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Pokemon Mega Power is one of the most amazing rom hack of Pokemon Emerald Version comes up with a new storyline in which the main lead role is off a scientist. Download Pokemon Mega Power from Pokemon Host Website which is available for all the GBA Lovers. User 1158 is the creator and developer of this game which have included such awesome features in the game. The basic scene and main pokemon character is off Mew which now redesigned in the shape of Mew two character. The game starts with a basic storyline of a Pokemon Scientist who are constantly experimenting different pokemon characters from time to time. Let’s dive into deep while discovering some of the awesome kind of features available for all the pokemon game lovers.

Game File Info:

  • Full Game Name: Pokemon Mega Power
  • Remake of Pokemon Emerald Version
  • Creator: User 1158
  • Pokemon From: Gen 1 to Gen 4

Snapshots of the Gameplay:

player gameplay scne

sceintist armando

come inside i told you before

gameplay scene 1

Complete Walkthrough and Overview of Pokemon Mega Power Game Download:

As the game starts you will notice that you are playing the main lead role of a scientist who is a little bit crazy at the moment in making the strongest ever pokemon in the area. For all of your dreams to become true you have to keep in touch with a character name as Kasper. Soon you will came to know that Kasper is not only a businessman but he is the owner of a secret team name as Team Delta. All the team members are totally different from yours one and they are capable of fighting with you in behind the scenes. Make yourself so strong so that you have no one who can defeat you anywhere in the space like we saw in Pokemon Gaia ROM Version For Free. Some of the power features are always available for you as the game name suggests that you have the oppurtunity of using the powers for defeating all of your enemies.

There are few queries which are constantly in your mind and can be the big challenges for you in the life ahead. Like Why does Kasper seem so excited when contributing his money for your project?  What are his intentions, because no one in this world is so helpful. Becareful always with the people around you and make them alert as well. Other question is like What can he get, what will he do after that? Only by playing, you can get the answer for yourself. These are some of the big challenges for you to complete these puzzles in the game. Pokemon Mega Power rom hack is the full remake of emarld and sapphire rom, so all the features and pokemon of these two games are already part of the game and some new ones are also included which makes the game more awesome for you to play.

Get out – and meet with NPCs to make some of your concepts more clearer in the mind. Battle is one of the most core part of the game and please make sure that you have the better team with you. All the rival teams and enemies are always alert from you. They will challenge you time by time as they want to test you powers and skills. Also, use the Pokeball Wisely to add wild Pokemon to your collection as they are the most important pokemon to be present in your pokedex. Collect and take items from different places around the area and make sure that you collect all the necessary items. Cut some trees to open a new path, these things surely will take a lot of your time to play. Don’t worry about it, if you want to become a true trainer all of them you have to practice.

Battle Frontier:

Now you will realize that how important the battle Frontier is! The ultimate challenge for every Pokemon trainers is Battle Frontier. This is a replacement of the previous Battle Tower. More stronger Pokemon are waiting for you to take actions and make sure that you defeat some of them. Various new battle effects and animations are part of the game which makes the game more interesting for all the pokemon lovers. Contest in the shape of Battle Frontier is available in this area and for this you have to clear your mind and do training of all the available wild pokemon you have in the list.

Professor can also guide you for several kind of tasks, especially when you are out to catch different kind of pokemon to train them for battle frontier. One of the big contest which is upcoming and all of you means trainers have to train different kind of species. In this contest you will came to know that how stronger your pokemon character is because it depends on the type as well training of yours as well. Get ready for these type of special contests and tasks coming in the latest versions.

Plot of the Game:

The Pokemon Mega Power Version ROM has a new plot and some new items as well. The Gyms are now part of the game which makes the game so much complex for you. You will be surprised that there are about 10 Gyms available in the game which are quite challenging for you as well. Some of the realistic effects and animations are part of the game as these things are part of the plot. The areas are quite large and you will soon realize that about 20%  percent of the area is consist of snow and rest with the land.

All the pokemon from different generations are part of the game. Some of them are from Generation 4th, 5th,6th and 7th as well, which makes it easier for you to explore the area and discover some amazing secrets. Talking about the new pokemon, keep in mind that all kind of mega evolutions are part of the game which is really unique feature of the game and that’s why it makes the game unique from other pokemon rom hacks. Most of the famous characters are being evovled in new shapes and types, that’s why the creator of this game have specifically mentioned about the mega evolution. Also, the mega power pokemon rom hack game creator says the famous intro about this game is that “It is the power of mega evolution, will it change the future?” The answer is yes, or may be no as well, because it all depends upon you, that where you want to progress the game.


About the Gyms:

Talking about the gyms, you will experience the game that how important completing the gym tasks are. Like in Baobab City Gym, you have to jump down in the holes for the purpose of reaching out to the statues which are available in this region and gym. Note that these statues are surrounded by some rocks and you have to keep yourself safe while reaching out to these statues like in Pokemon Ethereal Gates Version. What will happen when you reach their? All of the answers cannot be found unless and until you reach to these statues alone in the mega power rom download game.

Similarly in Miscanthus Town Gym you have to defeat the divers to clean the diving spots as cleaning them is one of the core task in this gym. Also, there are more small type of tasks available in this gym which should be completed on time. First Find the real diving spot and emerge from the spot, you’ll reach the crashed ship. These are the steps that you have to remember in mind while moving forward in the game. Also, Try to find the buttons in the rooms(Check out the desks, trash cans and cracked floors)to unlock the doors of those rooms). Luckily the creator have shared so much details information about the game process.

Battle System and the Graphics:

Most of the battle scenes has been imported from the old rom hacks of pokemon emerald versions, however you will experience some new unique features of battes and the whole process. All the enemies teams are present in the old area, you have to discover them by yourself and challenge them for having a strong battle. After that you can move forward, as you have cleared the area from the evil forces and all the enemies mafias. Also, there are some awesome kind of battles moves and scripts in the game which makes it different from other hacks. Did you tried Pokemon Chaos Black Version

Talking about the Graphics of this pokemon mega power rom download zip game, they are awesome and lots of greenery. Green grass are every where, however you can explore the land without grass on it. The battle graphics and move’s graphics are just mind blowing and I myself have never explored such awesome quality of graphics. Tiles are new and they are having a unique design this time. Most of the places are well painted and have nice collections of colors.

Tools Used:

  • ADVANCE MAP 1.92
  • UNLZ-GBA Beta1
  • CrystalTile2
  • YAPE 0.9
  • OverworldEditorRE
  • FSF
  • XSE

List of Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Mega Power ROM Download:

  • Having some new and awesome graphice.
  • The plot of the game is entirely different.
  • Tag team battles are awesome.
  • Battle tower and some new gyms.
  • Some Pokemon from Gen IV – Gen V – Gen VI mark their appearance.
  • Newest type of evolution with the mew character.
  • New movements and movesets.
  • Tiles and Scripts makes the game more amazing.
  • New Pokemon from precious and further generations like Gen VI as well.
  • The ultimate challenge for every Pokemon trainers is Battle Frontier.
  • Dream of making the Strongest Pokemon.

Download Pokemon Mega Power Version For Free:

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