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Pokemon Blazing Emerald GBA ROM Download

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Blazing Emerald GBA Rom

  • Creator: Struedelmuffin
  • Version: v1.6
  • Hack of: Emerald
  • Updated: August 6, 2021

Pokemon Blazing Emerald is a fan-made game created by developer Struedelmuffin. The game is a remake of the original Pokemon Emerald game, with enhanced graphics, new features, and more. Emerald is one of the regions in the Pokemon world that is filled with adventure. Trainers who venture there will find themselves in the midst of a heated competition between Team Aqua and Team Magma. The two teams are constantly vying for control of the region, and the trainers who choose to side with either one will have their work cut out for them.

Pokemon Blazing Emerald is a fan-made game that takes the original Emerald game and amps it up to create a more challenging and rewarding experience for players. The creators have added new features such as the ability to run, revamped battle mechanics, and an all-new region to explore. With hours of new content to enjoy, it is sure to please fans of the series and newcomers alike. With updated graphics and gameplay. Some new features include Mega Evolutions of all starter Pokemon, updated battle mechanics, and new areas to explore.

In the world of Pokemon, there are many different versions of the popular game. Some are simple remakes of older games with updated graphics, while others completely change up the gameplay mechanics. Pokemon Blazing Emerald is one such game that takes the classic Emerald version and updates it with new features and a blazing fast speed. A fan-made game that blends the classic gameplay of Pokemon Emerald with features from later games in the series. The result is a fun and challenging experience that will appeal to longtime fans and newcomers alike. In addition to the standard adventure mode, there are also several other modes to explore, including a battle arena, a casino, and a park filled with unique challenges.

A fan-made game that blends the worlds of Ruby and Sapphire with elements from the anime. Our story begins with you, a new Trainer in the Hoenn region, setting off on your adventure. You’ll battle Trainers, catch Pokémon, and uncover the secrets of the region. Along the way, you’ll meet familiar faces like May and Brendan, and take on the challenge of the Hoenn League. The game features an all-new storyline, complete with cutscenes and dialog, as you journey across the Hoenn region to become the best Trainer there is. With over 350 Pokémon to catch, including some all-new Mega Evolutions, there’s plenty to do in this exciting new game.

Reusable TMs

There are a few things that set Pokemon Blazing Emerald apart from other games in the series. One of these is the fact that reusable TMs are more common. This means that you can use the same TM more than once, which can be helpful if you want to learn a move but don’t have enough money to purchase it multiple times. There are also a few different ways to obtain reusable TMs. In some cases, they can be found in treasure chests or bought at stores. In other cases, they may be given to you as a reward for completing a task or defeating a boss. Regardless of how you obtain them, reusable TMs can be a great way to expand your movepool. They allow you to learn moves that you may not have been able to learn otherwise, and this can come in handy during battles.

In the Pokémon world, trainers often find themselves needing to reuse the same TM move multiple times. Luckily, in it, many TMs can be reused an unlimited number of times. This is a great feature for trainers who want to focus on strategic moves rather than wasting time switching out movesets. There are a few TM moves that cannot be reused, but for the most part, any TM can be used as often as you like. This is a great way to make your team more versatile and powerful. Be sure to take advantage of this feature in order to make your game play easier and more fun!


  • Link Stone item
  • Music from the DS games
  • All PokeBalls up to Gen 7
  • Physical/Special split
  • A dozen Pokemon from later Gens
  • Reusable TMs
  • Check EVs/IVs with the Stat Scanner
  • Improved Trainer AI
  • Decapitalization
  • Hoenn Pokedex is completable
  • Buffed HMs



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