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Top 5 New Features For Pokemon Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokemon Let’s Go, Eevee!

Well, Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee have finally been revealed to us as legitimate games, and I gotta say, it looks AMAZING. From Graphics, pokemon scaling, pokemon go integration to even a fricking Co-op mode. There is going to be a lot of new features added to this revisit to Kanto.

But even though there was a lot revealed to us in this latest trailer I still think there are some more new features that could potentially be added to let’s go Pikachu and let’s go Eevee. So I thought today I count down the list of what I believe to be the top 5 Best New features to add to Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee.

Now before we start I do want you to make note that these games aren’t the true core RPG games we’ve been waiting for. Yes, they’re being developed by gamefreak themselves but these games are more of a casual main series game, rather than a core main series game that the more hardcore fans are used to, and those will be coming to us sometime in 2019.

So with that in mind plus the fact that let’s go pikachu and eevee seem to stray away from the traditional pokemon game, some of the features/mechanics on this list will be a bit out there. But let’s not forget that these games are giving us a co-op mode literally anything is possible here.

Number #5: Joycons:

One of the newest features and talking points that were brought to the table when the nintendo switch was just revealed was the addition of their newest controllers called joycons. Not Only were these things cool to look at and had the same abilities as a wiimote but they also added one of the best mechanics to a controller the HD rumble.

And I think there’s so much you can do with motion controls in these pokemon games. In the trailer gamefreak already showed signs of using that mechanic by giving us the ability to actually throw a pokeball with either the joycon or the new pokeball plus. But I think gamefreak can go even farther with motion controls. What if you had to actually act out a mega evolution or z-move in order to use it? Sure that may seem stupid to an adult but for kids I think this would be an extremely fun feature to add.

joycons in pokemon lets go pickachu and evee

The amount of entertainment one can get for that is insane, like imagine mystic doing twinkle tackle. And with HD rumble, I think it’s possible for gamefreak to add another brand new feature where players can actually feel things that goes on in game. For example if you’re getting hit with an attacking move like flamethrower or surf the hd rumble can mimic the feeling of actually getting hit with those moves.

Of course it wouldn’t like burn your hand or anything but they can mimic fiery wisps and movement of water. But the buck doesn’t stop there, there of plenty of other things you can do with this like feel the movement and vibration of a pokeball, feel the feeling of actually throwing a pokeball, to even something feeling how you’re petting or taking care of your pokemon on refresh.

All of these features add up to a goal that gamefreak is trying to achieve with these pokemon games which is to fully immerse oneself in the pokemon world and to be honest I would love to see them added.

Number #4 Features like Persona 5 Game:

Persona 5 is a game that I admit hold near and dear to my heart. And I think one of the best things about this game is the whole relationship system and how you actually have to spend time with your friends and get to know them. It adds a sense of realism to a video game and is just a fun mechanic to have in a game. And adding a feature similar to this into a Pokemon game could work very well.

Of course I’m not asking gamefreak to have the exact same model as in the persona games because that would be crazy but a much simplified version of it is something that can be attainable. An idea I had in mind was maybe adding extra text for specific important characters like brock, misty, and professor oak providing more of a backstory or just friendly conversation. But after that dialogue is done they’ll ask you to do seperate side quest like catch them a certain pokemon, get them an item, or maybe even help them stop team rocket from doing a crime.

persona 5 features

These are just barebones quests but I’m sure you can further improve it to make it more fun. The point here is that you have to do a certain amount of these quests to progressive farther in the relationship and become better friends with certain characters. And as a reward for completing these tasks you can unlock new interesting dialogue, get rare awesome items like the shiny charm, lucky egg, or amulet coin, and maybe even have them join you in your adventure?

I think since they have this new Co-op feature added if you have no friends like me then having something this around could really help make up for that fact. *sniff* But, with this cool idea in mind is it possible to add it to a pokemon game? And well with everything that I’ve seen from this new trailer I do think it’s something that can be brought in in the future, I just hope it’s sooner rather than later.

Number #3 Get Yourself a Job:

Speaking of Persona 5 another feature to have come from that was the option to get yourself a job. This system was a good mechanic because of the fact that money can be scarce in game and taking a job would earn you said money to purchase the goods you need. And I think adding a feature like this to pokemon let’s go pikachu and eevee would be a really interesting thing to see.

