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Pokemon Cloud White 2 Download [Latest]

After the successful release of Pokemon Cloud White ROM, the creator of this game has released its updated version name as Pokemon Cloud White 2 ROM which can be downloaded from our website PokemonHost. Several new changes in the storyline as well new areas have been part of the game which makes it more special for all the Cloud White Lovers.

The creator of this game is named as Shogun who have released almost three versions of this game and the latest version of this game has been released in Jan 2019. The main character has to play different roles this time having the best repel system as well Battle system.

Pokedex of the game is updated with the additions of some new characters in the game. Sinnoh and Hoenn Regions are the best ever places and explore some mysterious kind of things in the game. Different missions and tasks are waiting for you. Let’s Explore what are some special changes and updates included which makes the game so much interesting for all the lovers.

File Info:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Cloud White 2 Rom
  • A remake of Fire Red
  • Sequel of Cloud White
  • Language: English
  • Creator: Shogun

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Cloud White 2 Version:

For all the GBA Game lovers who have recently downloaded the cloud white version or just finished the first ever sequel of cloud white rom there is some good news for you. Now you can download almost the most updated Pokemon Cloud White 2 GBA ROM for yourself. Explore the area with the additions of some new areas in the game. All of your enemies and team members are present in your area and you have to explore them.

Also, the rival members will soon take all the starter pokemon available. You too have the opportunity to make some good choices of selecting the best starter available for you. Now, these are the crucial part of the gameplay because you are making some serious decisions with it.main players

You will move forward with only these starters. All of your rival members are looking for some extra HP Points. Remember that these HP Points can be obtained in different places and at different levels of the game. You can also try Pokemon Chaos Black Version For free

After Meeting With Professor Oak:

After the meeting with Professor Oak, you will move forward at Line 1. Where all of the rival team members and teams are present to explore some new type of pokemon as well as some new weapons. These can be used for the purpose of some good fights as well. Different team members will be challenging you at different instant of time to have a fight. Before accepting the challenges you have to make sure that all the pokemon you have as starters as well the wild pokemon which you have caught in the bushes, all are ready.

As all of us knows that Kanto region has been included in the area’s list. Now you can Explore the Kanto region and discover wild Pokemon in every corner. Capture and exploring different pokemon is the fun part of the game and make sure that you have captureed alot. Because at the time of battle you will realize that how many pokemon members you need at the battle scene like in Pokemon Light Platinum Version

Pokemon Champion League:

Pokemon Champion League is a new competitive mode that was added to Pokemon Cloud White 2. In this mode, players can battle against other players in order to become the best trainer in the world.

There are several different rules that apply to Pokemon Champion League, such as having to use only Pokemon that have been obtained through regular play or using specific rules for certain types of battles. The overall goal is to defeat your opponents and become the Pokemon Champion!

The idea behind Pokemon Champion League is that it’s a fun way for people of all ages to socialize and compete together. Plus, it provides a great way for kids to learn about the game mechanics and strategize in real time.

Amazing Repel System:

A repel system is a move in the Pokemon games that allows players to keep other Pokémon away from their valuable items. When an opponent Pokémon comes close to an item, the player can use a repel system move to send them away.battle scene in cloud white 2

This is an amazing feature that makes the game much more challenging and exciting. It’s also a great way to protect your possessions, since you never know when another Pokémon might decide to steal your item.

When you encounter a wild Pokemon, the game will automatically select one of your party members to use Repel on the wild Pokemon. If the wild Pokemon tries to attack that party member, it will be repelled and won’t be able to hit them. This is an amazingly effective way of keeping your team safe and preventing them from getting hurt in battle.

Being a Pokemon Trainer:

As a Pokemon Trainer, your goal is to catch all the different kinds of Pokemon and train them to fight in battles against other trainers. To do this, you’ll need to travel around the world and explore different areas while battling your opponents in battle.

To start off, you’ll need to get yourself some starter Pokemon. These are small but powerful creatures that will help you get started in your quest. Once you have these, you can set out into the world and begin your journey. Along the way, you’ll need to capture new Pokemon by using special items called poke balls.

To start your journey as a Pokemon Trainer, you first need to select your character. You can choose from one of the many available options like male or female, young or old, and even different skin tones. Next, you’ll need to chose your region – there are six available in Cloud White 2. After that, it’s time to pick your starter Pokemon! There are over 150 different types of Pokemon available for you to choose from, so it will be hard to make a decision!

Infinite TMs:

In Pokemon Cloud White 2, you can access Infinite TMs (also known as “TMs with no ending”) by using the Mystery Gift function on your Nintendo 3DS. These TMs allow you to do things that are otherwise not possible in the game, such as creating custom team members or changing your character’s appearance.

To use a TM, simply go to the shop in any town and buy it. You can also find them hidden in various places throughout the game. Once you’ve acquired one, you need to use it within 5 minutes of acquiring it in order to activate it. After that, it will be available for use at any time.chit chat among the players

While Infinite TMs are fun and unique, be aware that they’re not always easy to use. Some of them require very specific conditions to be met in order for them to work properly, so make sure you understand what each TM does before trying to use it.

The Elite Four:

The Elite Four are the strongest trainers in the Pokemon world, and they’re always ready to put a stop to any challengers. They’re so powerful that they don’t need to rely on their own strength – they can easily take down any opponent with just a few well-placed attacks. Also, try Pokemon Colosseum [Updated 2022]

If you want to become the best trainer in the game, you’ll need to face off against the Elite Four at some point. Fortunately, they’re not too hard to beat – all you need is a team of strong fighters that can hold their own in a fight. You’ll also need some strategy – make sure that you have a plan for every situation and never go into a battle without knowing what your next move will be.

And finally, remember that it’s never wise to underestimate anyone – no matter how strong they may appear to be on the surface. Every battle is full of surprises, so make sure that you’re always prepared for whatever comes your way!

cloud white main gameplay scene

Battles and Move Systems:

Now you will experience a different kind of battle scenes and strategies. Some of them are imported from the Cloud White Version which has the exactly same style and completing methods as you might have played in Cloud White First Version. Amazing kind of Animations and moves are part of the game. Now you can run in between the buildings and paths. Having a different kind of tiles and movesets as well.

Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Cloud White 2 Download:

  • Nice Storyline and Graphics.
  • Kanto, Sinnoh & Hoenn Region.
  • Nice Battle System and some new title screen.
  • New boot screen and welcome screen.
  • Amazing Sound and music in the game.
  • Pokedex is updated.
  • Honey trees are available.
  • BW exp catch system and BW repel System.
  • Amazing Repel System.
  • Fossils and Evolution Forms.

Download Pokemon Cloud White 2 ROM For Free:

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