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Pokemon Crystal ROM Download [Updated 2022]

Pokemon Crystal Version is one of the interesting game for Game Boy Color which is developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo. Pokemon Crystal Download Version is a role-playing game with lots of new features and characters in the game.

The main character has to do several kinds of new adventures in the region. You will soon come to know that it is the enhanced version of Pokemon Gold and Silver Version. One of the most famous 2nd generation game which can be run on Nintendo 3D Virtual Gaming devices. Let’s explore different amazing features which can make the game more interesting and awesome.

Basic File Info:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Crystal Version
  • Platform: GBC and NDS
  • Developers: Game Freak
  • Published:  Nintendo
  • Game Size: 10 MB

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Crystal Version:

When the game starts you will soon came to know that the gameplay is similar to the Gold and Silver Versions. You will have to choose the gender of your character as soon as you starts the game. Also, you can set the names of your Rival teams and members. All of your Rival teams are present in the area where you are currently present. Soon you will came to know that there are some new animated scenes in the game which makes the charatcer’s look really different. You may also try Pokemon Cloud White Version For Free

The Professor Elm is one of the most important character in the area, which is responsible for everything in the area. The Professor will call you to his office and will assign you three different starter pokemon in the game. These three starter pokemons are Chikorita, Totodile and Cyndaquil. All of them can help you to get to the Mr. Pokemon House. They will be helping you in all of your journeys in the main area. You will be doing the adventures and capturing of many types of pokemon.crystal version gameplay scene

About the Professor Oak Missions:

Professor Oak is one of the main lead roles in the area, who is responsible for many tasks and missions in the game. He is also convinced that the player has started his/her own Pokémon journey and you will soon receive a different kind of Powers. There will be some amazing graphics effects in the background of the game. Also, amazingly Professor will soon give him/her a Pokédex. The Pokedex contains almost all the characters and pokemons from the previous games like Gold and Silver.

Surprisingly, you are on the way back to home and facing a different kind of challenges in the game. These challenges may from your rival teams as well. Because all of your Rival teams are present in the nearby area. There are different Pokemon Trainers present in the area and you will soon come to know that the mysterious Pokemon Trainer have attacked on him/her. Now you have to challenge and fight with these trainers and you will have to train a different kind of pokemons in the area. Training and capturing is one of the main and major task of the game.

Becoming Pokemon Trainer:

One of the core tasks of the game is to become a good trainer in the game. Even you can train different sort of characters which were even not avaialble in any other games of pokemons. Also, keep in mind that while capturing different pokemons in the area, you have to make sure that you have caught the wild pokemons as well because after that you have to train them as well.

Even more so, that very same Trainer which is your main character fits the description of the Pokémon thief. That’s pretty awesome feature of the game, that the main player of the game will be playing the game as Pokemon Theif. Or you will be helping all of those who are ready for becoming a thief in the city. This Trainer will become the player’s rival for the course of the Pokemon Crystal Version Download game. 

Team Rocket:

Team Rocket is the most dangrous and most powerful team in the while area. You will soon realize their powers and strength in the area and become the master. You will have to contact with them and have some dealings in pending with them before moving forward in the area. All of the team members are really strong and very professional in their respective skill. One of the amazing fact about them is that you can also deal with them for learninng any sort of skill from them and use that skill for your own purpose.

Now the team rocket has returned with a new attitude they have some new powers and more characters. These all happened since the disappearance of their leader Giovanni who was one of the leading role in the area. They are very strong as this leader was present in the area and have performed their duties. But now once again tries to take over the world, which is their core mission and for that mission they are requesting different characters to join their team.scene 3

Character Customization:

In Pokemon Crystal, you start the game by choosing your character’s name. This name is used throughout the game to refer to your character and is displayed on the screen whenever you interact with other characters. You can choose any name you want for your character, within the limits of the game’s character limit. After choosing your character’s name, you can choose your character’s gender.

You can choose to play as a male or female character, and this choice will affect the dialogue and interactions you have with other characters throughout the game. Finally, you can customize your character’s appearance. This includes choosing your character’s skin color, hair color, and clothing. You can mix and match these options to create a unique appearance for your character. Overall, the character customization options in Pokemon Crystal allow you to create a unique, personalized experience as you play through the game.

Day and Night System:

The day/night system is a feature in many video games that simulates the passage of time, with the game world transitioning from daylight to nighttime and back again. This can affect gameplay in a variety of ways, such as changing the behavior of non-player characters, unlocking new items or abilities, or altering the game environment itself.

The day/night system is often tied to the game’s internal clock, so the time of day in the game will match the time of day in the real world. This allows the game to simulate a realistic day/night cycle, which can add a sense of immersion and authenticity to the game world.

In some games, the day/night cycle is a purely cosmetic feature, with no real impact on gameplay. In others, the time of day can affect the gameplay in significant ways. For example, some games may have different enemies or hazards that only appear at night, or certain items or abilities that can only be used during the day.gameplay scene 2

Overall, the day/night system is a common feature in many games, and it can add depth and realism to the game world, as well as providing unique gameplay challenges and opportunities.

Become a Master Trainer:

To become a Master Trainer in the Pokemon series of games, a player must battle and defeat other trainers who are experts in a particular Pokemon type. In order to do this, the player must first collect all eight Gym badges, which are earned by defeating Gym Leaders in battles. Once the player has all eight Gym badges, they can challenge the Elite Four, a group of powerful trainers who are considered to be the best in the region.

After defeating the Elite Four, the player can then challenge the current Pokemon League Champion, who is considered to be the strongest trainer in the region. If the player is able to defeat the Champion, they will become the new League Champion and earn the title of Master Trainer.

In some games, becoming a Master Trainer is not an official in-game title, but is rather a term used by players to refer to someone who has achieved a high level of proficiency in the game. In these cases, becoming a Master Trainer may involve completing specific in-game challenges or achieving certain goals, such as defeating all of the Gym Leaders or catching a certain number of Pokemon.

Regardless of the specific requirements, becoming a Master Trainer in the Pokemon games is a significant accomplishment and requires a high level of skill and dedication.pokemon crystal free gameplay scene

After Capturing Red Gyarados:

As soon as you move to the Mahogany town which is next to the Johto region you will have to face certain types of challenges in the game.  When the main player defeats or captures the Red Gyarados rampaging in the lake of the current region you will soon have to complete other main tasks after that. Again the Lance Character will arrive and congratulate the player for his/her battling experience. You will soon notice that your battling experience is going to improve day by day like in Pokemon Clover Version Latest.

Lance will also requests that the player help him to find the source of the radio signals. That from where these radio signals are generating. The main tasks Is to find the origin of these signals, they might be really dangerous for the whole environment. Now you have to travel to different states and region for finding the actual origin/source. When the player returns to Mahogany town and enters the Souvenir Shop, you will soon find Lance.

List of Some Amazing Features in the Pokemon Crystal Version:

  • Capture different types and kind of pokemons.
  • Some new pokemons in the pokedex.
  • The three starters will be given to you.
  • Move inbound.
  • New Movesets has been added.
  • Nice collection of graphics and background effects.
  • Some new Animations of the players.
  • Female Player Character name as Kris.
  • Every location’s name is displayed upon entering it.
  • Goldenrod Game Corner.
  • Pond in National Park.
  • Burned Tower and Glitter Lighthouse.
  • New Sprites and Tiles.

Download Pokemon Crystal Version for GBC Free:

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