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After the successful release of Pokemon Cloud White ROM, the creator of this game has released its updated version name as Pokemon Cloud White 2 ROM which can be downloaded from our website PokemonHost. Several new changes in the storyline as well new areas have been part of the game which makes it more special for all the Cloud White Lovers.

The creator of this game is named as Shogun who have released almost three versions of this game and the latest version of this game has been released in Jan 2019. The main character has to play different roles this time having the best repel system as well Battle system. Pokedex of the game is updated with the additions of some new characters in the game. Sinnoh and Hoenn Regions are the best ever places and explore some mysterious kind of things in the game. Different missions and tasks are waiting for you. Let’s Explore what are some special changes and updates included which makes the game so much interesting for all the lovers.

File Info:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Cloud White 2 Rom
  • A remake of Fire Red
  • Sequel of Cloud White
  • Language: English
  • Creator: Shogun

Screenshots and Screenplays of the Game:

main players
cloud white main gameplay scene
chit chat among the players
battle scene in cloud white 2

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Cloud White 2 Version Download:

For all the GBA Game lovers who have recently downloaded the cloud white version or just finished the first ever sequel of cloud white rom there is some good news for you. Now you can download almost the most updated Pokemon Cloud White 2 GBA ROM for yourself. Explore the area with the additions of some new areas in the game. All of your enemies and team members are present in your area and you have to explore them. Also, the rival members will soon take all the starter pokemon available. You too have the opportunity to make some good choices of selecting the best starter available for you. Now, these are the crucial part of the gameplay because you are making some serious decisions with it. You will move forward with only these starters. All of your rival members are looking for some extra HP Points. Remember that these HP Points can be obtained in different places and at different levels of the game. You can also try Pokemon Chaos Black Version For free

After Meeting With Professor Oak:

After the meeting with Professor Oak, you will move forward at Line 1. Where all of the rival team members and teams are present to explore some new type of pokemon as well as some new weapons. These can be used for the purpose of some good fights as well. Different team members will be challenging you at different instant of time to have a fight. Before accepting the challenges you have to make sure that all the pokemon you have as starters as well the wild pokemon which you have caught in the bushes, all are ready. Make sure that your pokemon is stronger enough to fight with their pokemon as well. As many rival and enemies members have selected almost the best and strongest pokemon in their lists. Completing the pokedex is one of the most important task to note and you have to do that. Many new graphics and animations are part of the game which makes the gameplay more awesome and fast.

As all of us knows that Kanto region has been included in the area’s list. Now you can Explore the Kanto region and discover wild Pokemon in every corner. Capture and exploring different pokemon is the fun part of the game and make sure that you have captureed alot. Because at the time of battle you will realize that how many pokemon members you need at the battle scene like in Pokemon Light Platinum Version. As each city’s experienced gym leader develops a winning strategy for you to use, Pokemon collects and builds trains and earns your way to battle your own badge success. Gym leaders are the most advanced type of people found on this land and they are creating an environment for you to play different leagues. As soon as you train a different kind of pokemon in the game you will gain some points. Also, your HP can be increased alot while moving forward and winning the contests.

Battles and Move Systems:

Now you will experience a different kind of battle scenes and strategies. Some of them are imported from the Cloud White Version which has the exactly same style and completing methods as you might have played in Cloud White First Version. Amazing kind of Animations and moves are part of the game. Now you can run in between the buildings and paths. Having a different kind of tiles and movesets as well.

List of Some Amazing Features and Updates in Pokemon Cloud White 2 Download:

  • Nice Storyline and Graphics.
  • Kanto, Sinnoh & Hoenn Region.
  • Nice Battle System and some new title screen.
  • New boot screen and welcome screen.
  • Amazing Sound and music in the game.
  • Pokedex is updated.
  • Honey trees are available.
  • BW exp catch system and BW repel System.
  • Amazing Repel System.
  • Fossils and Evolution Forms.

Download Pokemon Cloud White 2 ROM For Free: