemon:

New Routes New Pokemon have been placed on all new routes making them feel more varied and alive Route 6: A route with no grass but an abundance of water Pokemon Route 7: A route covered in grass Pokemon but nothing else Route 8:

Same as regular Pokemon Fire RED with the addition of trainer battles Route 10: An icy place with lots of ice-type Pokémon such as Seel, Dewgong and Jynx Route 11: A Pokemon breeding area with Pokemon such as Chansey, Pichu and Cleffa Route 12: A Pokemon only route that has Pokemon from Hoenn, Orre and Sinnoh Pokemon such as Altaria, Claydol and Heatran can also be found in the wild here. Pokemon Fire Red Omega Download (Updated)

Other Routes Route 9:

A mountainous route with different Pokemon than usual such as Onix, Graveler and Geodude. Also includes yeti Pokemon like Mamoswine which you encounter later on in the game Route 17: An aquatic route with water Pokemon from Kanto to Johto including Lapras or a Pokemon named Poseidot which is a bigger version of Omanyte (the former fossil Pokemon) The Safari Zone: Has Pokemon from every Pokemon generation and includes Pokemon such as the Pokemon listed above that were not in Pokemon Fire Red. Pokemon can also be found in Friend Safari here, including Pokemon like Solrock that can only be obtained by other means

Pokémon Gym Leaders:

Pokémon Gym Leaders Every single Pokémon Gym Leader has a team of 6 Pokemon now instead of just 3. The Gym leaders’ teams are much stronger than before They all have Hyper Potions to heal themselves. The E4 is at Indigo Plateau again Underneath the Pokemon League are the Elite Four who you must defeat to become the Pokemon Champion.

There is an EX difficulty for all gyms and the elite four New badges give new abilities or advantages (like choosing your rival’s starter). Grunts have custom trainers so they look different each time Pokemon have more customized movesets now and Pokemon with unique moves such as Metagross’s Zen Headbutt, Rhyperior’s Rock Wrecker or Raikou’s.

Thunder Fang are more common to find Pokemon which were too strong in Pokemon Fire RED (Gyarados, Kangaskhan) have been toned down Pokemon who were under-used in Pokemon Fire RED (Crobat, Aggron, Machoke) are much stronger now

The Elite Four League Champion Steven is the trainer you battle after being defeated by the other three elite four members. The first two elite four trainers use dragon Pokemon while the second pair uses ghost Pokemon. There is an item called Hyper Potion which can heal all of a Pokémon’s HP and PP Items that Pokemon can obtain naturally in Pokemon Fire Red are much more common Pokemon such as Mewtwo are only catchable if certain conditions are met.

The Pokemon League Champion Steven is the Pokemon Champion after beating the Pokemon League. Legacy Pokemon 6 Pokemon from Pokemon Gold and Silver can be found in Pokemon Radical Red’s Elite Four In Pokemon Radical Red, you can encounter Pokemon that cannot currently be encountered in any other Pokemon game.

Dragon Pokemon:

Dragon Pokemon in Pokemon Radical Red are either found in the wild on a regular basis or can be obtained as a reward for beating Pokemon League Steven’s. Pokemon team has Pokemon from every generation including: Charizard, Garchomp, Kingdra and Flygon.

The legendary Pokemon Suicune is also catchable Pokemon with abilities such as Levitate and Multiscale are slightly more common although there are other Pokemon with those abilities find in the wild too. There’s an item called Metallic Coat which increases your dragon type Pokemon’s defense Goldenrod City Gym Leader Whitney uses Clefable who knows Seismic Toss and Metagross who knows Meteor Mash

Ghost-Type Pokemon:

Ghost-type Pokémon used to be mediocre but Pokemon Radical Red has improved the Pokemon type greatly. Pokemon with abilities such as Levitate and Magic Guard are slightly more common although there are other Pokemon with those abilities find in the wild too. Pokemon can now be found while surfing on certain routes Ghost Pokemon like Poltergust can only be obtained by evolving a Gastly while others can be found in Friend Safari.

