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Pokemon Fire Red Omega Download (Updated)

Pokemon Fire Red Omega is a remake of Pokemon FireRed by Drayano. Its a GBA Remake game, which has enormous amount of new pokemon. Moreover, Pokemon Fire Red Omega GBA now has 809 Pokemon of different species and natures. Pokemon from Generation 6 have been introduced in it. Various new Graphics and animations are part of the game.

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon FireRed Omega Version:

FireRed being a remake, therefore all Pokemon can be caught somewhere in their respective regions, just like original Pokemon games. This is one of the most interesting features of Pokemon Fire Red Omega. Kinds of new items and TMs are also added to make it more interesting for players who want to play it again after completing the game normally once. To know more about this game visit. Also, try Pokemon Kanlara Ultimate Download (Updated)

However, many Pokemon Trainers have reported that some moves are not working properly like “Hyper Beam” etc. Bug fixes are required for making this game more stable and hacker- until free of glitches. It is currently under development and will be releasing soon.

Catch all 386 Pokemon:

Catching pokemon is one of the best features of this game, as it exists in Pokemon series. Pokemon Trainers can catch Pokemon by encountering them. By using pokeballs players will try to capture and own Pokemon. Different Pokemon have different abilities and stats , so catching a specific pokemon depends on Pokemon trainer’s skills. After reaching level 10 or above Pokemon Trainer will be able to capture Genderswap Pokemon with Pokeballs only. Also, try Pokemon Arceus Legend GBA

Besides that, there are some new methods used for capturing of particular Pokemon species:

– For Mewtwo use Master Ball ( Key Item )

– To get Deoxys you need to trade from another version of this game, like “Pokemon Emerald” .

Again these are not the only way to get those special Pokemon. Pokemon Trainers need to find secret training spot for controlling Pokemon . Pokemon trainers can train Pokemon in special place, which helps them to control the Pokemon as their own Pokemon Pets.

Special new graphics and animation effects:

As far as the graphics is concerned Pokemon has always been one of the most amazing games in Pokemon series. Pokemon Fire Red Omega now comes with more graphics than ever before . Pokemon trainers will find new sprites of Pokemon, which are much better than Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire. Pokemon Animations have also made a change , as Pokemon moves look very realistic. However, some old animations still exists, like Walking with Pikachu back to player’s house or sliding a Pokeball on Poke Ball Screen at start screen etc. Bunch of new graphics are added for different interface screens e.g: opening the menu screen, catching Pokemon , starting a battle etc.

Graphics is not all about Pokemon FireRed Omega Version you should know that there is also special sound in this game created by – NecroNaN -. Pokemon FireRed Omega has new sound, which enhances the Pokemon feel . Pokemon cries and Pokemon voices make this game very realistic and amazing for Pokemon trainers.

Music and Sound System:

Music of Pokemon is one of the most important parts of Pokemon Series, as it gives a lot to Pokemon feeling. Its music was created by – NecroNaN – too. Most Pokemon trainers can recall some amazing old tunes from original games. However, in this game there are fresh tunes made, which sounds like real music pieces composed by famous musicians. Even these music create a nostalgic feel for Pokemon Trainers who played original GBA versions of Pokemon Games on their Gameboy Advance SP back then when they were children . Moreover, player’s will face some difficult challenges in Pokemon FireRed Omega. Pokemon Trainers will enjoy these challenges and feel the pleasure of winning Pokemon battles.

Sound is not all about Pokemon , as Pokemon trainers will face some new interfaces, which were created by – NecroNaN – too. It has completely new interface screen ” Battle Screen”, with fresh graphics and music added . New sound of Pokeballs on start screen, etc also adds a special feeling to Pokemon FireRed Omega Version.

Completing Pokemon Trainer Journey:

After completing Pokemon Trainer’s Journey through different regions he/she will be forced to defeat Elite Four or Team Rocket for not showing mercy upon them throughout of their travel . There are four elite trainers whose job is to keep peace in region they live. They also Pokemon Trainers who wants to challenge Pokemon League . Pokemon trainers can show Pokemon their best moves to defeat Pokemon and Elite Four or Team Rocket. Pokemon Fire Red Omega has more than one ending, depending on how strong is Pokemon Trainer’s Pokemon team. Also, try Pokemon Omega Ruby Download

Find the remaining two Pokemon in this game:

As we said before there are several ways of getting these special Pokemon in Fire Red Omega Version. However, Pokemon Trainers need a lot of training and effort to get them because both result of finding Mewtwo and Deoxys will be challenging jobs for Pokemon Trainer. To find hidden places where they are kept trainer need to use maps given with Pokedex Records.

Pokemon List

New HMs and TMs:

In this Version Pokemon trainers can teach Pokemon moves such as Surf i.e: Pokemon Learning New HMs and TMs are one of the most wonderful things in Pokemon , It helps Pokemon Trainers to complete their Pokemon journey easier.

Pokemon trainer should know that Pokemon FireRed Omega comes with some old HM’s and TMs from original GBA Games . However, there is also several new TM’s and HM’s added in this game. Such as TM12 (Taunt) which allows you to taunted your opponent Pokemon, TM32 (Double Team) which will allow you to make copies of your character …etc. In addition, if players want to teach these new moves they have first to complete several challenging tasks by fighting Pokemon Trainers , Pokemon Gym Leaders, Pokemon League and Pokemon Champion . Pokemon Fire Red Omega Version has more than one ending. Pokemon trainers can show Pokemon their best moves to defeat Pokemon and Elite Four or Team Rocket in this game !

