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Pokemon Dark Rising Download [Latest 2022]

Pokemon Dark Rising ROM is one of the most demanding GBA hack based on Fire Red Version. Lot’s of new things to discover in Pokemon Dark Rising Version GBA Download from Having a unique storyline which is entirely based on achieving the power to save your family, friends and world as well. Dark Rising Pokemon Game is entirely based on the Fire Red Version which is created by the DarkRisingGirl. There are several parts of the game which are still in the beta version or may be completed till now. These parts are Dark Rising 2 and 3.

Technical Info About Pokemon Dark Rising GBA:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Dark Rising ROM
  • Creator: DarkRisingGirl
  • Based On: Fire Red
  • Platform: GBA
  • Game Size: Above 10 MB

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Dark Rising GBA:

You as the main character is playing one of the leading and important role in the game of a trainer. You have to train different Pokemons as well your best friend in order to be your good companion. The region assigned to you is the core region to discover and search for pokemons. There are several kind of new characters and pokemons available now in the pokedex of the game.

One Night you are seeing the dream in which a strange type of Pokemon appears in your dream. That Strange Pokemon demands something special from you and that’s the time that you will give to him. He says that you can save the world and family as the disaster is coming in near future. That was a really strange dream you saw last night. You are completely worried about the disaster coming on your way and confused too.atem big intro

Beautiful Battle Backgrounds:

Pokemon Dark Rising takes the classic Pokemon experience and adds a unique twist, offering beautiful battle backgrounds for trainers to explore. These stunning backdrops are based on various natural wonders from around the world and bring a whole new level of excitement to Pokemon battles.

The diverse selection of battle backgrounds includes picturesque mountaintops, lush forests, expansive deserts and deep oceans. Trainers can witness sunsets in tropical paradises or take in the star-studded night sky over rugged mountainscapes. Each magical backdrop provides players with an immersive gaming experience as they face off against some of the toughest opponents in all of Pokemon history.

Players also have access to exclusive battle backgrounds that change each time they challenge an opponent, providing them with an extra layer of excitement during their quest for greatness!

Professor Lab:

As you are in the town and professor’s lab is near with your house. One morning your friends came and says to that Professor have something really special to share with us. As Professor is so close with you, he oftenly shares secret things and facts with you. He says that some really big disasters are coming in near future which can destroy the world and your family too. For this you have to complete missions on time and take it serious. After that you return with your friend back. You can also try Pokemon Brown Download GBC ROM

About the Area and Graphics:

One of the most amazing area, which have excellent quality graphics. There are several graphical elements which are completely new to explore in this area. As we know that Pokemon Dark Rising ROM is a new series of Pokemon Games which have a unique area and plot. The plot of the game is completely change from any previous game that you have played. Get the Pokemon Blue ROM for free now

The Elite Four:

The Elite Four are a group of incredibly powerful and skilled trainers who are considered the strongest trainers in the Pokemon world. Each member of the Elite Four specializes in a particular type of Pokemon, and they are known for their formidable battle skills and expertise in their chosen field. In order to become the Champion of a region, trainers must defeat all four members of the Elite Four in a series of challenging battles.

The Elite Four are a group of powerful trainers who have mastered the art of battling and are considered the greatest trainers in their respective regions. They are the final challenge for trainers looking to become the champion of their region and are known for their strategic and powerful teams of Pokemon. Defeating the Elite Four is considered a major accomplishment and a mark of a true master trainer.


There are several new moves being added for different kind of charcters and elements. As we know that there are some unique and new Moves being added for the TMs and HMs. These moves are from the previous pokemon games as well some moves are from the advance class Pokemon games.

There are several characters whose movements are change from the other normal characters. Like we saw in the Pokemon Ash Gray rom which have some chartacers which were unable to move proper like the normal pokemons. You have to keep them special and more advance from others as well.main game scene

Role of Trainer:

As we all know that you are playing as the leading role in the Pokemon Dark Rising game download. You will be the main trainer in the game as well. You have to train different characters and pokemon because you have to gain some really special powers. Some of the Pokemons are really wild type which need some special powers.

Whenever you gain some power you will be ready to save your family and the whole world from Disasters. There are several characters who are responsible for damaging the peace of the area and you need to control them as well.

About the Battle System:

The battle system in Pokemon Dark Rising follows the traditional turn-based system seen in other Pokemon games. Each player selects a move for their Pokemon to use, and the moves are executed in a specific order based on the Pokemon’s speed stat.

The player must strategically choose which move to use in order to gain an advantage over their opponent. Each move has a specific type and power, and some moves are more effective against certain types of Pokemon. For example, using a grass-type move on a water-type Pokemon will be more effective than using a fire-type move.

The player can also use items during battle to heal their Pokemon or give them a temporary boost in stats. The player must also be aware of their Pokemon’s health and use healing items or switch to a different Pokemon if necessary.

The battle ends when one player’s Pokemon are all unable to battle or the player decides to forfeit the battle. The winning player will receive experience points and may earn rewards such as items or money.

fighting scene in the game

Become a Master Trainer:

To become a Master Trainer in Pokemon Dark Rising, the player must defeat all eight Gym Leaders and the Elite Four, who are the strongest trainers in the game.

After defeating the Gym Leaders, the player can access the Elite Four and challenge them one by one. The Elite Four consist of four trainers with strong Pokemon teams, and the player must defeat each of them in a series of battles.

Once the player has defeated the Elite Four, they can challenge the Champion, who is the strongest trainer in the game. The Champion has a powerful team of Pokemon and will put the player’s skills to the test.

If the player defeats the Champion, they will become the new Master Trainer and will be able to access new areas and challenges in the game.

Pokemon Champion League:

In Pokemon Dark Rising, the Pokemon Champion League is a prestigious organization that hosts battles between the strongest trainers in the game. The player can participate in the Pokemon Champion League by defeating the eight Gym Leaders and the Elite Four.

Once the player has defeated the Elite Four, they can challenge the Champion, who is the leader of the Pokemon Champion League. The Champion has a powerful team of Pokemon and will put the player’s skills to the test.

If the player defeats the Champion, they will become the new Master Trainer and will be able to participate in the Pokemon Champion League. The Pokemon Champion League hosts regular battles between Master Trainers, and the player can earn rewards and recognition by participating in these battles.

In addition to regular battles, the Pokemon Champion League also hosts special events such as tournaments and exhibitions. These events offer unique challenges and rewards for participating trainers.choosing a pokemon


You will soon explore that there are several new evolutions in the game. Like some of the most important pokemon characters has been evolved. Like the Golbat into Corbat and Pichu into Pickachu etc. Some of these evolutions are from different generations, like the Gen 6 and 7 Pokemon characters can be found easily here and so on. Also, note that the evolution methods in the game has been changed by the Creator.

How to Play the Game:

  1. First you have to download the complete version of the game from below link given.
  2. After downloading please make sure that you have the best GBA Emulator software intstalled in the PC
  3. . If you have already installed the GBA Emulator then don’t need to take tension of any Emulator.
  4. Simply install the setup and you are good to go with the Special Edition and Remake of Fire Red Version.
  5. Still if you have questions and confusions  in mind about Installing and Playing, then you can contact with us.

Some Best features of Pokemon Dark Rising ROM Download GBA:

  • Amazing Quality graphics inspires you to complete the game.
  • Enhanced gameplay experience.
  • Interesting storyline of the game.
  • Have Cleaner Scripts in the game.
  • Having some charcters from the Misty and Brock.
  • All the bugs and glitches are fixed now.
  • Have some reasonable battles.
  • New Tiles and Sprites.
  • Have some new Moves for TMs and HMs.
  • A New Pokemon Center to discover.
  • The Pokedex is update with new characters.
  • Having new Battle Systems.
  • The UI and Backgrounds are updated.

Download Pokemon Dark Rising Version GBA For Free:

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