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Pokemon Water Blue Free Download (v1.10)

Pokemon Water Blue is one of the amazing GBA rom hack by caminopreacher. It is a remake of Pokemon FireRed.Water Blue is an evolution of Pokemon FireRed. It features Hoenn in the alternate world and differs significantly from previous versions. Pokemon Water Blue has Pokemon from all generations (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon) and from later generation Pokemon games too.

Complete Game File Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Water Blue
  • Platform: GBA
  • Remake of: FireRed
  • Author: caminopreacher

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Water Blue ROM:

The story is based on the Pokemon G/S/C storyline but with some changes to it; Pokemon Gold/Silver have also been referred to in various parts of the game. Pokemon Water Blue features a new region called Palm Bay where you take control on Aaron (your character), a trainer who wants to become the Pokemon League champion. Pokemon Gym Leaders, Pokemon trainers and Pokemon are based on Generation 3 Pokemon (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire). Pokemon Water Blue features Pokemon from previous generations also. Also, try Pokemon Mythic Legends GBA Download

The storyline is the same as FireRed original story with some touch-ups to it but more than that, Pokemon Water Blue features the Pokemon regions from Generation 3 games such as Hoenn region and Sevii Islands in Kanto region. As you travel, you will find Pokemon in their usual habitats instead of being found randomly like in Fire Red. All gym leaders are now in different locations compared to Fire Red which makes it more fun and adventurous to play through with new challenges along the way unlike in other ROM hacks which just copy over maps and use them again – essentially making a difficult game even more difficult. Pokemon Water Blue Pokemon are based on Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire Pokemon; there are a lot of Pokemon added to the wild (like in Emerald) and to the PC boxes.

Meet a Gang Team Storm:

While playing through the game, you will meet a gang called Team Storm which is led by Michael – a member of Team Rocket from Pokemon Gold/Silver games. You will get your Rival back who helps you in some parts of the game like Pokemon HeartGold original storyline. There are other trainers who offer rematches also like those in GSC while others don’t give any rematch at all unlike in HGSS (Pokemon Heart Gold / Silver). The Johto Champ Lance calls you for help against Team Storm before fighting Pryce; then when Team Storm is defeated, Pokemon League Silver will call you for help against Team Rocket who have taken over Pokemon Tower in Pokemon Red/Blue.

Lance battles Johto Champ Silver at Indigo Plateau and Giovanni (Team Rocket) appears at Pokemon Tower after defeating Silph Co. head office; you can choose to fight him or not like in Pokemon Red/Blue original storyline but there are some changes here – Pokemon Gym Leaders from previous generations including Kanto Gym Leaders are available to battle before facing the Elite 4 and Pokemon Champion which isn’t possible battling with the current Pokemon FireRed mechanics. I hope that sums up the changes incorporated into Pokemon Water Blue ROM hack by caminopreacher.

Wild Pokemon Locations:

Here are Pokemon from Pokemon Gold/Silver that are available in Pokemon Water Blue. Some Pokemon such as Nidoran, Rattata and Spearow are wild only; others like Chansey, Scyther, Raichu etc. are catchable by trainers while still others like Mewtwo can be found in special events or their usual habitats which you can’t get through the game easily without knowing where to find them. Aggron, Arbok, Ampharos can also be found on Victory Road which is unlocked after defeating Pokemon League Champion (if you choose not to challenge it). Lugia is over level 70 and impossible to catch otherwise; just know how to use repels when going for Pokemon like this. Pokemon found in Pokemon Heart Gold/Silver have the same Pokemon locations and are catchable as always.

Major Change to FireRed Regions:

A major change to Pokemon FireRed is that Pokemon like Unown or Kabuto – which are normally unobtainable through normal gameplay – can now be encountered in-game without cheating devices! This is due to Pokemon Water Blue featuring overworld random encounters: in Pokemon FireRed you can only encounter Pokemon by stumbling upon them in tall grass, Pokemon Water Blue features Pokemon encounters in every non-cave area. There are a total of 549 Pokemon included in Pokemon Water Blue and the version used has random Pokemon included; this means that when encountering Pokemon, there is a small chance for Pokemon from later generation games to appear too! Also, try Pokemon Super Mega Emerald GBA

The game also features some new attacks and base stats: for example Pokemon like Parasect, who’s attack power was considered weak before now has a high attack stat and better moveset to use. Some of the changes were made due to complaints players had with Pokemon FireRed (such as not being able to walk on water). Pokemon now have base stats that closer resemble Pokemon from Pokemon Heart Gold/Silver.

