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Pokemon Ethereal Gates ROM can be downloaded from our website having new storyline and entirely different play area which have several kind of new puzzels. Pokemon Ethereal Gates Download is available for free which is created by PerihelionProductions. They work hard for making such an awesome game for all the Pokemon Game Lovers.

RPG Maker XP is the platform on which the game has been created and it is now in demo mode. The latest version for this fan made game was released in May 2018. Play the lead role in the area which is based in the New Zealand, collect some pokemon to complete the Pokedex with the contributions of Professor Hawthorne. He is the leading role of this Pokemon world and also he is the Pokemon Expert as well. Let’s dive into the article for exploring some amazing kind of features and facts of this game.

Full Game Info:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Ethereal Gates
  • Language: English
  • Creator: PerihelionProductions
  • Platform: RPG Maker XP

Snapshots of the gameplay:

player moves

new character

battle scene

bag in ethereal gates

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Ethereal Gates ROM Download:

As the game starts you will be asked to choose Girl or Boy character to play and move forward in the game for complete some of the interesting pending missions. You are playing the character of protagonist, who will be leading many pokemon in the area. As far as the area is concerned you will surprised that the area is entirely based in New Zealand which is hard to cover. There are alot of adventures pending for you to cover for discovering some pokemon for completing the pokedex. The Storyline of the game is very interesting and quite different from the previous rom hacks of Pokemon Fire Red and Emerald Hacks.

If you want to know about the behid story of this area, it is quite long story but short form is here. Long time ago, there was an ancient Pokemon which can travel directly between the world of the dead and the world of the living. This ancient pokemon was in the current area where this game has been made and many pokemon were under the control of them. This pokemon knows about this power, the ancestors have summoned this legendary Pokemon with a relic. There are various kind of rumours in this area about the pokemon character. It is said that this Pokemon would appear and reviving the dead ones which is quite unique thing in this game. We have never seen a storyline like this but wait what comes ahead. And so, people keep battling and creating wars to decide who will own this Pokemon for themselves. Deploring before the destruction and the greed of these people, the monks who are guarding the relics broke it into four parts because they see that the power was too much for anyone to hold and control.

Completing the Pokedex:

Professor Hawthorne is the best Pokemon Expert character who are supporting you in moving forward in the area and completing the pokedex. Some hurdels are always there for you to face because it makes the game difficulty more and everyone wants to complete the game missions as soon as possible. Interesting kind of pokemon are available in this area which is quite different from all the previous hacks of fire red and emerald as well. Wild Pokemon are always there and you have to capture them as well for training them proper. These wild pokemon behaves entirely unusual than any pokemon you have seen so far. So be aware from their deeds and behaviour. Completing the pokedex is one of the core task of the game and in this way you will complete the game as well. Also try Pokemon Eclipse Download [Updated Version]

Gym Leaders:

Interestingly there are lots of gym leaders available in this area and you will came to know that they can be captured easily. While moving on the way, you will encounter many Gym Leaders of different gyms. Some of them belongs to the evil organization of Team Mythos, as we all know about the team Mythos as they are quite evil team in this area. You also know about the legend of Ethereal Gates, you want to protect them. There is a long way to go and wish you best of luck for your gameplay like in Pokemon Light Platinum Free Latest Version.

The battle mode of this game is also edited and made a new one. Now you will face different kind of challenges from your rival and enemies teams. They are waiting for having some battles with you. So be prepare yourself for making sure that you can defeat them and move forward for collecting and capturing different pokemon.

New Pokemon:

There are almost some new pokemon included in the pokedex as well. Over 200 new pokemon are available to test and capture. Capturing pokemon is one of the most important part of the game which can be really awesome. As you move forward you will get the HP Points and levels are increased as you move forward. Wild Pokemon are available in several regions and they can be captured at any time. Pokemon from generations 1 to 6 are available which makes the game more interesting.

All of rival team members have taken almost all the starter pokemon and they have updated the pokedex. Some of the rival have stronger pokemon as starters. First of all you have the oppurtunity to choose the best starter pokemon you like the most. In Ethereal Gates there are various kind of game modes which can be choosen at the time of starting the game. All of these modes are different from each other and they have different difficulty level as well which may vary the gameplay mode.

List of Some Amazing Feature in Pokemon Ethereal Gates ROM Download:

  • Area is entirely different having some new puzzels.
  • Cutscene are available in 3D mode.
  • Lot of time to explore the area.
  • Storyline is quite unique.
  • New Pokemon of about 200 in the pokedex.
  • Challenges are ahead.
  • The soundtracks are completely orchestrated.
  • Graphics are amazing.
  • Screen resolution is quite bigger.’

Download Pokemon Ethereal Gates ROM for Free Now: