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Pokemon Uncensored Edition Download

Pokemon Uncensored Edition is a fan-made RPG game by NSFW. Available in English Language and the player has to play the role of trainer. For Pokemon Uncensored Edition download, you play as the Pokemon trainer (Male or Female). You can decide what name you want to give your Pokemon Trainer, along with their starter Pokemon Chose from Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle.

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Uncensored Edition RPG:

After choosing the starter pokemon, the player is then taken to the starting town named “Kanto”. From here you can choose between two routes, The Red Route or Blue Route. Each route has its pros and cons. For all who play it would be a good idea to start with either one of them and switch over once you beat all 8 gym leaders and elite 4 members from that region. Also, try Pokemon Omega Ruby Download

Then after that, you go on an adventure to become the Champion of all regions like in Pokemon series. First region: Kanto – A parody of Pokemon Red/Blue. Second region: Saphire – A parody of Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire. Third Region: Cobalt – A parody of Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal . Fourth Region: Emerald – Parody of Pokemon Emerald. Fifth Region: Amethyst.

Collection of 500 new Pokemon:

The game creators have created approximately 500 Pokemon (most of them being Pokemon from Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue). All Pokemon available in this game are somewhat similar to their Pokemon counterpart, however they do possess some unique features. Each one of the Pokemon is given a new name that might seem familiar or be related to their original names i.e Charmander becomes Charizard; Squirtle becomes Squirt; Bulbasaur becomes Gloom etc.

Pokemon Locations:

– Kanto – Start with Charmander, use Dig against Brock at Mt Moon and get a Meowth – Route #1: Get Golem on route 24 as a prize for defeating all trainers there – Route #2: Visit Bill’s Sister (a Pokemon Breeder) and trade a Growlithe for her Ponyta. – Route #3: Get Rhyhorn in the grass while surfing on route 12 – Safari Zone: Snorlax can be found near the center of the park after you’ve defeated all trainers. Be careful that your Pokemon are high leveled enough to beat him (Level 25+). Also, try Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team Download

– Mt Moon Pokemon – Wild Pokemon can be encountered on every floor; Zubat, Clefairy, Paras and Geodude. On 7th floor encounter wild Pokemon – Zapdos, Magneton and Graveler. On 8th Floor Pokemon Moltres with an option to catch 3 Pokemon at once Zapdos, Magneton and Graveler – Pokemon level between 10-20. On Pokemon Red, Pokemon Blue and Pokemon Yellow this Pokemon is not available. – Rock Tunnel Pokemon: Wild Pokemon can be encountered – Geodude, Graveler and Machop on all floors except for the last floor where there is a 50% chance of encountering Diglett.

Pokemon Tower Pokemon:

Wild Pokemon can be encountered – Cubone, Houndour, Baltoy and Ghastly will appear in basement floors 1-4 respectively. Dratini will appear on floor 9; Level 15+ to catch it.- Celadon Condominiums Pokemon: You’ll get Growlithe as your starter (Level 12+) – Saffron City Pokemon : Wild Pokemon can be encountered – Mankey, Meowth.

Catchable Pokémon:

All the pokemon available in this game are catchable except for the Pokemon available in Pokemon Tower Pokemon and Pokemon Celadon Condominiums Pokemon. Visit this Pokemon site to learn how to catch them, as well as their stats, moves and what type of Pokemon they are.

TMs & HMs:

In addition to catching any Pokemon you face during your adventure, there are a number of TMs and HMs that can be obtained throughout the game by Pokemon trainers or found at certain locations. The following is a list of where and from who they can be acquired along with their name (Japanese) –

TM01 – Kazan: Tsutaja Mart Owner’s Pokemon [Japanese]

TM02 – Ja: Fushide Mart Owner’s Pokemon [Japanese]

TM03 – Sanji: Tamao Pokemon Trainer Pokemon [Japanese]

TM04 – Enki: Taiko Pokemon Trainer Pokemon [Japanese]

TM05 – Iroha : Kotora Pokemon trainer Pokemon, Voltorb on Route 10. [Japanese] Note that the name of this is pronounced as ‘Iro’ (as in Iroquois) not as ‘Roh’ (as in colour). This is different from the name of TM05 which is used in Red and Blue versions.

– Ratta: A few bird trainers will have Doduo and Dodrio. Also you can catch a Cubone on Pokemon Tower 3rd floor.

TM06 – Nanji : Pokemon Trainers Pokemon, Machop and Onix from Pokemon Mansion trainer. [Japanese]

TM07 – Engei: Pokemon Trainer Pokemon, Mankey from Pokemon Mansion trainer. [Japanese] – In Red and Blue versions there is a move by the name of ‘toss’ which requires you to throw an item to another trainer before challenging him or her for a battle; this no longer exists in Pokemon Uncensored Edition so if you have items that you don’t want to lose, be sure not to toss them away! For example, I had 15 Pokeballs when I got my Squirtle (by trading with Bill’s Sister) but because I tossed them thinking I would never need Pokemon outside of Pokemon Tower, Pokemon Mansion and Safari Zone; I ended up losing them!