EV-IV Display

Battling System:

In Pokemon FireRed Omega Version player’s can choose a special kind of battle style while fighting with his/her opponent Pokemon : Single Battle where only one Pokemon on the field at once , Double Battle, Triple Battle and Rotation Battle where players will control three Pokemon each turn. So there are several kinds of battles for Pokemon Trainer in this game!

Riding a Bike – Route 1 & New Bark Town:

One of the best things found in Pokemon FireRed Omega Version is that Pokemon Trainer has a chance to ride Pokemon whenever he/she wants. It saves trainers time roaming around on Pokemon journey. Pokemon trainer can get bikes when they are in New Bark Town, home town of Pokemon Trainer . However, Pokemon trainer needs to trade his/her Pokemon with Professor Elm first in order to do this.

New Display Screen

Riding Bikes will really help on your Pokemon Journey !

New Items:

There are also several new items , such as – Poké Doll , which will allow you to avoid battles or catch wild Pokemon easily and TMs’ which was added by – NecroNaN ‘s team too! Can you imagine what these TMs will create? It’s really wonderful for both trainers and Pokemon !

Several new items such as Poké Doll which Pokemon Trainers can use to avoid Pokemon Battles. NecroNaN’ s Pokemon Fire Red Omega has 721 Pokemon caught and more than 30 New Pokemon are added too! You will also find new TMs’ which you never saw in GBA version. It seems that Pokemon World is growing bigger every day ! What do you think ?

For example, Pokemon Trainer can catch either Kanto Pokemon or Johto Pokemon while travelling through different regions ! It’s really interesting and amazing … isn’t it? The chances of catching a Pokemon depend on your Pokemons i.e: how strong they are against their opponent pokemon! While battling them trainers should know that there are some rules about using items.

New screendisplay

New Pokemon and Pokedex:

Finally, this Version is coming with new Pokemon too! Pokemon Trainer can catch Pokemon like Abra, Tangela, Doduo , Rhydon , Snorlax and Weepinbell in this game . These Pokemon are really good for Pokemon Trainers especially when they have completed their Pokedex.

There is an option which allows you to add information about Pokemon such as its height and weight . In addition presenting New Items from the Bag, Pokemon Fire Red Omega comes also with New Pokedex Records where trainers will find data of each Pokemon including their weakness/strengths against other types of Pokemon . Additionally there are more than 659 Pokemon added in it.

Fishing and Surfing locations:

Fishing and Surfing locations have had their Wild encounters changed! As far as fishing goes, this Version now makes it possible to fish Pokemon as well as Pokemon in their own environment. Pokemon Trainers can catch Pokemon while fishing at Celadon City, Fuschia City and Cinnabar Island.

The eighth generation of Pokemon are added in it including – Rowlet , Litten , Popplio , Zygarde , Mimikyu , Solgaleo & Lunala . These new Pokemon will make the game much more fun for trainers! There is also a mini game named – Iruka’s Pokemon Challenge which was created by none other than our beloved and amazing Nintendork . This mini game has three modes (Master/Rookie/ Pokemon Breeder ) and can be found in Pokemon Mansion located nr. Pallet Town! It also has a special Pokemon named – Ditto as a starter Pokemon for trainers !

New Pokemon Record:

Pokemon Fire Red Omega now records every Pokemon that Pokemon Trainer catches . It’s really amazing to check your Pokedex records and you will find the teams which are most effective against each type of Pokemon. New movement animations have been added for these new Pokemon too!

NPCs & Wild Pokemon encounters:

There is several updates about NPCs’ and how they interact with you, especially at Route 1 . Also there are many changes on wild pokemon encounters. For example , lv 5-10 Bulbasaur could be found at Pokemon Mansion. It has now allows Pokemon to switch forms and Pokemon Trainers can encounter them in their alternative form while catching Pokemon .

New TM’s:

There are more than 30 New TMs added in Pokemon Fire Red Omega, which will really help Pokemon Trainers grow stronger teams! While battling these trainers should know that there are some rules about using items ! That means, you cannot use items as much as you want ! It’s better to save your limited amount of items for the most important battles . Besides, there is an option of “Walking” which makes it much easier for Pokemon Trainer who need to go somewhere or move slowly while traveling on foot .

There is also a new anti-cheating implemented into it, Pokemon Trainer now can take screenshot only in Pokemon Centers and Pokemon DayCare Center. It’s really interesting for Pokemon Trainers to share their catches with others ! More Pokemon Pokedex are added too.

The “Compatibility Patch” is so so so useful to Pokemon trainers especially who want to play this on Nintendo V2s or 3DS (3DS/V2) . They will have the chance of transferring their old saves from it.

Trainers can also get Pokemon Eggs in different areas where they can hatch them into Pokemon that you will never see before. Interesting , right?

Dawn’s Pokemon:

Arceus is now available to be caught at level 1 ( but only one per 24 hours ) . It has the same stats as a God’s Pokemon which means it cannot be traded or used in battle … Only admins created this Pokemon with special items. Palkia , Dialga and Giratina are also catchable after beating elite four . You need to have 64+ Masterballs to catch them instantly. Lillie Pokemon are released in Pokemon Center of Sun & Moon islands . Pokemon trainers can catch them at level 70+ when they have Pokemon with high flee ability and can use moves which freeze opponents ( like ice beam ) .

There are also more than 100 new items added including Evolite , Heavy Ball and Mega Ring ! They will help trainers grow stronger Pokemon team . There is a trading system implemented into Pokemon Fire Red Omega too! Pokemon Trainers now can trade Pokemon with others after defeating the Elite Four and Name Rater has been added to see if two Pokemon lines match each other or not.

Download Pokemon Fire Red Omega For Free:

Download Here

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