And there are a lot of things you can do with this like work at the mart, the pokemon center, clean up the ss anne, maybe even work at a restaurant I don’t know the possibilities are endless. I mean come on I think we’ve all thought about what it’s like to work at the pokemon center at least 1 time. And these events don’t have to be boring spend time events where all you do is just watch a cutscene.

get yourself a job in pokemon lets go pickachu

To make things more interesting why not add a mario party style of minigames specific to the job you are doing. For example if your cleaning up the ss anne why not have a game where you have to wipe up dirty spots in a certain amount of time? Or if you’re working at a restaurant you can have gameplay similar to the style of one of my favorite wii games and apps on the phone order up! And order up to go. And depending how well you do on each minigame it will determine how much money you would be getting in return.

But the rewards don’t have to just be money, because I know that isn’t the most difficult thing to come by in pokemon games, so being rewarded with rare items such as rare candies, heart scales, good tms, or even items required to evolve certain pokemon would be great too. All in all this isn’t a groundbreaking important feature to add, but it would be something that adds another layer to the game and it could be fun to see too.

Number #2 New Change in Region:

Now when the Pokemon let’s go pikachu and let’s go eevee leaks first surfaced a very worrying detail that was given on the post was that these were yellow remakes for the switch. Now don’t get me wrong I can dig a good remake, but we already visited Kanto so many times in the past that I don’t want it to be just the same region over and over again.

It’s like only eating pizza everyday for the rest of your life. It’s great, but sometimes you want a little variety. But lucky enough during the nintendo press conference a point that gamefreak wanted to highlight was that these games aren’t just yellow remakes, but rather a reimagining of the gen 1 games. So it got my mind thinking, what if these new pokemon games brought about a completely new change to the pokemon region.

new region in pokemon let go pikachu and let go evee

And what I mean by that is that kanto doesn’t look entirely like kanto. This would be a brilliant idea to bring to these games because it would not only please the casual fans by bringing back gen 1 nostalgia, but also keep the hardcore fans like myself still very interested in the games itself. Because while yes new mechanics like the ones shown in the trailer are nice what will really keep us super invested in the games is a new experience of kanto region wise and story wise.

What I would personally like to see in terms of a new kanto would be new cities, small towns, and maybe even new gyms. And gamefreak wouldn’t really have to think about it too much because in the anime there were some awesome cities that weren’t even used in the pokemon games. You can literally just pull these cities from the anime and plop them into the games that is more than enough to make me happy.

In terms of gyms you can close down viridian and cinnabar island’s gyms and just create 2 new ones in one of these newly created towns. I think adding this feature would give the game its own identity and give us another reason to fully play out let’s go Pikachu. It’s not necessary in order for the games to be successful or good but I think this would make them even better.

Number #1 Quest Style RPG:

And finally coming in at the number 1 spot we have something that i’ve been wanting out of pokemon for a very long time. Ever since gen 7 brought us these mini side quest missions like the haunted trainer school it made me wonder if pokemon was ever going to switch into a more quest style of rpgs.

quest style rpg

I mean come on man I think it would be so freaking cool to see the extra content added to let’s go because it would increase the longevity of the game. But one of the problems that I had we the extra side quest missions in gen 7 was the fact that the only thing you got from it, was a little bit of extra lore and that’s about it.

Now don’t get me wrong I love a bit of lore, but I don’t really see how other people can be incentivized to do these tasks. So what I suggest is to improve the mechanic that was already built. So in order to obtain side quest missions you would still have to go up and talk to certain people throughout the region. But now instead receiving virtually nothing for it let’s instead incentivize the players by giving them cool exclusive items, maybe some extra exp for the entire team, and of course the added lore. This would give fans a new way to grind there pokemon up and can make it a lot less tedious. And another problem I had with the sun and moon side quests was that we couldn’t really keep track of any of the quests you took.


So I offer that you add a new item to these games called the journal where you can track main quests along with side quests and directions on where to go. This would keep things a lot more organized and easy to manage. This to me is the most important feature gamefreak needs to add because the side quest added in gen 7 was good but it can definitely be improved, and I would love to see it happen in Pokemon Let’s go Pikachu and Let’s go Eevee.


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