TM08 – Hachi: Pokemon Trainer Pokemon [Japanese]

TM09 – Kogane : Pokemon Trainer Pokemon [Japanese]

– Chocho: Sabin has an Onix (Level 12+) which can be caught – Pokemon Mansion Pokemon Trainers: In addition to getting the TMs above, you will also learn a move from each trainer as part of their award. These are not optional but you won’t have to use these moves unless you want to. The trainers are Bug Catcher, Lass and Twins on 1st floor; Youngster, Picnicker and Collector on 2nd floor; Pokemon Breeder on 3rd floor; Hiker, Pokemon Trainer and Pokemon Trainer Pokemon (who gives TM17) on 4th floor. Also, try Pokemon Rusty Download [Latest]

Pokemon Mart Owner:

You can only obtain these TMs if you have the Silph Scope – Pokemon Pokemon is a special move that allows you to catch any Pokemon available in game – however it will not work in Pokemon Tower or Celadon Condominiums as there are no wild Pokemon at those locations. This ability is passed down from Generation II onwards but for Pokemon Red and Blue version, it must be transferred over via link cable by another DS user since it never existed in Generation I games.

TM10 – Betsu : TM10 can be obtained from the Rocket’s Hideout by Pokemon Pokemon

TM11 – Jou : Pokemon Pokemon (Level 89+) – Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon Rocket Hideout (Level 21+) – Pokemon TM12 – Kasane: Pokemon Trainer Pokemon [Japanese] TM13 – Junji : Bug catcher on Route 17. [Japanese]

TM14 – Nana-e: Bicycle kid at the very beginning of the game. You will have to talk to him in order to get his Pokeball and then catch his Pikachu (as well as see Red Version’s intro) after talking to your mom when you exit Pallet Town with him following you around. [Japanese]. This is a great way to start the game, being able to fight alongside Pokémon instead of against it!

Trainer Points:

Being a trainer in this area is one of the hardest things you can do in it. Pokemon is not about getting Pokemon and using them to beat other Pokemon (which would be the easy way) but rather it’s a test of intellect to figure out what Pokemon to use against which Pokemon since you will not be able to use Pokemon as freely as you would like to (due to party restrictions).

TM16 – Kei: Bug Catcher by water in Celadon Condominiums [Japanese] – When battling trainers, they will often have Pokemon that are one level higher than your Pokémon; if this happens, don’t worry about levelling up as there is no need unless for completion. The Pokemon will most likely still have the same attack and defence, so ther mind you!

(Note: If a Pokemon has higher max CP than its current CP, it will keep that amount e.g. Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon Level 6-34 = Level 34)

At level 16, Sabin’s Onix becomes his highest level Pokémon at 6 while Venusaur is at 4; you will notice this with other characters’ Pokemon as they are all lower than what their maximum levels would be normally – this was done to help balance out gameplay since you are generally around these character’s levels when you get them (except for Sabin), so levelling up their Pokémon could end up making.

Trainer Role:

The trainer is a Pokemon Trainer who mainly use Pokemon other than their starter Pokemon to battle. They are generally Pokemon and will have a maximum of three starting with one (although some may only have one).

This is done so that they can have many powerful Pokémon on hand when need be since they don’t have the luxury of being able to switch their party out. These trainers usually have a job alongside being a trainer in order to pay for all these expensive items, although some simply live off the land or even steal from others – which are both illegal activities.

Some trainer classes require you defeat them in order for quest progression e.g. Mahogany Gym’s Leader Koga; Gyms are not required in generale is no point in wasting your time leveling up. Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon

Guide Pokemon TM17 – Shū :

These are in all of the Kanto and Johto Safari Zones as well as on Route 34. You must have Safari Tickets to catch them, so if you plan on using these Pokémon for gym battles or other reasons where you would need to use money, then don’t purchase extra Safari Tickets unless necessary! Also it’s worth noting that this is an event based system from Generation II onwards, which means that the reward will be permanently gone once obtained (in GBA games), so be careful not to miss out on getting your reward!

Battle System in the Game:

What is the battle system like in Pokemon? The best way to describe it is that it’s turn based, but like Final Fantasy VII or X (or even Kingdom Hearts), you can move around the battlefield and attack orbs before really attacking your opponents Pokémon. Of course this doesn’t mean there aren’t any other nuances such as critical hits or dodging attacks but I’ll get to that later on!

Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon TM18 – Isao : Five Great Balls . You must have a fishing rod for these Pokeballs; they are located in Route 3 and Saffron City in GSC; you will find them near waterfalls if possible. This also applies to Wish Balls since there are no water Pokemon that can be caught in Pokemon Red , Pokemon Blue or Pokemon Yellow.

Looking for Pokemon specific locations? Check out the Pokemon Locations Cheat Sheet and find everything you need!

Graphics in Game:

If you are playing this game and are worried about the graphics, don’t be! Games have evolved a lot since then so it will look better (in my opinion) than you would think. If you really want to see what the games looked like back then, there is an option in the menu where you can turn off the colouring; this may help improve performance on lower-end PCs as well. However, if your PC can handle it, keep it turned on as its part of the game’s charm!

Pokemon Champion:

The Pokemon League is located on Indigo Plateau in Kanto. In order to get there, you must have defeated the Pokemon League of each region; prior to this you will also need to have a Gym Badge for each Pokemon League in order to enter the Pokemon League and fight the Elite Four in Pokemon Red , Pokemon Blue and Pokemon Yellow .

What’s The Pokemon League? Well it’s pretty much a tournament that you must win in order to become Pokemon Champion. Although you’re not officially given this title if you defeat all of the Pokemon Leagues.

Pokemon TM19 – Hari:

These balls can be caught on Route 16 of Kanto, although the game never tells you that these are Great Ball equivalents so don’t feel like if you catch one you will have wasted your time. You can also buy them from a man just outside of Saffron City (although he’s not there until later). Don’t waste your money buying them though! Instead get the remaining Safari Zone balls or wait till Victory Road for more opportunities to receive these Pokeballs.

However I would recommend against using any other ball than a Great Ball; this is because Pokemon in Pokemon Red , Pokemon Blue and Pokemon Yellow are not like Pokemon today, so don’t expect them to beat a Pokemon after just one hit. As it will take at least 2 or possibly even three hits before you can catch a Pokemon (unless your luck is really bad).

The Elite Four and Champion:

The Elite Four are located on Indigo Plateau in Kanto; they’re the strongest members of the Pokemon League, and defeating them will earn you the title of Pokemon Champion! Although there is one more challenge for you if you want to become the true Pokemon Master…

If you meet the requirements for defeating the Elite Four but then lose or run from your next fight with Lorelei in Pokemon Red & Blue or Agatha in Pokemon Yellow , you’re not officially Pokemon Champion and won’t get your reward! This is because Lorelei in Pokemon Red & Blue or Agatha in Pokemon Yellow are intended to be the true final challenge between the player and Pokemon Master if they meet all of the prerequisites.

5th Member of Elite Four:

Although there are four members of the Elite Four; only three of them will actually fight you when you first arrive at Indigo Plateau. The fourth member that doesn’t battle you is located on Cinnabar Island, and completing his 8- Gym Challenge will result in a cave appearing on Route 23 (in Kanto) that contains a new Pokemon League Pokemon Trainer to battle. They also show up as interrupters in Pokemon Tower and Pokemon Mansion.

Pokemon TM52 – Gyro Ball:

This Pokemon specific move can only be used by Pokemon with the ability Sturdy; this means that Pokemon such as Bagon, Chansey and Onix are viable users of this move (as they all have the ability Sturdy). This move won’t do any damage to Pokemon who’s level is equal or greater than yours so don’t use it if you’re level 16 against a Pokemon who is also at level 16.

These Pokemon with the ability Sturdy get an additional 20% boost when using this attack! It basically makes them stronger than their normal counterparts. So use these Pokemon when possible! There are no Pokemon with the ability Sturdy outside.

Sturdy Pokemon:

– Chansey ( Pokemon Red & Blue )

– Onix ( Pokemon Red , Pokemon Blue & Pokemon Yellow )

– Bagon ( Pokemon Gold , Pokemon Silver & Pokemon Crystal )

Also don’t forget that you can heal your Pokemon using TMs! This is very useful when combined with the above tip. It’s also worth noting it costs 0 of your money (as in free)! There are many other moves that can be used by a larger variety of Pokemon than just Sturdy users, but I will get to those at another time!

Screenshots of the Gameplay:

Purple is talking complete new area weather is awesome the player moving in the area

Amazing Features in Pokemon Uncensored Edition:

  • Try to become the pokemon champion.
  • Some new pokemon to fight with.
  • Capture around 500 pokemon.
  • The music and Background effects are awesome.
  • The graphics are amazing.
  • Special new HMs and TMs.
  • New Starter Pokemon are available.
  • Special new Sprites and Graphics.
  • Battle Animations are awesome.

Download Pokemon Uncensored Edition For Free:

Download Here

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