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Pokemon Uranium Download [Latest 2022]

Pokemon Uranium Download ROM is one of the best Pokemon Series, Single player as well Multiplayer game which was developed in almost nine years. Having amazing quality graphics and storyline of the game makes it hit in RPG Maker XP Engine based games. Pokemon Uranium Game Download have almost 150 new fan made species of Pokemon.

The region assigned in this game is quite new and vast. Name of the region is called as Tandor region having all sort of different species of Pokemons. Now you can encounter almost 190 pokemons throughout the travels in this region. Some Pokemons are fan made while other are by default ones.

Technical Info About Pokemon Uranium Version ROM:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Uranium Version
  • Mode: Single Player as well Multiplayer.
  • Release Year: 2016
  • Engine: RPG Maker XP.
  • Game Size: Above 10 MB

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Uranium Game:

Talking about the Storyline of Uranium ROM Download which is quite amazing and impressive too. This is the Story of a Young Boy who lives alone in the Tandor Region. His Mother has been died several years ago in the Nuclear Blast in the town. The main character whose name is Natalie/Vitor is a 13 year old from the Moki Town which is located in the Tandor region. He was living with his father in past few years but soon his father leave him with his aunt.

After detaching with Father and living alone with the aunt, Professor offers him job in the Lab. As the Aunt is old and cannot support him in the house. You will be doing the job of a research where you will find different Pokemons for the Professor, in order that he is able to complete his pokedex. Now one thing to notice that they have already decided to take the Tandor Gym Challenge and complete it for the Elite championship. Also, Check Out Pokemon Fire Red ROM Download

Global Trade Centre:

Now the players will be able to interact with one another by trading with each other via Global Trade Centre Feature. One of the most amazing feature of the game which is quite useful because players can share the trades with each other easily. Now you can create and complete your pokedex by sharing different pokemons with each other in the concept of trade via the Global Trade Centre.  This is one of the amazing ways to complete the pokedex while you have interconnectivity with other players as well.

gangsta threw one pokeball

The Elite Four:

The Elite Four are a group of powerful trainers in Pokemon Uranium who have proven themselves to be the best trainers in the region. Each member of the Elite Four specializes in a different type of Pokemon, and they are considered to be the ultimate test for trainers who seek to become the region’s top trainer.

To challenge the Elite Four, trainers must first defeat the eight Gym Leaders and win the Pokemon Champion League. Once this is done, trainers can enter the Elite Four’s stronghold and face each member in a series of one-on-one battles.

The Elite Four consists of four members:

  • Lorelei, who specializes in Ice-type Pokemon
  • Bruno, who specializes in Fighting-type Pokemon
  • Agatha, who specializes in Ghost-type Pokemon
  • Lance, who specializes in Dragon-type Pokemon

Defeating the Elite Four is a daunting task, as they are incredibly skilled trainers with powerful teams of Pokemon. However, for those trainers who are able to overcome the challenge, they will be awarded the title of Pokemon Champion and the right to challenge the region’s reigning champion for the title of Pokemon Master.

Wonder Trade:

You can also trade with your game fellows with the amazing feature of Wonder Trade. In this feature you are able to share and exchange different pokemon character with each other. Now in this feature you will realize one of the amazing thing is that the player who are going to receive the pokemon will be random. Means that every time you share pokemon will be shared randomly.

Challenge Mode:

Challenge mode is one of the special mode in which your enemies levels are increased. Now you have quite hard challenge to fulfill in the game. Your experience level will be remained as same as the Rival ones.  One thing to note about this version is that your EXP Points will be increased as you move forward in the game and make the challenges complete as required. Certain type of game and mission’s complexity levels are present which clearly identifies that you have to come across various game challenges.

The Rival and Enemies teams are always waiting for you to come across various challenges. Many types of Rival teams are presnet in the game who are sometime very helpful in terms of finding different kind of hidden places and elements in the game. There are about three basic level of challenges present in the game.

