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Pokemon Glazed Download (Updated)

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Glazed GBA Rom

  • Creator: redriders180
  • Version: Beta 7B (Completed) / Beta 9.0 (unofficial)
  • Hack of: Emerald
  • Updated: January 17, 2022

Pokemon Glazed is a new type of Pokemon game that is released for GBA. It is a trading card game that is based on the popular series of video games. Pokemon Glazed is a new kind of Pokemon game that is set in a glazed world. The players have to catch and train the Pokemon in this world, and they can also explore the world. Pokemon Glazed combines the classic gameplay of Pokemon with a sweet and sticky dessert. The objective of the game is to catch all of the different pokemon, using your finger to swipe at them as they move around the screen. The game is easy to learn, but hard to master. With over 280 unique levels, there is plenty of gameplay for everyone.

The developers said that this new game is called “Pokemon Glazed,” and there are a lot of changes and new features. The main one is that there will be more than 800 different Pokemon to choose from, as well as more than 50 new moves. Some of the other changes include updated graphics and new ways to play. The game is set in a world where the player character, known as “The Trainer”, battles against other trainers in order to become the best. The game has a unique style that is inspired by Japanese paintings and includes an online mode that allows players to compete against each other. Also, try Pokemon Emerald Enhanced (Updated)

Pokemon Glazed is a new take on the popular Pokemon game series. Players control a character called Glaze as he or she traverses through a world of colorful landscapes and dangerous dungeons in order to catch all 151 Pokemon. The game is similar to other Pokemon games, in that players must collect items, battle other trainers, and progress through the story in order to become the champion. However, the game’s unique mechanic is that Glaze can turn into any of the 151 different Pokemon.

Battle System

In Pokemon Glazed, the battle system is very similar to that of the main series. Battles take place on a grid-based battlefield and are fought in turn-based mode. Each Pokémon has three attack types: physical, special, and status. Attacks are calculated using an algorithm that takes into account both the user’s stats and the target’s IVs. Players can also use items during battles, which can provide additional advantages or damage their opponents. It has a battle system that is different from most other games. The player’s Pokemon fight against each other in turn-based battles, with the idea being to knock out your opponent’s Pokemon before they knock out yours. This unique battle system provides a more strategic experience than most other games and could be a big draw for fans of the series. Also, try Yu-Gi-Oh POKeDUEL (Yugioh ROM)

In the new Pokemon title, Glazed, the battle system is one of the most important aspects of the game. The player takes control of a Pokemon and uses it to battle against other Pokemon in turn-based combat. The player can choose from a variety of moves for their Pokemon to use during each turn, as well as target specific weaknesses to damage their opponents more effectively. Pikachu can use itselectric attacks against electric-type opponents, while Blastoisecan use itswater attacks against those with a water type.

There are also special moves that can be used only once per battle, such as Megahorn which is effective against any type of foe, or Hyper Beam which is powerful but risky to use. These make for exciting and strategic battles that will test even the most seasoned players. Players will have to use their Pokémon’s moves in order to defeat their opponents. There are also special moves that can be used during battles, such as the Flaming Sword attack that can be used by Charizard. The new battle system is more strategic and challenging than the previous one, which makes it more enjoyable for players.


  • Mega Evolution has been implemented as much as it will be in Glazed
  • Mega Evolution is a permanent change
  • Rankor Leaders and Mixed Leaders are enabled upon defeating the Rankor League
  • Trainer Isle’s Tough Doubles, Rankor Gym Leaders, Mixed Gym Leaders, and Special Singles are available
  • TMs, HMs, and move tutors will not work for a Mega Evolved Pokemon. Mega Lucario has the same learnset as Lucario, while the other Mega Evolutions only learn one move, at level 1. This move differs between each Pokemon and should be able to be taught by using any Move Relearner
  • Gym leaders have decrease level pokemon
  • All battle sprites have been updated to their newer sprites
  • Manaphy and Arceus have a proper sprite icon
  • Pokemon capable of Mega Evolving are Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Lucario, Salamence, Absol, and Manectric. The Mega Stone will Mega Evolve them all, while the Mega Stone X only works on Charizard
  • The Froakie in Sprout Tower now acts as a Froakie, instead of as a Bellsprout
  • Added the Power Shack to Trainer Isle, to purchase type-boosting held items
  • Bulbasaur no longer has a catch rate of 0
  • All Pokemon now have their proper cry
  • The Pokedex displays the correct map, and (generally) the correct locations for each Pokemon. Some are slightly off due to something I can’t figure out, but a great majority are completely accurate


pokemon glazed

Download (Beta 7b) [Official]

Downlaod Meganz

Download (Beta 9.0 by TrainerX493) [Unofficial]

Download Mediafire


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