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Top 5 WORST Pokemon Dual Types

Welcome to my Top 5 Worst pokemon dual typings. What I’ll be factoring in to this article is type effectiveness, resistances, weaknesses, how bad pokemon of that dual-typing are, and how good of moves there are for both types. And just like the previous dual typing video I want to avoid using multiple combos of the same type because 1 it would make the video all about the a certain typing and 2 it would get really repetitive.

Top 5 WORST Pokemon Dual Types

I did have to make an exception for 2 types though because some of these type combos are so bad that they need to be called out. And Secondly I want to try to avoid putting dual types on this list that havent been used on a pokemon yet just because well it’s a unused type. That being said remember again this video is 100 percent my own opinion and if you do not share it that is fine.


Number #5 Fire and Flying:


My Favorite pokemon is charizard. I mean what’s not to like about this thing? It’s got a great design, 2 very powerful megas, an amazing shiny and is undoubtedly the best kanto starter dont @ me. But even though I love the guy I can’t deny the fact that its one of the weakest starters if you take out megas. And a BIG part as to why that’s a thing is because of its typing, Fire and flying.


That’s right starting off this list we have the dual typing of fire and flying. Alright to be fair I dont think this typing is that bad which is why it’s not further down the list. I actually think a typing like Ice and flying is WAY worse all around but to be honest i’m going to be bringing up ice A lot in this article and I just want to avoid making this super repetitive.

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Offensively this typing is capable of packing a serious punch being super effective against 5 different types. 2 of them being the very powerful steel and fighting types. And on the defensive end I think its even better. Fire flying has resistances to 6 different types with 2 being quad resistant. And these aren’t just your regular run of the mill types Fire Flying resists some very popular types like fairy, steel, and fighting.


Not to mention this typing also takes away fire’s greatest weakness with an immunity to ground types. Now with all of these good qualities to this typing you’re probably thinking, And to that I say cool your jets compadre I was just getting to that…


Yes even though its resistances are pretty good I still think defensively there is a major flaw in the system. For one types like water and electric are already very common in the metagame so having those weaknesses isnt great. But pair that with a Quad weakness to rock?


Sure Rock is a very weak typing overall but stealth rocks like I’ve said many times before is way too prevelant to be ignored. Like seriously you cannot send out your fire flying when stealth rocks are up you will literally lose half your hp doing that. And movewise while I think the fire tying can provide very well for both physical and special attackers I dont think flying can really do the same.


It’s got great physical attacks dont get me wrong, but air slash and hurricane? Really that’s the best you’ve got? There ok I just think they can do better. But here’s where the arguement gets derailed a bit. If you take a look at all the fire flying types there’s actually about 60% of them that are really good.

Ho-oh, Megazard Y, and talonflame are all very effective in their respective tier. Even lower tier pokemon like moltres arent that bad, at least for RU standards. Where as with an Ice Flying type all the pokemon with that type combo are all really really bad. So like I said before I dont think this typing is THAT bad, sure it has its faults but I still think it can succeed It’s only really on here because of the stipulations.

Number #4 Dark and Normal:

Pokemon Sun and Moon brought about A lot of new things to the pokemon franchise. There’s new mechanics, pokemon, trials, and even new pokemon type combinations. And while yes there was some pretty strong and useful new pokemon dual types like mimikyu one new type combination that was by far the worst of the bunch has to be the addition of Alolan raticate which is a Dark and Normal type.

I mean (regular) raticate in it of itself isnt that great of a pokemon, its got poor stats, no super effective hits, and no resistances. But who knows? Adding a new type into the mix like dark could work right? When devising this list on the worst pokemon dual types I of course had to factor in how bad a dual typing is defensively.

But that isn’t the only thing you have to look into, because where there’s defense has to be offense. And Dark Normal has to be the worst offensive typing in the game. I mean normal by itself is by far the worst offensive typing, with no super effective hits, 2 types that resist its attacks, and 1 that is immune to it. Now pair that with a typing that only has 2 super effective hits and well you got yourself a really bad offensive typing.

But I didn’t just put this typing on the list because of its ineptitude in battle. There’s other dual types that have the same amount of super effective hits, no Dark/Normal is here because of its ineptitude on both ends. Sure it has 2 immunities, but only 1 ressitance to itself and a quad weakness to one of the most powerful offensive types in the game isn’t considered good.

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Plus you also got fairy and bug attacks to deal with too. As for moves sure both typings have a decent movepool with the likes of swords dance, nasty plot, return, sucker punch, hyper voice and foul play, but with all the weaknesses that I’ve stated in mind it’s just not enough to save it from being a bad dual type.

Number #3 Grass and Ice:

Alright im not gonna lie to you guys, from here on out were going to be reusing a couple of dual types. Funny enough that couple is going to be the two types im talking about right now, Grass and Ice. I mean this type combination was a recipe for disaster from the get go. You pair the worst defense type in Ice and the type that has the joint most amount of weaknesses and well not living is the only option here.

But hey let’s not get so negative here let’s talk about the positives of this dual typing. Firstly offensively this dual typing can be very effective. Ice is one of the best offensive types with 4 super effective hits and grass isnt that far behind with 3. Added up together 6 is the total amount super effective possible and there are some very strong types in there.

Theres ground, water, flying, and dragon. Not that bad. But we all know that really doesn’t matter if you dont have good moves to back it up. And luckily enough both types have a great movepool. There’s ice punch, giga drain, ice shard, leaf blade, freeze-dry, woodhamer, Ice beam need I say more? Resistance wise even though Ice has virtually nothing grass makes up for that problem bringing in 4 different type resistances the best of them being ground and water.

But I’m afraid its not enough to save grass/ice from being bad because like I said before, pair the worst defense type and the type that has the joint most amount of weaknesses and its a recipe for disaster. Sure having those 4 resistances are fine and dandy but when you keep in mind that this typing has 7 weaknesses one being a quad weakness to a very popular typing in fire the value of those resistances really diminishes.

And fire isnt the only worrying type.Other popular types like fighting, steel, and flying would have their way with grass and ice. Oh and I almost forgot to mention stealth rocks is also gonna be a problem here. And if you take a look at the pokemon that uses this typing abomasnow sure its kind of effective in the metagame, but only because of the fact that it has a mega. I mean with those stats im pretty sure any pokemon could succeed.Take that away and what do you have? A bad typing and a bad pokemon.

Number #2 Bug and Grass:

Now sure the last pokemon type was and still is really bad to have, but at least it has the luxury of being a very uncommon type. Bug/Grass doesn’t have that luxury. 3 different Pokemon have to share that incredibly terrible dual typing. Now 3 doesn’t sound like much but when you factor in that there all from different generations and parasect and levanny are common pokemon to come across in the story I don’t think its crazy to say that.

And if any of you guys thought that this dual typing was going to make the list than congratulations you’re correct. Offensively Bug/Grass is not that bad having 6 different super effective hits to Grass, ground, Water, Dark, Psychic and Rock. Movewise this typing is pretty good too. We already know how good grass’s movepool is, but bug also has some pretty great attacks like x-scissor, leech life, U-turn, and Signal beam. The movepool is good but not great we still need more useable special attacking bug moves but besides that pretty good. As for defense grass bug actually has more resistances than the previous dual type. With the addition of the bug typing it adds one more ressistance to the all powerful fighting type.

But dont get me wrong just because it has more resistances doesn’t mean its better than grass ice defensively. If you take a look at its weaknesses this typing has a whopping 6 different types strong against it. Yes thats less than grass ice but you have 2 types that are quad effective to it. And these typings aren’t bad Fire and flying are both strong typings. Maybe not as a dual type though.

All in grass bug is just a terrible typing to have because the 2 types share a lot of the same weaknesses. And I dont care if you have great defenses a quad effective move will be able to take you out.


Number #1 Rock and Ice:

And finally in my opinion the worst Pokemon dual typing to have on a pokemon, has to be the Rock and Ice typing. Man I feel so bad for aurorus its a well designed pokemon with a great ability in refirgerate but its just so hindered by its terrible typing. I will say this though, from an offensive standpoint Ice rock is on the levels of fighting and ground with 7 different types its super effective against.

But in every other aspect this dual typing is an absolute disaster. Ressistance wise sure it has the same amount as grass and Ice but the quality of ressistances are not nearly as good as grass ice. Normal? Poison? Ice? Their just not good enough. Pair that with the fact that it has 6 types super effective against it with 2 of them being quad effective, Yeah thats bad. And it just makes it worse that those 2 types are some of the most powerful types in the frickin game.

At least it does have access to some great moves right? I mean stealth rocks is good and we all know how good the ice movepool is. Oh wait I forgot the rock movepool is absolute trash. Like I said in my worst pokemon type video All the useable non exclusive rock type moves are not 100% accurate. I know it doesn’t sound like that big of a deal but when your playing with fire you’re going to get burned.

And even if stone edge for example has an 80% chance to hit what if it misses? It ruins your whole strategy. I mean smackdown is ok but not powerful and power gem is a special attacking move. And while yes aurorus is a special attacking Pokemon it doesnt get access to power gem. Sorry Aurorus I think you’re awesome but it has to be said your typing sucks.


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