Pokemon who were under-used in Pokemon Fire RED (Honchkrow, Haunter) are much stronger now. The move Foresight is not present but another ghost type move named Night Shade is strong against target that uses any Dark or Ghost type moves

Ghost Gym Leader After defeating the Elite Four, you encounter the ghost leader of Goldenrod City’s gym. In addition to having Pokemon from every generation, Pokemon Radical Red’s ghost gym leader has Pokemon with abilities such as: Levitate and Soundproof Pokemon that used to have mediocre stats (such as Dusknoir) were buffed in Pokemon Fire RED Pokemon who were under-used in Pokemon Fire RED (Froslass) are much stronger now

Moves Changes:

Moves changed Due to the removal of Flamethrower and Water Gun, Pokemon like Flareon and Croconaw are now fire/dark hybrid type Pokemon. Certain moves had their PP system altered. The move Mind Reader only works on first encounters but not on any other ones while others remain unchanged. Some Pokemon can use certain moves they normally never learn or would not be able to learn by level up or TM.

Pokémon Locations Lugia is found when you are in Pokemon League Steven’s Pokemon team contains Pokemon from every generation including: Entei, Houndoom, Metagross and Latias While hunting Pokemon for Professor Oak, you can encounter.

Pokemon with abilities such as Keen Eye or Sticky Hold Girafarig is more common in the wild Larvitar has a new evolution called Pupitar Magneton is found on Routes 5 and 6 of Pokemon League Steven’s Pokemon Team contains Pokemon from every generation including: Dragonite, Mewtwo and Tyranitar. You can find Pokemon with abilities such as Levitate and Soundproof while surfing around routes near each other. The move Silver Wind no longer causes confusion but instead causes target to flinch.

Trade evolutions:

Trade evolutions Certain Pokemon that evolve when traded are obtainable in Pokemon Radical Red. Pokemon such as Electabuzz can now be found with a special ability known as Vital Spirit Pokemon that evolve by trading are generally obtained after the Pokemon League.

Victory Road Pokemon encounters on Steven’s Victory Road Pokemon include Pokemon from all generations including: Charizard, Garchomp and Flygon The move Silver Wind no longer causes confusion but instead causes target to flinch

Special Event Pokemon If you have Nintendo event Mew (the only way of getting Mew in Pokemon Fire RED) you will get an E-Mail at Goldenrod Radio Tower There is also a hidden item named Blue Card which allows your Pokemon to pass through any barriers

Pearl Onix:

Pearl Onix is the evolved form of Beadull It evolves when it levels up with a Dawn Stone. A Pokemon may randomly learn a TM after evolving. Pokemon can be transferred between Pokemon Fire RED and Pokemon Radical Red using the Game Boy Advance cable.

Platinum Magnezone is the evolved form of Magnetmite. It has an ability called Sturdy which stops it from having critical hits by moves like Horn Drill Pokemon that know the HM Strength can find special move Tutor in Pokemon League’s Cave. The Pokemon, Groudon is found at Route 27 while Kyogre is at Route 26 You can catch Pokemon on certain routes without knowing Surf and you no longer need to battle wild Pokemon to progress through the game Players do not have to give away their starter Pokemon.

Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Radical Red:

  • New area and Graphics.
  • Changed HMs and TMs.
  • Removal of the Pokemon Center at Pokemon League.
  • The Creation of Pokemon Pearl (Diamond Version is in work).
  • Thunder’s TM movepool has been extended to incorporate moves such as Stomp, Bulldoze and even Dig!
  • Pokemon are now distributed on the basis of their types in Pokemon Fire RED instead of their overall power levels. Pokemon can be transferred between
  • Pokemon Pearl and Pokemon Fire Red using the Game Boy Advance cable.
  • New Pokemon Sprites Pokemon that were in Pokemon Fire RED but not Pokemon Pearl have been given new sprites Candy now gives more experience to
  • Pokemon such as Chansey, Lickitung, Wigglytuff and Snorlax Pokemon appear at levels.

Download Pokemon Radical Red For Free:

Download Here

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