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Pokemon Giratina Strikes Back Download

Pokemon Giratina Strikes Back is a remake of Pokemon Ruby by Sloo. The game is finally completed for all the GBA lovers. Pokemon Giratina Strikes Back is a Pokemon FireRed hack. But it has many things Pokemon FireRed doesn’t have. Pokemon Giratina Strikes Back keeps the old Pokemon Ruby features, but adds new Pokemon, new maps and even more!

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Giratina Strikes Back GBA:

The Story of this game is quite surprising, There’s a girl who, after being called to help her father with his business and realizing that he dreamed of being a Pokemon master when he was young, is expected to follow in the same footsteps. You are given an Eevee, and you set out in the Lunoh Region fighting trainers, Gym Leaders, and Team Genesis. Traverse through the world hunting for members of Team Genesis while also working to stop them from summoning Giratina.

Day/Night Pokemon System:

The game includes a “real-time clock” system that automatically changes day to night when it’s bed time or vice versa. It also causes Pokemon to evolve at different times of the day (for example; Eevee will always evolves into Jolteon at 6am)

Johto Starters – *Totodile* *Chikorita* *Cyndaquil*

Hoenn Starters – *Treeko* *Torchic* *Mudkip*

Wild Pokemon is Back features a list of Pokemon never seen in Pokemon FireRed (or Pokemon Ruby). The Pokemon are obtained by getting their “hidden” items. Hoenn Starters – Once you get the starter item, your adventure begins with it. EW version! New Pokémon have been added for all generations from Kanto to Sinnoh!. These Pokémon have also new moves and abilities, like Porygon2 which can now duplicate items using Mirror Move. Also, try Pokemon Infinity ROM Download (Updated)

Amazing new display screen

Hidden Items:

Hidden Items Like every other Pokemon game, there are some things that can be on the ground but you can’t pick them up without an item. It has a lot of such items, which are Pokemon-related objects. These Pokemon objects have Pokemon hidden inside of it, and to catch those Pokemon you must take the object to its “Hiding” Place.

Secret Bases (D/P & HGSS) In this game, like in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, you can build a base for yourself with Decorations and Gyms! But unlike Pokemon D/P/HGSS there is only ONE base per game (hidden), if two players build one on the same location they will both see their own respective bases. The Secret Base isn’t built instantly, it appears after a Pokemon is taken to its hiding place.

Secret Bases:

Pokemon Giratina Strikes Back features secret bases that can be built with Sinnoh Pokemon decorations! You have many kind of Pokemon Decorations to build the most impressive base in Pokemon history! All decorations are moveable and you can change their position freely. Also, try Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team Download

When you take a Pokemon to its hiding place, your customizable base will appear where ever it was placed (either at your Pokemon or in the middle of nowhere). Copy the sprites into the correct directory. Note: This hack might not work on other ROMs than FireRed ones since these patches depend alot on game specific data. If there’s no problem try editing them for your own games.

new screenplay scenes

To do that, open this game gba with a hex editor and replace the Pokemon you want to change with your own Pokemon sprite (in Pokemon Giratina Strikes Back sprites are prefixed by ‘P’ and numbers from 000-0FF). You have to either change all Pokemon or swap them manually one by one since there might be other Pokemon using the same palette index as yours.

Sound Effects:

All Pokemon GBA games have sounds for every Pokémon move, but most of them can’t be loaded in RPG Maker XP due to a bug in RMXP that doesn’t allow loading more than 128 bytes at once. Luckily I managed to get almost all sound effects into it! Just read this tutorial on how to put Pokemon sounds effects in it. It includes also Pokemon cries from Pokemon D/P/HGSS.

These Pokemon have new moves, abilities and probably genders! Some Pokemon like Porygon2 can even duplicate items now! Also most of these Pokemon has different sprites than the original ones due to incompatible restrictions with official sprites. It also introduces Pokemon from Pokemon D/P/HGSS and Pokemon that can be obtained by their “hidden” items.

Most of Pokemon are in the same area as in Pokemon FireRed. The only difference is that this hack features many new Pokemon locations, for example all Johto Pokemon have been relocated to Route 36 or 37. Some Pokemon are even obtainable via other means than evolution (for example Sudowoodo or Skarmory). New locations means new trainers! All Hoenn and Sinnoh Pokemon already exist somewhere on the map but they might require some effort to find them. New moveset additions have changed a lot about battling too, so you always need reliable strategies against every Pokemon now! Also, try Pokemon Zeta Omicron ROM Download


Pokemon Giratina Strikes Back includes all Pokemon moves and more! This hack is the ONLY Pokemon FireRed Hack that has ALL Pokemon Moves. That means no Missingno, no bad clone Pokemon (except Mewtwo) and no discolored names or combinations of letters and numbers. They can share a move if they both learn it, so for example you’ll find Confusion twice on the Psychic Pokemon list since Alakazam learns it too. It actually helps with managing your Pokemon moves since there’s not as many as in any other Pokemon games 😉

In short; – All 386 Pokemon are obtainable without going through events – Pokemon were named after their Pokemon Class – Pokemon that could evolve into one Pokemon and another Pokemon share the same Pokemon Class – Pokemon have their original moves from Pokemon FireRed, as well as Gen IV and V moves! It is a Pokemon Game based on Japanese Cartridges of Pokemon Diamond & Pearl (Pt/Hg), but some things are different like.