Clefairy, Pokemon originally discovered in Pokemon FireRed now appear in Pokemon Water Blue (in Kanto), their IVs and natures are set at random; Cleffa is the only Pokemon like this to be included to Pokemon Water Blue.

Gyarados are no longer restricted by a level cap, so you can capture a level 100 Gyarados if you want to! Some Pokemon like Arcanine and Charizard, once impossible to obtain without events or cheating devices can now be obtained through evolution (if they evolve), for example Growlithe when evolved into an Arcanine has Blaze which was not present in previous Pokemon games owned by Gym Leaders. Pokemon like Electabuzz have a slightly higher attack stat now too and Pokemon like Chansey have higher HP stats (Chansey’s base HP is 127, the highest in Pokemon history).

Cleffa which was unobtainable outside Pokemon FireRed events – without cheating devices – can now be obtained through evolution when it levels up: Clefairy level 33 -> clefairy evolves into clefable at level 36, then back into cleffa at level 15. Pokemon that were previously weak or slow but had potential to become great Pokemon are now included in Pokemon Water Blue such as Scyther which has an attack stat of 107!

Pokemon Teams:

Here are some sample pokemon teams; Pokemon you face before fighting Elite 4 Pokemon Pokemon you face before Pokemon League Champion Pokemon Pokemon that are encountered (random) Pokemon found in Pokemon Heart Gold/Silver Pokemon that can only be obtained through events or cheating devices

Game Changes:

Overall Pokemon Water Blue is a similar experience to Pokemon FireRed; the graphics have been tweaked, wild pokemon encounters now exist throughout the overworld instead of tall grass, some pokemon now have better movesets and base stats but there is no other major change to Pokemon gameplay. In addition, gyms have been retouched somewhat so they’re easier to beat than before.

Wild Pokemon level up more slowly than they do in later games too; this feature will be left in place as long as possible however if it causes Pokemon to become too easy Pokemon Water Blue will be updated to fix the problem. Pokemon don’t level up nearly as quickly in Pokemon Heart Gold/Silver and Pokemon Soul Silver/Blacks because Pokemon are allowed to level up slower than in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum – so this feature will be included in Pokemon Water Blue.

Follow Pokemon Red Footsteps:

It fixes Pokemon FireRed’s problems by adding Pokemon encounters in the overworld, Pokemon from Pokemon Gold/Silver so they’re more balanced and Gyarados no longer have a level cap. There are also some small improvements and Pokemon Water Blue now includes Pokemon from Pokemon Heart Gold/Silver.

Pokemon encounters added in overworld, Pokemon from Pokemon Gold/Silver added and gyarados no longer have a level cap. Pokemon Water Blue implements Pokemon Red’s Pokemon encounter system throughout the entire game so Pokemon appear in tall grass patches, caves and water. Pokemon FireRed had a ‘catch all’ formula for Pokemon locations: if you didn’t encounter a Pokemon in one place then you’d find it somewhere else; Pokemon Heart Gold/Silver fixed this by catching wild Pokemon in their designated areas and Pokemon Water Blue will include those changes. This means Pokemon can only be caught in the correct places – such as Rattata appearing on Routes 1-2 while krabby are found underwater – just like Pokemon Heart Gold/Silver!

Features & Updates:

The addition of Pokemon Heart Gold/Silver Pokemon that can only be obtained through events or cheating devices has been removed for the time being because it breaks the game’s flow when you discover one of these Pokemon so early on; this feature will be included in an update. Minor updates to Gym Leader teams and movepools are possible however they won’t be changed dramatically (no 2-hit KO movesets). A few features from Pokemon FireRed have been taken away such as running indoors, your starter is set to Pokemon Water Blue instead of Pokemon FireRed and Pokemon Water Blue is now a standalone Pokemon game.

Pokemon are allowed to level up slower than in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum – this feature will be included in Pokemon Water Blue. Items can be transferred from Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum by hacking an item into your bag when you’re inside Mt Silver Pokemon Center which saves time, especially for any rare items you don’t want to risk losing (this isn’t required for most items).

Screenshots of the Gameplay:

traveling through water bridge and beach area moving in the area pokemon info in the game

Download Pokemon Water Blue For Free:

Download Here

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