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Pokemon Coral Free Download (v2.2 Latest)

Pokemon Coral is a remake of Pokemon Crystal with a twist. Special new rom hack of GBC Platform. Pokemon from the newest generation are scattered throughout all areas of the game to be caught and added to your team! Pokemon from the first two generations that were previously unobtainable are also in Pokemon Coral, albeit at low catch rates.

Pokemon Coral is the Pokemon community’s answer to Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver, another way for Pokemon fans to enjoy their favorite series of games. It’s Pokemon are all taken from Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. Pokemon in Pokemon Gold, Pokemon Crystal, Pokemon FireRed, and Pokemon LeafGreen cannot be found in it without trading or cheats.

Complete Game File Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Coral Version.
  • Platform: GBC
  • Language: English.
  • Creator: coraldev

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Coral Version:

Pokemon Coral’s Pokedex can display more than 649 Pokémon species! You can find new Pokémon at any time by visiting Professor Oak’s lab in Pallet Town. The Pokedex is updated automatically when you catch a new Pokémon. All 386 of the original Kanto region Pokémon exist in this game as well as 519 of the Pokemon from Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. The Pokedex will automatically be expanded when you catch Pokemon that aren’t in the game yet!

Challenge yourself to a new adventure with it, or battle against your friends using Pokemon Shuffle! It is an amazing experience for all Pokemon fans! Pokemon Shuffle is a Pokemon-themed puzzle game that can be played for free on the eShop. Pokemon Shuffle can connect to Pokemon Coral and Pokemon Emerald, allowing you to transfer Pokemon between games!

Why Pokemon Coral?

The original Pokemon first became a hit in Japan but was quickly translated into English before it could be released on other countries. This often causes Pokemon from Generation I to be overlooked by newer players due to the lack of new content. The translation changes are also filled with bugs that weren’t apparent in the Japanese version, causing some regions to have a less engaging experience than others. Pokemon coral aims to fix this issue so that all Pokemon fans can enjoy these classics once again at least while they’re waiting for their next installment! Also, try Pokemon Mythic Legends GBA Download

New Odorlan Region:

It is situated between the Johto and Sinnoh regions, Pokemon Coral is a Pokemon world made by Pokemon fans for Pokemon Fans. It includes every Pokemon from the original games with only a few exceptions (mystery gifts, shinies) as well as new Pokemon exclusive to Pokemon Coral that were created by community members who have contributed to the project. And of course, you’re not limited to just these Pokemon; you can go out into the wild and catch any Pokemon you like!

While there aren’t any fancy graphics on this beta release of it, it does include more than 1000 sprites: Pokemon overworlds, trainer sprites (genders of most trainers available) and battle sprites (for all 649 Pokemon). For now Pokemon have Pokemon Essentials attacks and Pokemon moves, but we hope to include Pokemon SI animations in the future. Also, try Pokemon Water Blue Free Download (v1.10)

The overworlds aren’t exactly the same as normal Pokemon games; It includes changes such as different Pokemon cries and a brand new day/night feature! Some of these are only present on certain routes or areas – for example Route 42 has snow while Routes 43-44 don’t. There’s also some small graphical updates here and there such as Pokemon shadows applied over top of Pokemon sprites so that they no longer look like floating heads (you can see this off to the side in my pictures) and minimap icons have been updated.

Hotkey System:

In Pokemon Coral you have a hotkey bar at the bottom of your screen where there’s a total of 11 slots to place items in for easy access during Pokemon battles (this is inspired by Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red/Blue Rescue Team). You can place items in these slots outside of battle as well and they will be there for you to use during Pokemon Battles. These hotkeys also have other uses such as viewing Pokemon party Pokemon, Pokemon status including stats and EVs, Pokemon moveset and more! Some new key mapping options allow you to swap the X-Hotkey bar with the A-Hotkey bar if your computer has a keyboard without a separate Delete button or if you just prefer having all your keys on one side. Also, try Pokemon Super Heart Red GBA

New sprites for Pokemon:

It will not be using Pokemon Essentials’ Pokemon sprites, but instead use custom Pokemon sprites that I made. Pokemon will be animated (for example: as the player walks with Cyndaquil toward Viridian City, it would start rapidly waving its flame tail) Pokemon can have animations when they leave the battle screen and enter their Pokeballs after fainting Pokemon can have win or loss quotes in battles Pokemon can have poses in their Pokédex entries Pokemon will eventually gain multiple forms (e.g.: Pikachu could evolve into Raichu [with heightened stats + a new form] by gaining a Thunderstone)

Custom Pokemon Types:

Pokemon can have custom Pokemon types (e.g.: Jigglypuff could be a Fairy Pokemon, instead of Normal) Pokemon will not yet have abilities Pokemon will only learn 4 moves (Normal/Fire/Water/Electric type Pokemon must forget Water Gun in order to learn Bubble Beam) Pokemon will not evolve through friendship or time Pokemon cannot release themselves from their Trainer if they feel uneasy about the situation around them Countering is now part of Pokemon’s defense stats When two Pokémon are knocked out at the same time (as opposed to just before), they faint together The player does not lose money when his Pokémon faints Irregular shape Pokemon sprites may cause graphical glitches and/or rendering errors

The new region:

It takes place in an unnamed island located west of the Johto region (from Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal). Pokemon will not yet be able to fly or use HM Surf Pokemon are limited to two moves while in battles Pokemon have the same level-up movepools as Pokemon FireRed version Pokemon can now fail when using moves Pokemon will not be able to learn TMs Pokemon cannot level up or evolve while inside their respective Pokedexes Pokemon that evolve by trade can also evolve when traded from a GBA Pokemon game Pokemon who would normally be exclusive to Gen 2 games (e.g.: Zigzagoon) will now appear in Pokemon coral

The new battle screen:

Pokemon moves are shown on the screen as they’re used for the first time in the player’s adventure Pokemon battle stats are displayed at the bottom of the screen (HP, Attack, Defense, Sp. Atk., Sp. Def., Speed, and Accuracy) The top portion of the screen displays animations made by Pokemon sprites When a Pokemon uses an attack during its turn that involves movement (e.g.: Dig, Fly, Surf, etc.), Pokemon sprites will appear as though they’re moving towards the opposing Pokemon (while a simple arrow or directional line of pixels is just meant to show Pokemon movement) Pokemon sprites are animated in battles: Pokemon sprites will move their tails Pokemon sprites will sway from side-to-side Pokemon sprites may lose balance and fall down Pokemon might visibly sweat during battle.

Special places to visit Do you mind to play the game explore in the region Special new place to discover

The player can now press up or down on his D-Pad when touching a town icon on the region map to take him to that town. Players will not be able to revisit towns until after finishing the game Pokemon can follow players through floors inside tall grass and caves Areas with foggy weather conditions have non-animated trees Towns have Pokemon Centers that are open at all times except during stormy weather Pokemon Gyms will be closed and locked until the player defeats them Pokemon will start off weak, but evolve over time Pokemon will have multiple forms (e.g.: Pikachu could be either an electric-type or a water-type Pokemon) Pokemon can now learn 4 to 5 moves each

The player’s Pokemon:

Pokemon can now reach level 100 Upon obtaining a new badge, he gains access to Rare Candies Pokemon character sprites changed from FireRed version The main character is named Jake The rival character is named Barry The player gains starter Pokemon as soon as he steps into Route 01 (no choice involved) When the player enters his name, it appears in the game.

Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Coral Version:

  • Improved graphics and crash prevention, just like Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver.
  • Pokemon original sprites or Pokemon Emerald sprites can be used as options in game.
  • Additional Pokemon from generation III, IV and V are available to catch.
  • Pokemon types have received a slight rebalance to make all Pokemon competitively viable.
  • The ability to obtain any starter Pokemon will help newer players decide which one they like the most without having to rely on luck due to the limited starters from Generation I.
  • A new region [Odorlan] complete with Pokemon League and Elite Four
  • New Pokemon as well as Pokemon from Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver, Pokemon Black and White 1 & 2, Pokemon X and Y – [this list is not all-inclusive]
  • Mega evolutions!
  • A simplistic battle system that takes both strategies AND luck into account.
  • Pokemon contests (both traditional category challenges + new ones such as a solo performance or decorating your pokedoll) and Pokemon Super Contests!

Download Pokemon Coral Version For Free:

Download Here

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