Eevee as your starter:

It has Pokemon Eevee as your starter Pokemon! However, Pokemon Eevee is still not available in the wild. Instead you’ll obtain Pokemon Eevee and its evolutions from other Pokemon at random by leaving them on their special post boxes for a while (the boxes will appear after catching 50 Pokemon). Also, try Pokemon Fire Red Omega Download (Updated)

What’s Special in Eevee Pokemon:

Pokemo Eevee’s Pokemon Class is always the same and Pokemon Eevee will never evolve. Pokemon Eevee has no gender, so it can’t pass down any Pokemon Egg moves. Pokemon Eevee learns a special move called “unique move” at level 15 (same as Charizard), which can be later taught to all Pokemon that can learn a TM/HM by just learning the required HM.

When Pokemon Eeeve obtains enough experience points, its evolutions will appear on the same place where you receive your original Pokemon team! However you need to choose one of them or they’ll disappear again. Evolving Pokemon Eeeve into Umbreon or Jolteon unlocks their respective TM upon evolution! The three Pokemon buttons in Pokemon Menu will change color depending on Pokemon Eeeve’s Pokemon Class. Pokemon Eevee can evolve 3 times and obtain 2 TMs. The first time you’ll choose between Pokemon Umbreon, Pokemon Jolteon, Pokemon Glaceon or Pokemon Flareon! Pokemon Glaceon is only available in Pokemon Pokémon Platinum!

Equipping your Pokemon with special items might give them new movesets if their original move was a TM or HM. This can’t be done once they evolve though, so pay attention to which item you’re giving to your favorite Pokemon! Also note that certain combinations of moves and abilities prevent you from obtaining all 386 Pokemon (for example something like Intimidate Gengar won’t work).

Pokemon gender:

All Pokemon are now male or female, so they can reproduce and evolve in different ways. The only issue I had with this was that most of my favorite Pokemon are now male though =( But it’s perfect for breeding purposes.

Choosing the gender of Pokemon Eeeve:

It’s possible to choose Pokemon Eevee’s gender! If Pokemon Eevee has a certain characteristic (Female Pokemon) or if you use the special item called “Genderstone” on Pokemon Eevee. Pokemon Eevee can still evolve into more Pokemon, but not every Pokemon that can evolve can follow this evolution.

Note: Explaining which Pokemon evolves into what is too much information and would ruin the game experience for most people, so I’m keeping it a secret. Just know that it works like in Pokémon Glazed 😉

Secret Garden Option – Enable/Disable feature: In the beginning of the game, you’re given a choice between Enabling or Disabling the Secret garden option. To enable Pokemon Pokémon Platinum having Pokemon Giratina in the wild (just like Pokemon Emerald and Pokemon FireRed), go to the Pokemon Menu and then click on Pokemon Pearl, after that choose Pokemon Route 201, you’ll find Pokemon Giratina there!

PRO TIP: To experience Pokemon Pokémon Platinum at its fullest, it’s recommended that you start with a fresh save file of Pokemon Glazed or any other Pokemon game. You can transfer your Pokemons using the “PokeTransfer” App though! Playing for some time will unlock many secrets… Just play until you get stuck 😉

Pokemon Gym Badges:

The badges works similar to other games where you can only enter a certain badge tower once every day. They do say Pokemon Giratina is more powerful than Pokemon Lugia, so be prepared if you choose to fight Pokemon Chef Pokemon Master!

Once you catch them all, the special ability of your badges will be unlocked. Each badge has different properties like unlimited items for a day or less encounters with wild pokemon! Note: You’ll need to obtain the “Mystery Item” from Prof. Oak in order to use this feature. The mystery item is called Horsea Coin and it’s found somewhere on Route 21 (The route north from Pallet Town).

Deoxys, Giratina, Shaymin & Groudon Single Battle Evolutions!: These legendary Pokemons can now evolve just once into their second form instead of two times! It requires a lot more experience points though. Note: You won’t be able to enter Pokemon Gym Baddes once you chose a team and the game progress. You must lose on purpose if you want the badges back. I used this as a requirement for Pokemon Platinum since it would make the game too easy otherwise 😉

A New Challenger Approaches (Wild Pokemon Encounters): The encounters with wild Pokemon has been changed to show Team Plasma Shadow Pokemon instead of just random wild Pokemon. There’s actually a few new features that are under development atm, but I’ll keep those secrets for now.

Download Pokemon Giratina Strikes Back For Free:

Download Here

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