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Pokemon Leaf Green ROM Download

Pokemon Leaf Green ROM is one of the most successful remake of Pokemon Green game which includes almost all the advance class features which can make your game experience a lot better. Download Pokemon Leaf Green Version which is developed by Game Freak for all the Game Boy Advance Pokemon Game Lovers. The Plot and storyline has been changed with the addition of some new animations and players movements options that increases the user experience alot.

Actualy the FireRed and LeafGreen is the remake of two old games name as Pokemon Red and Green which have some  extra ordinary features. The main story starts as you may know most of you must have watched the Anime and Ash Going to Johto after Returning to home. Area of the game consist of Kanto and other associated regions which makes the gameplay more awesome for you to explore. Let’s dive into the details sections of the article for exploring some of the awesome features of the game which make it unique.

Game File Info:

  • Full Game Name: Pokemon Leaf Green Version
  • Developers: Game Freak
  • Platform: Game Boy Advance (GBA)
  • Remake of: Pokemon Green

Snapshots of the Gameplay:

pokemon leaf green gameplay scene 1

being a trainer in the game

conversation with other character

get past this old man

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Leaf Green Version Download:

The main storyline of the game starts as the main leading character comes in the kanto region. Play the role of a Pokemon Trainer as your main dream is to become a leading role in the area and to be the best trainer in the area. As far as the area is concerned you have to make sure that all the Kanto region cities of about 8 and two main towns are part of the area. These towns and cities are connected with the routes like Route 1 and 2. Same as the previous game you may seen that the fictional world of Kanto and Johto are part of the game. For Becoming the main leading Pokemon Trainer you have to pass several test attacks and make some new teams. Teams may consist of 3 to 8 characters. The new type of Pokemon are now part of the pokedex and you have to meet the Professor so that you can complete the Pokedex on time.

As you move forward you may need some help in moving forward in the area. So make sure that you check out the new help feature which is available specially for you in this game. Save the game progress in the game so that you may not lose any of your progress that you have made so far in the game. You can access the Continue game feature as it may pick the previous game state from the Saved Game Data Section of the game. The Developers have made this game so much advance in terms of the movesets which are available for you. These movesets can make your progress alot better which can speed up your missions as well. Missions of different types such as targeting your enemies and catching of different special characters are available and you have to complete it on time.

You will be surprised to see that there is an item called VS seeker by which a player can re-battle against Pokemon trainers. These type of items makes the gameplay performance alot faster and more better than anything else. By usage of VS Seeker device you can access some important features and items as well and you have to make sure that it works only for non-player Pokemon trainers not for gym-leaders. The Gym Leaders are always available in the Gyms and will be challenging you time by time like in Pokemon Cloud White 2nd Version. These challenges may be off different type which makes the game more complex for you. Now as a Trainer you have to train and prepare different type of Pokemon for some fulfilling different kinds of challenges in the game which are given by the Gym leaders.

Criminal Organization:

Now you will face certain type of criminal teams and players. The criminal organization is called as Team Rocket, which are always ready for doing some bad deeds in the area. They are always causing some troubles in the area for the pokemon as well for common people as well. Team Rocket members will abuses the Pokemon and the player has to battle against them throughout the game. Now for being the main lead role in the game you have to make sure that you can stop them on time.

For Stopping the team rocket you have to use different types of tactics and skills that you have gained in previous years. Use all the wild and normal types of pokemon to defeat them on time rather than they destroy the whole region and you will loose the game like in light platinum version. So for making sure that you have the best performance in the game, become the best trainer of the region and defeat them.

Battle and Trading System:

Now you will experience different kind of battle system and trading system as well. The Trading of Pokemon is very famous feature in the game which makes it so much unique and advance than any game. Battling animations are awesome and makes the gameplay alot attractive and awesome. Almost all the enemies teams are available in the Kanto region which makes the game more complex for you to play and complete it on time. Trade all the precious types of pokemon on time so that you have an awesome list of pokemon available in your pokedex. These can be used at the time of battle and challenges time. You can also try out Pokemon Heart Gold Download ROM ZIP For Free

List of Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Leaf Green Version Download ROM:

  • Having a new and unique plot.
  • Storyline of the game is totally new and attractive.
  • Supports Battling and Trading.
  • Become a Master Trainer.
  • New Movesets and Tiles.
  • VS seeker by which a player can re-battle against Pokemon trainers
  • Sevii Islands which include Johto and Hoenn
  • Pokemon from Ruby and Sapphire editions.
  • Some new side-quests.
  • Eight cities and two towns connected with Routes.

Download Pokemon Leaf Green Version for Free:

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