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Top 5 BIGGEST MISTAKES In Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

About a year ago I decided to tackle the topic of pokemons biggest mistakes of all time! But hey a new year a new me and I think this time I’m ready to give it another shot. And with new games Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon being released for about a month now I actually think there are some flaws to this otherwise great game. But I think it would be a mistake to not bring on a special guest for this article. If you have not checked the top list of new features in let’s go and eevee game check it out

Welcome to the Top 5 Biggest Mistakes in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra moon. But before we start let me clarify that even though we think pokemon ultra sun and ultra moon are flawed games, doesn’t mean we think they’re bad games. There is no such thing as a perfect game… except for Mario odyssey and if you think differently then you are stupid.

Number #5 Event Mythical Pokemon

One of the biggest mistakes that I think gamefreak have continued to do for the longest time now, is their wide misuse of the event mythical pokemon. Ever since Generation 6 came out gamefreak have completely stopped giving us any special quest or events to actually obtain these rare beasts. Instead they opt to just give us the pokemon through mystery gifts with really nothing else to go on.

And I think this is a big waste of an opportunity to create a cool backstory for these mythical pokemon and just give us the fans a bit more content to play with. And we know gamefreak are capable of doing stuff like this, they’ve done before with the likes of victini, Keldeo, Arceus, and even deoxys in ruby sapphire and emerald. And again ever since generation 6 came about all the mythical pokemon that followed have just been given to us through mystery gifts, and I know what I’m about to say may sound a little bratty but I just think that’s lazy thing to do.

Luckily Zerora hasn’t officially gone down that path yet but taking a look at gamefreak’s track record, I’m thinking Zerora will just be given to us again through mystery gift near the end of Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon’s life cycle. And it really sucks too because I think zerora is a really cool looking pokemon and I would love to see a storyline about this pokemon. I know a confirmed thing that’s going to happen which is why it’s only number 5 on the list, but honestly if they follow the same pattern here I think that’s a big mistake.


Number #4 The Player Search System:


Remember back in the old days of Gen 6? A much simpler time. A time of Mega Evolution, gym battles, and remakes to old generations You know what else existed in Generation 6? The player search system. In Generation 7 we were introduced to one of the worst Mechanics to ever exist in the Pokemon Games, Festival Plaza. Now on paper, festival plaza actually seems like something pretty cool. Also check the Top 3 WORST Pokemon in Pokemon Ultra Sun Pokemon Ultra Moon Review

Its a way of interacting with your friends in a place where you can walk around and actually see their models. There are all these different booths in the plaza that can sell you different items, or raise the stats of your pokemon. Sounds cool right? Wrong. Festival plaza would’ve been amazing but the main mechanic festival plaza ran on didn’t work very well, the connectivity. Throughout the days of Pokemon Sun and Moon trying to get in a battle or trade with someone was a huge pain.

There were all these issues with connection that would just add extra time and steps to find a person you were looking for and it became a huge inconvenience. With the release of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon we thought they would fix this… well we were wrong. Instead of Gamefreak even altering this awful excuse of a mechanic just a bit they threw us the same sack of garbage that they did in Sun and Moon. All they could’ve done was give us back the PSS, is that too much to ask for?


Number #3 Alolan Forms:


Wow silly us to think that these new pokemon games Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, would bring us new alolan forms. I mean come on none of you guys can genuinely tell me right now, that you happy that gamefreak didn’t give us any new alolan forms, or really any pokemon for that matter. We got 7 new pokemon… that’s it. But i’m not really as upset with no new pokemon as I am for no new Alolan Forms.

Bringing this new concept to the pokemon franchise was a brilliant decision and it’s so sad to see that they didn’t expand on the idea by adding new alolan forms. In fact I thought it was a little silly even that they didn’t add any New alolan forms to further promote the games. Like imagine if Gamefreak decided to add gen 2 alolan forms? CAN YOU IMAGINE

ALOLAN TYRANITAR? Oh and by the way there were so many artists and content creators that came up with amazing design ideas for new alolan forms. I even made a article about it, which you could totatly check out in the top right corner, watch all my articles give me money GIVE ME YOUR MONE- Anyways with all the hype that was built around adding new Alolan Forms to these games it’s just so sad to see that we didnt even get 1 new one.

Especially knowing that gen 7 has some of the smaller numbers in terms of adding new pokemon. Oh well maybe in another life.


Number #2 Story Content:


When the first trailer for Ultra Sun and Moon came out, many of the fans had high expectations for changes regarding the story. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon when they first seemed to be a advertised as a new game. From what was revealed about the games beforehand we speculated that these games were going to be the sequel to Sun and Moon, sort of like Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 were to the original black and white.

I mean come on, from the early looks of the game we were given really high hopes. But in actuality on November 17th we were thrown a recycled version of the games we got last year. Don’t get me wrong, Ultra Sun and Moon were great games… kinda… but its kinda hypocritical for me to say that as I didn’t really enjoy Sun and Moon and these games were essentially a carbon copy.

Yeah there were some changes made with the story, there weren’t enough to satisfy the fact that I paid 40$ for the same game over again. Most of the changes existed in the post game and while that was good, there was just not enough story content added to the games.

There were many missed opportunities like the Ultra Recon Squad and the involvement of Team Skull in the story lines. It was also a bit too soon for these games to come out as Sun and Moon as they’re releasing the exact same game only a year after the original. *Sigh* we should’ve just gotten gen 4 remakes.


Number #1 Rival Hau:


And Finally the BIGGEST mistake in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon has to be your rival Hau. Listen I know it sounds harsh to call him the biggest mistakes in these games, but I am a man that grew up worshiping games that can tell a good story and get me invested the characters. For the most part, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon did these things very well, I loved and cared about lilie, gladion, heck even lusamine was likeable to me.

But the thing that seperates them from hau is that they all got great character developement and Hau always just stayed the same, always smiling. Now I am not saying you cant crack a smile, but every single obstacle that is thrown this kids way he always justs laughs it off even when the situation is dire. That’s not human that’s not a relatable quality no one is always happy every hour of every minute.

I mean sure there’s some scenes where he questions whether or not he should be happy all the time but I just didn’t see enough of this to really make me care about him as a character. And let me remind you this guy is your rival, one of the most important characters in the game, and I dont care about him. That to me is a cardinal sin and the biggest mistake in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.


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