Gyms and Towns:

As we know that the game consists of many gyms and the gym leaders are presnet in the gym. The Professor will always instruct you to come across various kind of gyms in the game. Some of them will be large and huge in size while most of them are in small sizes. The Gyms leaders will always challenge you to complete several kinds of missions.

Also, they will be challenging you to fight with their own Starter Pokemon and have many types of characters. The main characters have a nice collections of graphics and color schemes. The main town is the player’s birth place and you know all the places in this town. Also, you know where the specific charcaters and pokemon are hidden in the area. There are about 20+ Towns in the entire region and you have to travel from one place to another.

harylect conversation

Being a Pokemon Trainer:

As a Pokemon Trainer, your goal is to capture and train a team of powerful Pokemon to battle other trainers and become the champion of the Pokemon league. To do this, you will need to explore the world, catching and battling wild Pokemon to level them up and make them stronger. You will also need to find and collect items to help your Pokemon grow and heal, and you will need to make strategic decisions about which Pokemon to use in battle.

Being a Pokemon Trainer requires a combination of skill, strategy, and luck, and it can be a challenging and rewarding experience. Players of all ages can explore the vibrant world of Tandor and capture over 150 new species of Pokemon. Along the way, they will battle powerful Gym Leaders, challenge the mysterious Nuclear type, and even develop relationships with other Trainers.

Trainers on their journey will be able to customize their own character as well as choose among nine different starter Pokemon. This offers players an opportunity to craft their perfect team for each mission. As they progress through the game, Trainers will also be able to use special items such as Mega Stones and Z-Crystals in order to power up their team even further. With these tools available, no two playthroughs are exactly alike!

main characters

Infinite TMs:

The world of Pokemon is ever-expanding, and the latest installment of the series is no exception. In the fan-made game Pokemon Uranium, players get access to a new type of item: Infinite TMs.

Infinite TMs are items that allow players to teach their pokemon any move they want without having to worry about running out of uses. Each TM comes in its own unique flavor, giving trainers more options when teaching their pokemon attacks. The game also features a wide variety of other items and features such as mega stones and special battle arenas to help enhance the experience even further. With infinite TMs, trainers can now explore different strategies with ease and make sure their team is always prepared for battle.

Pokemon Champion League:

The Pokemon Champion League in Pokemon Uranium is a prestigious tournament held annually in the region of Naljo. It is a competition where trainers from all over the region come to compete for the title of Pokemon Champion.

To enter the tournament, trainers must first obtain the Naljo League Pass, which is obtained by defeating the eight Gym Leaders in the region. Once a trainer has the pass, they can register for the tournament at the Naljo League Building in the city of Xenia.

The tournament is divided into three rounds: the preliminary round, the semi-finals, and the finals. In the preliminary round, trainers compete in one-on-one battles to earn points and move on to the next round. In the semi-finals, trainers compete in three-on-three battles to determine who will advance to the finals. In the finals, trainers compete in a single battle against the reigning champion to determine the new champion.


One thing to note about this game is that you have to travel from one place to another and find some mysterious kind of creatures in the game. Now it totally depends upon you that what type of game mode you ara playing and in which difficulty you are in. There are different towns located in the entire region and you have to travel from one town to another. Sometimes the Professor’s will assign some complicated type of tasks and you have to complete it. For Completing it you have to travel to the other town.

tracton in pokemon uranium version

Note that each and every town comes under the territory of the game and you have to follow exactly the same rules as you followed in the previous town. Rules are like, you do not need to cause any type of harm to the public property or attack anyone without a reason.

Some best Features of Pokemon Uranium Download Game ROM:

  • Having some new Pokemons.
  • New Sprites and Tiles.
  • Amazing Storyline.
  • Heroes.
  • Professor Bambo Lab.
  • Tandor Region.
  • Quite amazing Region.
  • Wonder trade.
  • Global Trade Station
  • Virtual Trainer Battle
  • Nuzlocke Mode
  • Pokemon Speech Translator.

Download Pokemon Uranium Version for PC Free:

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